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Ultimate Iron WorksIron door made of fiberboard

I puirchased a double 8' tall wrought iron door a few months ago and posted about the poor quality and having to get another company to reinstall the door. I was once again surprised a few weeks ago when the large lower raised panels ( 24" x 24") had cracked and swollen, which is odd for an iron door. Further investigation revealed that the panels were constructed of fiberboard which is a mixture of sawdust and flue. I have paid another company $1500 to repair the damage. Buyer Beware!

Iron door made of fiberboard
Iron door made of fiberboard

Ultimate Iron WorksRichard Wallace has Not delivered

On 4/5/2011 My Wife and I paid Richard Wallace of Ultimate Iron Works, $2500.00 for an Iron Door, we were told that if would take 4 to 5 weeks to complete. Well it's 06/17/2011 and we still have no door and no refund. We had called Richard Wallace about 3 weeks in and he said door was on track and would be done and installed within the next 2 weeks and after that is when the Non responsiveness started|.

those weeks come and go and NO DOOR, we call many times after that and get NO resonse at all from him|. Then a week later I get a call back from Richard who acts suprised the door hasnt been installed and apologies and says it will be installed this friday That was to be [protected]!.

I *** work and wait and call and guess what, no show and no call backs.. this goes on thru may till I get a call on 5/25/11 from a Joe with his company, hes says the glass is being delivered and they will install the door this friday on 5/27/11;. guess what again NO SHOW NO CALLS". I have called and requested my door or a refund several times and this guy doesn't care:. I have no recourse, So i am filing against him and his co. in court, have contacted the BBB and will be contacting the states attorneys office as this seems to be a habit for this guy. We will also be contacting a few local news sources as they have people that do reports on company like this.

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    sasins Oct 06, 2011

    You should have paid attention to the previous posts over the last year. I wish i had. Even if he delivers the door the work will be substandard. He cuts corners everywhere and you will be disappointed because it will cost you more to fix the the installation. Richard Wallace has been charged with theft for the same yoou are just another victim. Ordinarily these are business issues, but this guy is easy to hate and take a personal crusade against.

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Ultimate Iron WorksPoor quality, shoddy installation

I paid $5000 for a wrought iron entry door. Mr. Wallace cancelled installation on 3 separate occassions. The quality of the door is bad and the installation is worse. I am having another company to come and reinstall the door. I should have checked with the BBB and Angie's List before contracting with him for the work. Buyer Beware!

Ultimate Iron WorksNon performance of contract

It seems that somehow my complaint of Ultimate Iron Works has mysteriously disappeared from this posting. This thief came to our home April 2, 2010, left with a deposit check in the amount of $2450.00 and has never returned to our home, returned any calls and has never done any work of any kind. We did manage to get him arrested in January and he bonded out the next day. There are criminal charges pending against Mr. Wallace and I will succeed in getting this "Con-man" off the street. If you have any doubt about my tenacity to get this done, you may contact me for the complete story of this sub-human at my mobile [protected]. Warren Bobo - victim #?????

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    Kathy Vincent Aug 23, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nice try but he is still in business ripping people off. See his Facebook page, Yelp, Pissed Off customer, ETC. I am his latest victim July 2016.

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Ultimate Iron Works$ 1250.00 scam

ULTIMATE IRON WORKS is a fraudulent business. I have never dealt with a con man before, but the owner, Richard Wallace, makes money by setting you up thinking that the job he will do is legitimate. His website looks the part, but when you read closely on all of it, there are many errors.

He takes your downpayment after getting you hooked on his presentation with all the samples on his laptop and physical samples he brings to your doorstep. He measures and discusses the design on your door.

He does not follow through, nor does he return your phone calls. I earnestly asked for my refund, and he never called to set up a time for that. I sent him an e-mail and left a message asking for the $ 1250.00 that he took from me. He needs to be stopped. Sad to say, there seem to be loop-holes in our system for this kind of behavior.

He has an F score with BBB. I found this out too late.

