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Tranquility AlleyScam

Also goes by names: Qualityalley and O Langeland

What a strange scam. I ordered a sconce from them on their website using my credit card. They emailed back saying that they were having problems processing the order. They requested that I send them a check or pay through Google. Luckily I went through Google because they weren't responding to my emails/phone calls. After contacting Google about this order from olangeland/Tranquilty Alley/Qualityvalley I finally received the following email from this fake company: <br />
<br />
thank you we emailed back stating that the shipment was damaged and replacing . however we issued a refund. if you wish to reorder please advise. thank you<br />
<br />
Freaks! I'm not sure what's going on but I'll be watching my credit card statement under a microscope...

Tranquility AlleyMerchandise or refund never received

I placed a order with tranquility alley in March 2008. I have yet to receive the merchandise or a refund of $133.80. I have made many attempts to notify them by email and phone. They don't respond to your emails. They did attempt to offer other merchandise "ONE TIME" and after I selected another item I was told via email that they were checking to see if they could get the merchandise. They are scammers. They adverstise merchandise they don't have. They ignore you and they really don't care once they receive your money. Please be advised that I have made many purchases on-line with other vendors and Ithis has been my WORST experience. I am so distraught with this transaction!!! By the way I found the same merchandise for half the price on another wrought iron decor on-line store.
What should be my next step?????? They still have my money. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE anything from them...I wish that I had seen the complaints against TRANQUILITY ALLEY before placing this order with them.

Pamela Jefferies

  • Ta
    Tara Nov 10, 2008

    I was just scammed as well and I am interested in sueing them. I am so enranged and everytime I call them there is no answer. I purchased a bag for 300$ and never recieved it. They sent me an email saying they "just now" recieved the bag returned and it was damaged and asked if I would like to exchange it. What can we do about it?

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  • Ja
    jane Mar 18, 2009

    Tara, honey, I was just robbed by this company "scammer" named Anita Lnageland or if u would rather call her Anita Bolsoni, and I am out for sueing her also. I have 8K of her inventory in my house, that she was hired by my attorney to stage, and It aint going anywhere until she is STOPPED!!! Lets get all these people together that have been on this site to report her wrong doings, and lets do something about it! Please e-mail me if u r interested. I have addresses, phone numbers and two different last names for her. I will be very happy to shere this information with those who are interested in stopping her. [email protected] this is my e-mail.

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Tranquility AlleyNon-delivery of purchased merchandise

I purchased a Rustic Candle Alter from Tranquility Alley, which they charged my credit card immediately. That was back in July of 2007. I have spoken with someone once who assured me that it was on it's way. Since that time I have never received this item. I have sent numerous emails and telephone calls to the company and none of them have been returned.

  • Hh
    hhhhh Mar 06, 2008

    This company is a fraud!, I ordered a beaded curtain 1 year ago. Have been in contact with the company several times but the just lie!, So no I am $200 poorer.

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  • Ma
    Marie B. Stark Mar 06, 2008

    I ordered a Betsey Johnson handbag on 12/7/2007 for a Christmas gift. My credit card was charged on that day. I have left numerous e-mails,phone call messages etc. I still have received no communication fron Tranquility alley, no handbag; I am also $200 poorer. This company is a fraud. We all need to report this company to Better Business Bureau etc.

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  • An
    Angela Oct 13, 2008

    My card was charged over $700 for a 70 dollar purchase. They said they'd refund but yet to be seen. This company is a fraud and should be put of business.
    I've contacted the Il. Attonrey General and suggest others do as well.

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  • Jp
    J Petraits Nov 25, 2008


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  • Jp
    J Petraits Nov 25, 2008

    still thieves

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  • Sh
    Shakira Jan 25, 2009

    Thanks God, I decide to investigate on Google this company (Tranquility Alley). I wast almost close to purchase a US$400 Juicy Couture Dog Carrier. I decide to ask them first a couple of questions before I purchase the item. For my surprise after e-mailing them several times plus some phone calls...I NEVER RECEIVE A ANSWER BACK..., I spend a few month trying to talk to them, but nothing ever happen. I realize that something fishy and wrong was going on around that company. I never place my a order, it was very obvious that it was a scam.

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  • Le
    Lenore Allred Apr 11, 2010

    They truly are a fraud and scam. As others, I was promptly charged, received no merchandise.

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  • 80
    808247 Nov 11, 2011

    I to have been ripped of by them I don't think the BBC will do anything to stop them. I would like the feds to get involved and give them jail time and copensate all victums of the loss of hard earned cash!

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Tranquility Alley — Worst company ever!

I ordered two wrought iron wall hangings in October of 2007from this company. My credit card was charged...

Tranquility AlleyFraud and cheating!

I ordered two wrought iron wall hangings from Tranquility Alley in October of 2007. My credit card was immediately charged $727.97. A few days later, I looked online at my bank statement and saw that there was another charge from this company for $769.77. I tried to contact them several times through emails and the phone, and their online 'live' help. I did not get any response from them. I then emailed them stating that I was taking my business elsewhere. They emailed me back and stated that they were sorry but the second charge was for additional shipping and they would remove that second charge. Checking my statement for several days showed no reversal of the charge. Again with several emails and once again stating that I was taking my business elsewhere they responded saying that the wall hangings were on their way and they would be giving me a refund of 20% of the charge for the inconvenience. To date there has not been any refund of any charges and no wall hangings. I then contacted my bank to dispute the charges and notified Tranquility Alley of my actions. They responded with an email saying that they had reversed the charges and it would show up in my account in a few days and would I cancel the dispute. I stated that I would cancel the dispute but that I would reinstate it if I did not see any activity in my account with in a week. I reinstated the dispute after the week and also contacted the Better Business Bureau.While on the BBB website I saw that Tranquility Alley had had over 75 complaints in the last 36 months.I wish I had checked them out before I ordered , I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation . I emailed Tranquility Alley and told them I had filed a complaint with the BBB.Once again they contacted me and stated that the charges had been reversed on their end and they would send me a confirmation of that. I never received a confirmation. To date my bank has reversed one of the charges and they continue to work on the second one. Today 1/25/2008 I checked the BBB website and there are now 89 complaints lodged against them. This is a horrible company to work with, I do not recommend doing any business with them. I was happy to see that when googling the company this complaint website pops up. Lets hope that they go out of business soon.

  • Ba
    Barbara Noble Nov 12, 2008

    I ordered a bambo curtain for $119.76. My account was charged immediately. I have been waiting for my merchandise to arrive, but after 9 weeks have never received it. I have made numerous calls to 630-617-5300 and 630-460-1066 both numbers in the name of Tesori Rari who is the ripoff person. According to the long distance operator, Tranquility Alley does not exist in the state of Illinoise. Nobody will respond to my e-mails, which I have 4 difference e-mail addresses, and the chat room is always closed. But if anyone wants to leave a message for the ripoff Tesori Rari (stated on my account billed for the merchandise I did not receive), please call the numbers above. If I can't get my money back or merchandise ordered, I will keep calling and letting her know how I feel. Hopefully I will be able to take legal action. Will keep you posted.

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