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Yea, I was a customer of theres that had received a couch infested with bed bugs. and when it came now to it. Where i let them come get my stuff. I Quote(the manager frank had told me if i was to post a complaint on the internet he would post my personnel information on the internet for everyone to see. and i didn't thank that was right i know my rights. SO ALL WHO RENT FROM THEM BE WARE THEY ARE CROOKS I HAD RENTED THROUGH THEM FOR MANY YEARS ONLY TO BE SCREWED BY THEM LITERALLY. THEY WILL SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER ESPECIALLY A DISCOUNTED ITEMS. WHICH I HAD BEEN RENTING SOME ITEMS FOR ALMOST 2YRS AND THEY TOLD ME I HADN'T HAD ANYTHING PAID OFF. AT THE TIME THEY CAME AND GOT THE STUFF.

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On wednesday the 17th of october i had called uhr rents about bugs that was bitting me and my family which was coming from my couch. It started about a month ago actually every since i had gotten the couch. Which at the time i didn't thank nothing of it for i have a dog and just thought it might be fleas. But behold to my nalege it was bedbugs not know what they were or anything i call uhr rents and told them that they needed to get someone out here to spray my couch. And when they came on oct-19-2007 we found out in fact that it was in fested with bedbugs. Which then i brought the bugs to the store to let the manager look at them so they didn't thank i was lying and when he seen that they were bedbugs he then told me and this was on the 19th of october that on the 22nd he would call and set up arrangements to handle the situation that i have in my home do to them not cleaning my furniture when i had gotten it in june from them.and now here it is a week later and the bugs are bitting us again. Ive call a few times this week to see when they were going to take care of this and he keeps telling me that he will call me back. As soon as he can. Like i said its going on a week and hard telling what else has been infested. I just want them to make it right. I have been a customer of this store every since it has open in that location.

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    MymyMama Nov 23, 2011

    So its the day before thanksgiving, and i dont have a stove. was told one was coming from the xenia store to hamilton store then be here fri, called wed to ask about delivery and BAM! it was sold to someone else. Then i was told it was the only gas stove in the company and i was basically SOL. then i was told it wasn't even sold out of the xenia store but shipped to bellvue to be sold. when on tuesday it was still in the inventory at xenia. POOR customer service and pretty rude. Told to go with an eclectric stove they were cheaper anyways--whatever! Stick to RENT-A-CENTER, forget this hack company unless you enjoy disappoinment. I mean really no stove at thanksgiving!! Thanks UHR- next time buy me dinner first!!

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