TrimLife Complaints & Reviews

TrimLifeUnauthorized billing

Here is my story. I ordered a sample of Trim life diet bills and I paid 2.95 for this. On July 6, 2009, I discovered my sample in the mail and a full month's supply of this diet pill, I then discovered that 36.76 were debited out of my account. I did not order these pills and I Feel like I should be refunded 36.76. I called the Company and spoke with Mickey she said that this a month's supply is automatically sent out to you 14days after you order the sample. It seems to me that this is a way for them to be dishonest and make lot money at the same time. I work for every Penny that I make I am always a month behind, from month to month, and I can not afford for them to take money out of my baby's mouth, just to put in their pocket. I am so upset that I know have to round up money so that this will not cause my outstanding check to bounce. They said that they will credit my account 29.99, but I feel that it should be the 36.76 Please don't get ripped off like I did! Please pass on to all of your friends and family as well!

TrimLifeDeceptive business practices!

Via the internet, I purchased a "trial sample" of Relasom (non-prescription) sleep aid for $8.75 ~ Mar 30. Apr 20 I receive 60 tablets with a notice that says I signed up for its "... Autoship Program as specified on the order form you submitted, 14 days after your sample was ordered (and every month thereafter,...) a month supply will be billed to your credit card."

When I received the product I read its notice to "If you are using any prescription drug ... consult your physician... before using this product." Consequently, I did not use the trial sample.

No such warning appears in Trimline's sales media.

My complaints are that

1.) Trimline's sales media does not have a caveat on the requirement to consult with your doctor if you are taking prescription drugs.

2.) Offering a "trial" sample at low cost that has a concealed automatic future order.

Now I have to go through the problem of getting my money back.