  • Ge
    Genie Medford Apr 06, 2011

    Richard Wallace and I have come to a working situation that will help complete the project he and I talked about. He sent drawings and specs to discuss and view for decision-making about the custom iron door that he will be installing inthe near future. References from clients of his were called and his work discussed. I feel like there were occurences that helped me with a premature complaint two weeks ago. My custom door is in the process of being made for my home now by Ultimate Iron Works, owner Richard Wallace.
    Pictures will be sent out at a later date with descriptions of his work.

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Ultimate Iron WorksSold me an inferior entry door

I also made the mistake of purchasing an iron entry door from the infamous Richard Wallace. Delivered as promised and the door looked the part. Then the spring rains came and when the rain ran down the window it ran directly onto the entry floor. Called Richard who promised to fix the window and a date was set. No show. another date was set. No show. Then richard stopped taking my calls. I stopped trying for a while then in the rain storm last night 9/2/10 I called again and Richard answered. He began resiting to me my BBB complaint against him and told me that the water issue was my f__k__g problem. As I was hanging up the phone I am sure I heard him invite me to Dallas for a nice warm face to face meeting. What a swell guy. Richard Wallace should not be in business and I will continue to tell my unfortunate story until I hit the right cords with the right people. I am very sorry that others have met wth the same fate/scam.

  • Go
    golfer96 Oct 06, 2011

    You will be glad to hear that the Tarrant County District Attorney has now moved forward in my case against Mr. Richard Wayne Wallace. Mr. Wallace and his Bail Bondsman will be notified that the case is moving forward and should he choose to defend himself, it will go to trail. My mission from the get-go as been to stop Mr. Wallace and his wife Laura from continuing to pilfer and steal people's money. At last count he has collected upwards of $100, 000.00 in the past year from people who simply made the mistake of entering into a contract with Ultimate Ironworks. He has not demonstrated any desire to ever do any work for anyone and seems to revel in his conquests of unsuspecting consumers who are simply trying to get work done on their homes. My posting in the various complaint venues on the Web have resulting in keeping Mr. Wallace from collecting an additional $25, 000 to $30, 000 in the past month.

    It is my intent to take this as far as I can to keep Mr. Wallace and his wife Laura from this continuing an ongoing organized criminal activity. His is a blight on the remodeling business and a scar on all the innocent souls he has harmed by his illegal activities.

    I will keep all parties that have contacted me in the past year and a-half informed as to the progress of his case in Tarrant County. It is my prayer and a reward for the time and effort that I have invested in this Odyssey, that all of these victims arrange their schedule to attend the arraignment when it is scheduled. A show of force and solidarity of the victims of Mr. Wallace and Ms. Laura Wallace would most assuredly impress the courts.

    We have all been taken advantage of by these people and their scam. Do not stand by and let this oprotunity pass without the proper end result of making these two people answer to what they have done to all of us.

    Warren W. Bobo

    214 763- 6781

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  • An
    Andrea Tincher Nov 07, 2014

    Wayne Wallace came to my house DBA Uniqe Iron Doors. He said his guys would install the iron products I ordered through him in about four weeks. That was July of 2014, this is November2014. Nothing has been installed, he will not answer my calls or messages. The last time I actually spoke to him I asked for my deposit back & he told me that was impossible because he was picking up my door from the manufactur that day that was measured specifically for my front door. No one has ever tried to contact me for delivery. I will be contacting the district attorney's office as well! Thank you for posting this. I know it was naive of me not check them his company's background before handing this man a large deposit check. I just hope other people who have been taken advantage of by this guy will join together & stop him from taking advantage of another person.

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Ultimate Iron WorksStole my money

After receiving a payment of $2300 for material cost up front, Ultimate Iron Works failed to properly staff the job, failed to provide the materials I paid for in advance. After multiple requests to return and perform the scope of work you eventually stop taking my calls never returning to the job, basically becoming unreachable. As a result of unreasonable length of delay, failing to provide and install materials at the time originally anticipated has cause a serious safety problem in my house for family, friends, and guests which conditions include, without limitation, trip hazards, 15 ft. fall hazards. Don't use these crooks.