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The Car Storeused car

Misled me on the price. The salesman told me he was an ex convict. $100 bill stolen out of my purse while there. Within 30 days... Muffler went bad, gas leak, flat tire which I tried to change and lug nuts were rusted on and nothing could get them off. The handle for turn signal broke and they gave me a key fab that does not even go to the car. I want out of this deal - the gas leak alone makes it a nonfunctional vehicle.

The Car StoreFraud business dealings

Against all legal Business dealings which I believe is all protected by laws in business and Myself and others that I have talked to on this believe its Fraud business dealings

To whom it may concern and who can help me, It all started when I had to sell my 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck to pay a debt that was due and selling my truck pd.that debt off on a title loan myself and my wife Mary Jane had got to pay other debts off also.I am on social security disability and have been since I got injured on my job After the 2 of them told me all that and they even somehow got one of the so called mechanics to float around the show room and he somehow came to me and backed up what they said on repairs and body work to fix the ding dents and mechanical issues they stated to me verbal though they offered me $3800.00 due to all repairs they said my truck needed.After they made their offer I thought about it and brought it back to them that evening and asked them if I sold it to them and after all the repairs they stated it needed were done what would I be able to purchase it back for if I got my finances in order and the Car Store manager whos name is John Ellerbusch said it would be on the lot for at most and by book value of $5675.00 and after we talked on that I agreed to selling it to them.After about a week and our income tax check came I did call them and said I want to get my truck back and he said he would work up a price do to all the repairs they did on it and he did call me back with the price of what he said at $5675. also I agreed to their price.`John Ellerbusch called me after that and said the deposit was there and he had me give him my info.

so he could get a loan approved so all I had to do is come in sign the papers and be on my way so I did that and with less than 5 min which I say was at most 3 min.he called me back and said he had the loan approved.I also know he change one important thing when he submitted the loan application that I only paid half of the home lease payment which I never said because I paid it all right from my disability check so he lied to the loan companies. My check was only each month $1269.00 per month.I told him that I would be in in a few days which would have been if I recall February and he said thats fine but by that nite he was telling me to come in now so he could close it out by month end and the salesman he had that was to handle it would get his commission for that month.

Well after I said I would be in when I stated he said okay but he again called me 2 or 3 times the next day and I just got tired of it and agreed to go in that nite. Well we went to his office and he knew from when I sold it to him I have a hard time comprehending what I read and it takes me a few readings to understand what I read and he said he would go over it and I have bad hearing and I did, nt have my eye glasses to read it and I said I trusted what he had written up on contract because he told me what the price was over the phone but low and behold he lied their also on the contract price.My wife was with me but he told her she can sit over at that desk and that was across the room from us and he did that so she could not be involved or no what he was when that was being done he had a guy bring the truck out front and they lot was closed and it was dark out and lot lights were off so I could.nt really see the outside of the truck and the next day when I went outside to go over what he stated was to be done to the body work was never touched. So with that I proceeded to check what I could on mechanical work he said it needed and none of that was touched either.

I then called the ar Store and got Ellerbusch on the phone and said to him why did u not do any of the work u said it needed and yous were going to do and he said that they only did the mechanical repairs and did, nt have the time to do the dindents and cargo bed repairs.Well to get this over with I called them numerous times do to after a few days of going over the sales agreement I realized he put in the amount for the truck $8596.00 not $5675.00 as we agreed on with repairs he verbally stated and he put me through Credit Acceptance Finance Co. which is a high interest loan company and my credit score was in the mid 500, s or low 600, s and the book value on my truck is only $5800.00 in very good condition which its not its only in fair condition and with the the finance costs it came to$12, 297.58 and thats loan should have never been approved do to the actual book value for this vehicle but they approved it and that was wrong by loan standards.

They convinced me it was only worth to them $3800.00 due to the work they stated it had to have told me I could buy it back for at most $5675.00 after they did that work to it and after it was all said and done I realized they sold it back to me for $8596.00 which they made a profit of $4796.00 plus the financing was $12, 297.58 so the Car Store made a profit of what I sated which is in my eyes a fraudulent business practice and also he had his son as the salesman so he got a very good commission and I would not doubt that John and his son split that commission.

