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Tower.comNever purchase any items from this company

I have been trying to return an item since the first of December and still have not gotten the shipping label. Thier policy is that you must contact them to get a return label by email. I was sent 1 email and asked why I was returning the item. I replied and never heard from them again. I would suggest never purchasing any items from this company.

  • An
    anthony marino Jun 26, 2009


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  • Eh
    E Hood Oct 13, 2009

    I've been trying without success to log into the website for two days. Messages sent via the "customer service" page are apparently being ignored.

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Tower.comPoor business practice

In March 2009 I ordered 6 CDs through - a company I had never had a problem ordering and receiving orders from prior to this. I received 5 of the CDs I ordered but the 6th CD never arrived. I inquired online as to when I would expect to receive the missing CD and did receive a reply that they were having difficulty obtaining a copy for me even though they continued to advertise the CD for sale online. They did offer to issue a refund at that time however since I wanted the CD, had already paid for the CD I asked them if they could continue to try and send me one...they agreed that they would attempt to do so. Now it is November and no word from Tower even though I've sent them several emails asking as to the status of the missing and paid for CD...they just flat out ignore my emails. I guess I'm going to the Better Business Bureau since I'm getting nowhere with Tower and judging from other complaints I'm seeing about Tower, this is about par for the course with them now. Too bad because they were a good company.

Tower.comScam Ordering Practices

Too scary!! My complaint is EXACTLY like moua posted 7-22-09. In the past I had no problems with I was a faithful customer with Tower Records for years. When the stores closed, I continued to buy on th Internet. I got frustrated with the .com sute when I was asked to re-register and update all of my information. I felt the site was more difficult to navigate and search so I had stopped shopping there in 09/08. Little did I know ownership had changed.

On Oct. 2, 2017, I revisited the site and tried to place an order. Like moua, the order went through without confirmation; my bank card was charged twice!!; my attempts to cancel the order before shipping were fruitless; my e-mails pleading for the company to cancel the order replied "thank you for your order"; 1 e-mail came back 3 days later saying order was shipped but you can e-mail for a refund authorization; subsequent pleads for said slip e-mails were unanswered; and on top of that the reason why I wanted to cancel in the 1st place is that I was charged $17 shipping on a 70 order of CDs- the web site clearly stated free standard shipping on orders over $25!!. I was also distressed that I could not view my order before hitting the final button. I never received confirmation of the order. My e-mails for this return slip have gone unanswered. I referred this matter to my bank with corresponding documentation (e-mails and copies of this web site). If does not refund my money in 30 days, the bank will issue a chargeback and I will get my money. BUYER BEWARE!!

  • Js
    Jscott Jan 08, 2009

    We placed an order on 12/6/08 and paid by money order. Have sent two e-mails and called customer service three times getting the same story each time: they only process money orders twice a week, money orders are sent to Delaware and then transferred for fulfillment to Canada, that they cannot process what they have not received. Requests to speak with a supervisor fall on deaf ears. Even by the time line tower gives my order is at least one week over due. Website doesn't give any address or direct phone number for their stationary location. This about the worst service I have ever been exposed to. Customer Service, a real joke.

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  • Dr
    D Roberson Mar 24, 2009

    I returned a damaged CD to this company over 2 months ago, using a return label they emailed me, and they have not refunded my money. Each time I contact them they cite their return policy, which says they can take 60 days to refund an item (and up to 90 during holidays). Sixty days have come and gone. I filed a complaint against them with the Delaware BBB, and's response was again to quote the return policy, and nothing else, ironically signing the response "customer care".

    Buyer beware of this corrupted company.

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  • Rg
    RGB Mar 25, 2009

    I filed a similar complaint with the BBB. has owed me refunds since early January for several canceled and returned items. What really bothers me is they reply to inquiries with assurances that the refunds are being processed and will be "completed in 7 business days." That was January 20; they repeated this same message on February 25. Still no refunds. I don't like being lied to. I am a long-time customer and must wonder if they are in some sort of financial difficulty. Why else would a business so mistreat its customers for what are, on balance, relatively small amounts of money? I have recently appealed the situation to my credit card company.

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  • Mo
    MoJoe Jul 21, 2009

    I'm having a major tug of war w/ not only w/ not refunding $ but without even clearing it with me went ahead and canceled an item I bought and paid for saying it was no longer in stock then a week later it was magically back in stock at double the price I originally paid!! Then they REFUSED to honor the original price I paid for product. TOWER.COM SCREWS THE CONSUMER! DISHONEST, NO INTEGRITY! ILLEGAL FRAUD PRACTICES! They also got rid of their toll free # recently so it's frustrating to only email them back and forth. has much better Customer Service. BOYCOTT TOWER.COM. THEY BLOW!

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Tower.comSCAM! Charges you without giving any order confirmation

This is the first time I was ever on their site and wanted to order a book. While filling out the personal information, continuing to providing my credit information and submitting the order, there was a message that said I did not provide the correct address. My address was entered correctly but I thought I'd try it again but I received the same error.

Then I gave up because this system was inaccurate and frustrating and decided to check my bank account, which I WAS CHARGED TWICE! I did not receive any confirmation numbers or alert saying you have received my order. I am not satisfied at all with their site and would prefer to not be charged twice for something I didn't order. I am not satisfied with their site's service and customer service. Notice, if you try calling their customer service line "As of July 9, 2009 (or whatever) they no longer take phone calls" and you should go to their website's customer service. You're definitely running in circles. Emailing them at any or their "customer service" emails are pointless too.


  • Mo
    moua Jul 22, 2009

    This is suppposedly their address but who knows!

