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Truck AddonsTerrible Shipping and service

I ordered a set of shocks for my suburban on a Wed, the money for all 4 shocks was taken from my account that day. 2 of the 4 shocks one front and one rear shipped from different locations and arrived on Weds, and Thursday of the following week. When I called on Weds to ask about when the others would ship I was given no information but told I should have my parts in 4-7 business days. Today is Friday 7 business days later, no shipping confirmation, no shocks so I called. The person on the other end just sounded put out that I called said well I can tell they should be there soon. He was rude and completely unhelpful. Stay away from this company they are terrible. I purchase online all the time and have not had such a bad experience in a long time.

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    TopamaxSurvivor Jul 18, 2010

    No customer service, will not return phone calls, will not track orders without numerous emails. Worset company I ever dealt with on the internet. Find another company even if it costs a coouple bucks more!!

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Truck AddonsLousy Customer Service/Returns Department

I was in the market for a Undercover Tonneau cover for my truck. I search the web and found a fair price on Truck Addons, I was chatting live with a sales person who told me that if I called my order in they could sell the cover for $658 shipped no tax. Well you know the old saying try to save a buck or two and something always goes wrong. Well the cover arrived via Estes freight. The box looked to be in very good condition from the out side no major damage, so I signed for it. I was in the process of installing it and found out that one of the rear corners was broken into three pieces. I called Truck Addons right away. After about an hour of waiting on the phone and getting the run around I was told because I signed for package, that claims with Estes would only pay 1/3 of the value. That I would have to wait as long as 30 days to resolve the issue and the only way I could get a replacement right away was to purchase a second one at full price. They told me that is was my fault for not being able to see inside a sealed package. That eventhough from the outside the package appeared to be fine, I should have told the driver to wait while I unpacked the cover on the side of the road and examined it. They went on to tell me that they always tell customers to do this. I purchased mine from Michelle and she never NEVER mentioned anything about unpacking the item and checking for damage.

Well I contacted my credit card company and put a dispute on the charge. I then called David Lyons at UNDERCOVER who told me that if I sent pictures and explained everything in an email that he was pretty sure he could help me out with a replacement. The next day I was contacted by UNDERCOVER and told that it was obvious that the damage that happend was internal ( in the package) and that I would have had no way other then opening the package upon delivery to see the damage.



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    wzrd11 Jun 05, 2009

    They only want to sell. My undercover (which I would not buy this brand again) came broken. Truck Addon's, aka Undercover Factory Outlet, left me to deal with Estes Express, the trucking company. Estes Express only wants to pay me 1/3 of what I paid. I have filed a complaint with my state's consumer protection. Protect your self, don't buy from Truck Addon's, Undercover Factory Outlet and don't ever use Estes Express trucking.

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    Daldone Dec 24, 2010

    I purchased 4 rancho shocks from them on 2/23/10 and received the first two shocks (not even boxed together) about 2/28/10 and they were the wrong shocks. So I called up the 800 number and spoke with Michelle and she told me she would put in the return request for me and that I needed to send them back with the return number. (No problem, things happen right?) Wrong I didn't hear anything for almost a week, so I called back and got someone different, she said you have to fill out the form online and that they couldn't do anything till I did that. So I did that and waited another day, then sent the wrong shocks back with original invoice return sticker on it. I waited almost another week and still hadn't heard from them. I emailed them and told them i had sent them the wrong shocks back and that they should have received the wrong ones back by now. I got a reply finally that said they couldn't find them, where did i send them to? (are you kidding me its their own printed return sticker, where the hell else would it go?). Baffled and also at work I had my Wife call and see what was going on and Mr. Foley their returns manager who was very rude and ill manored toward my wife told us to get a refund we would be charged a restocking fee of 20%!!! I didn't get the order wrong and I sure cant use the wrong shocks, but I need to pay to restock their mistake??? I wouldn't think so, I have reported them to BBB and other state agencies. Its been 12 business days since I originally ordered my parts, and guess what: STILL NO PARTS AND STILL NO REFUND. If you are planning to buy anything from these guys I would just shop at another place and save yourself the headache of being pushed around, getting the wrong parts, having them treat your loved ones like crap, take your money and still not provide you with the product that you paid for charge you to make their mistake right? All I can Say Is RIPOFF CENTRAL!!!

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    BobinIL Jun 03, 2016

    I ordered a Tonneau cover from them on line. I did not recieve any tracking information via email. I then noticed that their website states tracking infomation is not avalible for 10 days. I imediately realize I had made a mistake ordering from this company. I call their customer service department and the CS rep insantly cops an attitude with me. I finally request they cancel the order and refund my money. They finally refunded my money after several phone calls and runaround. Then I notice they charge $25.00 to cancel an order. All I can say is Buyer Beware

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Truck AddonsTerrible service

Slow shipping i order a lot of parts on the Internet and this company is the slowest. Don't believe it check out there tracking page. It takes ten days before you can track your order and then they say up to three days to respond to your request. Do not order from this company. Heed this warning or be doomed to your own agony of waiting and waiting for your order. I called at least a dozen times and no body seemed to know what the heck was going on with the shipment. Some guy kept answering the phone saying the staff was out to lunch. Yea out to lunch permanently.

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    bobc Dec 14, 2008

    I'm having same problem (3 weeks now) - I should have googled "truckaddons complaints" before placing my order. Live and learn! I'll give it another week then request a refund thru paypal.

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