I did file a complaint with the FTC on the car store and I have paperwork on this and I did get John Ellerbusch to send me a copy of the work that he said they did do and not one thing was done and on my paper he sent me its states they replaced the left front hub bearing and changed the oil and they never did that work either because the oil filter was all scrated up and its the one my son put on when he was a mechanic at Lavans repair center in Fleetwood Pa.I did file a complaint also with the BBB & the atty, generals offices but the lady at the atty generals off =ice said if I get a statement from a garage or dealership even on the 2 things they said they did and did, nt do them they would go ahead and investigate them but no garage or dealer would give me a statement do to it would be for legal reasons and they will not get involved so no one I sent complaints to have done anything at this time and I won, t stop till I get what is justice and the car store and Credit acceptance is prosecuted for fraud or they redo a new contract for what this trucks true value is but after all what they did and Credit Acceptance fraudulently did to me I believe to make it right is call it even and send me a free and clear title.

I will add this before I close I bout this truck used 8 years ago and it has 32, 000 miles on it from a friend that has a dealership in Pa. for $14, 000.00 and it now has 123, 000 on it and when I sold it and bout it back from the car store it had121871 miles on it and is only in fair condition at most so the car store and Credit Acceptance did this all in a fraudulent way and I hope yous will file whatever papers against both of them and I do want the car store investigated because I heard from other people so many things and complaints about them and I even was told by a guy his nephew went there for a mechanics opening and filled out an app.and was hired but when they wanted him to sign a form stating that anything that was done on the vehicles don, t get out because a lot of the work under warranty or personally was never done but thy said it was on the bills and charge them for it.

Okay u have all I can say and I truly hope this gets priory and yous do everything you can do rectify this for me and maybe others that they have involved in complaints.U have my info and contact info and don, t hesitate to call or mail me about this or email me also.Thank you for taking the time to read this and I truly hope we can work this out together. Thank You again from Victor Sacks 12/4/12 i ALSO GOT MY TRUCK ESTIMATED FOR WHAT ITS VALUE IS AND A gM DEALER NEAR HERE TOOK ALL THE INFO AND GAVE ME WHAT THEY LIST IT FOR ON THEIR LOKK BY BOOK VALUE AND THEIR PRICE WAS $4500.00 AND i GOT THAT IN WRITING !

The Car Storesaleing bad cars and not fixing them

I bought a car from the car store in louisville ky they sold us a bad car we had a warrenty on it and they claimed they fixed it but did not. they are very rude cussing and yelling at us after telling us to come in and they would trade us out at no extra cost or charges and they tried to scam us into buying another car with them after i looked up the blue book on it i found out they were trying to charge us 5000 more then the car was worth if anyone has had this problem contact me we can work together to get what we are paying for.

The Car StoreDoes not stand behind their vehicles

The Car Store of Tampa Bay advertises itself as set apart from other dealers as one who purports to be honest and upstanding; a family-owned and operated business with a personal touch.Their website states that they "strive to treat everyone like family."

And until there is a problem, it's easy to keep that promise. However, when a problem arises, communication ceases to exist. They make promises that phone calls will be returned but not only are calls not returned, but messages aren't even relayed among their own employees.

I'll begin by saying that I understand that no extended warranty was implied nor purchased, but the car had major drivetrain problems that would have been known to the dealer and weren't disclosed to the buyer.

The Car Store of Tampa Bay was told by the 23-year old buyer that the pickup truck was being driven cross-country to Aspen, Colorado, thus the need for a functioning 4-wheel drive vehicle.
After spending $17, 500 for a 5-year old truck with almost 87, 000 miles, it was just eight days and 517 miles later, when the truck broke down in Cordelle, GA resulting in a tow, and 351 miles after that, another breakdown and tow in Tennessee.

So less than a month and less than 1000 miles after purchase, and after spending $2130 for temporary fixes and another $500 for a new front differential (which was self-installed thereby saving labor fees), The Car Store of Tampa Bay was unresponsive to complaints.