    2207 Concord Pike #633
    Wilmington DE 19803

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  • Er
    era55 Nov 15, 2009

    When I tried to order something from their site yesterday (November 15, 2009) I got a starnge window that popped open asking for *very* personal information, including the last 4 digits of my social security number. This screams "Phishing scam!" to me... I emailed them to inquire about why this box popped open, but no response. I'd recommend avoiding this site at all costs.

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Tower.comHasn't sent products ordered August 11, 2008, but has deducted money from credit card

For three months now has resisted mailing me my ordered movies. After numerous emails, mostly unanswered, some saying they have re-sent order...still nothing. Second plan was to telephone, out of luck there, as their system unexplicably automatically gives you the run-around, ending with that old standby "Mailbox is full".

Google needs to disassociate themselves from this company!

  • Jt
    J Taylor Feb 11, 2009

    I, too, am waiting for a DVD from that was ordered, and paid for, in November 2008. Tower have sent one email in response to my many, claiming that my order must have been lost in transit and that they would send me a replacement. I have heard, nor received, nothing from them since that email was sent in early January. It is unethical and shameful behaviour to take money for products not supplied.

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  • Su
    Sunshine Mar 24, 2009

    Today is March 24, 2009. I am still waiting on a book that I ordered and paid for on 12/30/2008., which they said shipped. Yet my address is the same as they show. Numerous emails, no responses; or "if you have a problem please click here . . . still no answer. Call and no person, just a run around or a constant busy signal. Does anyone know where their head offices are? I have not been able to find it on the Internet. Is the company a scam and just take people's money in good faith and never deliver. Is there an outrage against this company. If not, there should be? From the rest of these comments, I think there are some angry people and I am one of them. Even a state where it is located would help. Every state has an attorney general and these kinds of reports would stack up, maybe causing the attorney general to take action. -sp-

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Tower.comScam and cheating

I preordered a music cd from which was scheduled for release on 07-15-08 at $10.99. Tower automatically charges your debit/credit card, not when your order actually ships. While checking to see if it had shipped several days ago (which it hadn't) I found the EXACT same cd, the very same cd in every respect - matching upc and all, already in stock on tower for about two dollars more, while my order still hadn't shipped. Very strange. Then, on the release date for the cd, the item I preordered in good faith is listed as "not available for sale on", while, of course, they were happily selling the cd elsewhere on the site and still in stock. I phoned tower and although the operator understood my situation, he would not send the cd. Again people, this is exactly the item I preordered and paid for in advance. The phone rep canceled my order and said I could order it again, but at the higher price. And I can expect to wait 5-7 days before my debit card is refunded. I couldn't order the cd again due to lack of funds, and wouldn't have anyway. Not from them.

To recap: I preordered a cd, an item I paid for in advance, and they refused to send it to me. Does this make any sense? A cd is such a small thing to worry about, granted. But the very fact that my item is in their hands and they're inexplicably not mailing it to me is at best incompetent disrespect, at worst ###ic and utterly appalling business. I've been a customer for about a decade and spent over $500 from tower just this year.

  • Sa
    Sarah Mar 11, 2009

    I ordered Alice Nine 2 CD set for Xmas present, when it was opened there was only 1 CD (no music) for 32.95. It took two tries to even get a Return Number, now I'm being told that it can take up to 60 or 90 days to get my refund. What a ripoff and such a disappoint to the person who was supposed to get the gift. I'll never order from again.

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  • Bs
    bstraight Mar 23, 2009

    I ordered a Nick Lowe CD/DVD from and also received the wrong item. I was also told that it would take 2 to 3 months for a refund. I waited over 1/2 on phone to speak to someone and when I tried to ask them a question they hung up on me. Terrible service.

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  • Lo
    LouSheehan Nov 11, 2009

    My 71.00 order was never delivered and they won't responmd to any of my follow ups! Terrible, terrible. AVOID!!!

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I have been ordered the order # 2190507 to (a Money Order Purchasing) on 30/Sep/07, (my money order...

Tower.comThis company should be out of business!

Don't give any of your business. They are not honoring any of their gift cards. Anyone who purchased gift cards is out the money. This company should not be allowed to be in business.

  • Tf
    tfalk Mar 10, 2009

    I agree! I have had a terrible experience with them. I order a book they say they have. Then they say they have shipped it. Then they say it no longer exists! To make things worse, I paid with a money order- no refund, I have to use store credit! The phone support is terrible- I waited 45 minutes to talk to someone after being disconnected the previous day. A complete waste of my time. Now they have my money and the worst of all, I have to get on the phone again to use the credit!

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  • El
    elee Nov 09, 2009

    I placed an order in early March of this year. After several phone conversations where they told me that the book was back ordered and that I should wait, I found in September that they had cancelled my order without notifying me, and had not issued a refund for the purchase. I've since emailed them several times (they don't appear to pick up their phones), and have yet to hear back.

    NEVER shop on

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  • Ho
    horselightning Dec 04, 2009

    Wow! These people are complete crooks. I purchased a cd set way back in september and it never came. i kept getting that it was back ordered. then they canceled it on promising twice two send me a refund. Then said because I paid for a money order I get crediot and can buy something else. I tried that and they ignored my e-mails, which says their refusing that offer too. They also still are saling the item to people on the web page that said they no longer have in stock. I asked them about it and they never responded. I finally told i'll let the bbb deal with them. and their ignoring the bbb too. is their anyway ot make this company give back my money? I dont understand why they are not shut down buy now.

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  • Pr
    Pradeep Nikhade Oct 08, 2011

    Hello sir
    Please take strictly action against removal of Tower from civil area specially on flat terris because its harmful radiation for human being and continue vibration and heavy weight on top floor this all are affecting people nearby cell Tower so please take serious action against this Tower situated in society.
    Thank you
    Pradeep Nikhade

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