In fact, "Barbara" from the Car Store of Tampa Bay implied that a five-year old vehicle with 87, 000 miles should be expected to have problems. She didn't have an answer as to why they were charging top dollar ($17.5K) for a car "expected to have problems."

This is the type of response that gives so many used car dealers the reputation they often have.

(Attached are photos of the rust covered axels and faulty CV Axel ball bearings which resulted in vibration, blown oil seal and $2000 worth of damage -- something a dealer would have known about before selling as having new parts)

Does not stand behind their vehicles
Does not stand behind their vehicles

  • BiG Money Dec 27, 2010

    Maybe before you purchased this vehicle you could have drove it to a shop and let a mechanic put it on a lift and look it over?I wouldnt trust any dealer these days once you drive it away they forget all about the customer.

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  • An
    Another Disgruntled Buyer Dec 31, 2010

    I'm so glad you posted this complaint against the Car Store of Tampa Bay! Their poor attitude and response to problems that should have been disclosed are indicative of Florida's lack of consumer protection laws and their unwillingness to admit to having taken advantage of a customer. I found it extremely hypocritical to watch their video and listen to them describe how they treat their customers like family. If this is how they treat family, I'm proud to say that I thank the good lord that I'm NOT family.

    The Car Store of Tampa Bay may not be legally bound to stand behind their vehicles, but morally and ethically, they are going to pay in the end. It's these types of car dealers that give used car dealers the reputation they have. Sadly, it's so infrequent that one finds an honest used car dealer, and as much as The Car Store of Tampa Bay tries to portray themselves as honest, it's these types of situations where the truth comes out.

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The Car Storebad buisness

long story short, bought a truck from them it was breaking down daily, called bbb, as well as attorney general, they had no choice but to put me in a different car, got that car turned out to be a bigger junk pile with wheels..told them if they didnt fix it i would not pay for got repoed went to get back and the car was distroyed, broken window, hole in pass door, they thru my belongings everywhere, looked like grease all over interioer, and my hub caps gone...they stole my cds, and a few other things...this place is a horrible place..jd byrider in diquise..this place should be voted out, just like jd byrider ..please someone do something about this place, , terrible people, terrible cars is harrasing, they are rude, and the list goes on

  • Br
    Brandon242 Apr 29, 2010

    Very misleading, hidden fees, unprofesional, SCAM ARTIST. Do not have the consumers best interest in mind, will say anything to get you in an over priced unreliable vehicle!

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  • Li
    lila kiefer May 18, 2011

    I have also had the same problems they said they fixed our car when it was under warrenty and did not the same things that was wrong then is wrong now and we were treated like crap cussed at and now they are saying they will fix 1 of the problems but thats it someone please help us get back what we have paid for this is not fair they are terrible.

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  • Es
    eston May 17, 2013

    Some what of the same problem. I am currently in the boat as we speak. My car that i purchased 9 months ago NEEDS an ENGINE... I still owe on an over price lemon & they are demanding that i allow them to have their mechanics look at it. They stated "we work out a payment plan"
    What in the world should i do?

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  • Ke
    Ken56 Jan 25, 2016

    I bought a car from them and I have had a very similar experience with them. They are harassing jackasses who deserve to be put out of business. First of all they lie lie lie to get you to buy. They told me their warranty covers almost everything on the car which was a lie. Three days after buying the car my driver side brake pad EXPLODED when I had to come to an abrupt stop when someone cut me off. It was a new brake pad but was metallic, which saved them all of a couple of dollars. They told me brakes were covered under their warranty which turns out to have been a complete lie. Their warranty is on the engine and transmission only. I ended up replacing all of the brakes myself because they put me in an unsafe car. The alignment was also the worst I had ever experienced in a car which I didn't realize until I took it home because they won't let you test drove their cars on the highway. They also make you provide a list of references to be approved for financing. Once you are behind on a payment, which is probably going to happen to you at some point, they start calling your friends and family telling them you are behind on your payment. This is illegal. If you have experienced them calling your references you can go to and file a complaint. The CFPB recently fined another buy here pay here car dealer $8 million for doing the same thing. If you take a couple minutes out of your day you can help bring these scam artists down.

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