5:04 pm EDT
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The Blade Shop - scam

I ordered a knife (Cold Steel Spartan) and a sharpener from The Blade Shop on 07/06/2010, the item was listed as "IN STOCK" on their website. My credit card was promptly charged.

After a week of waiting I logged into my account on their website and found my order to be "BACK ORDERED" to my surprise. I called customer service and was told that the knife will be in 2 weeks and they will ship them then. I asked why my credit card was charged when the item is back ordered and was told that it's "their business practice to charge first."

I called again after waiting for 2 weeks and was told that it will be 1 more week before they will receive the knife from the manufacture.

I waited another 2 weeks and still didn't get my order. I checked their website which indicates that the knife I ordered is "IN STOCK". At this point I began feeling that I've been duped into a scam and called The Blade Shop to cancel my order and get a refund. The guy who answered the phone was rude and said "it's canceled" and hung up on me.

I waited another week and checked my credit card, to my surprise again, I did not receive a credit to my account and I was furious. So after a 2 month debacle with The Blade Shop I opened a dispute with my credit card company on 09/05/2010 and it has not resolved as of today 09/27/2010 because apparently The Blade Shop is "investigating my claim".

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11:19 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Blade Shop - Billing Practices, Delayed Refund

I recently ordered a knife from the Blade Shop as a birthday gift for my (college aged) son. Shortly thereafter I was informed it was backordered and could not arrive on time. I cancelled the order, but found that the Blade Shop charges your credit card immediately (upon ordering) rather than when the knife is shipped (like most web sites do). It is now 13 business days since I cancelled the order, and a credit has not yet appeared on my card. I take it up tomorrow with my credit card company.

Furthermore, I have called about two knives since then that are shown as available on the web page, but that were not in fact in stock.

I think a company that apparently maintains so little stock on hand has no business charging customers immediately. It raises suspicions, to say the least.

I would advise NEVER to order from this company without calling to check on stock first. Even so, I think they should change their billing policy to not billing until the time of shipment.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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3:37 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

The Blade Shop - Didn't recieve credit to my account nor merchandise

I ordered two items from this site on the same day. One of the items ordered was not what I wanted (my mistake) so I called customer service to cancel that order. I was told that the order had been canceled and that I would be credited the amount of the order. I asked for a cancellation number but was told that their system didn't supply a cancellation number and was assured that the order was indeed canceled. This was over a month ago and my account has yet to be credited. The second, correct, order I left in place was supposed to be delivered withing two weeks due to the item being on backorder. Two weeks passed. No merchandise. I called customer service again and was told that the item was going to be another two weeks. Those two weeks have passed as well and still no merchandise. It is my belief that this "company" is simply an office with a phone in it and does not carry any inventory at all. I believe this "company" is comprised of an individual with a wholesalers license that places the orders with the manufacturers only after receiving orders via their website. All of which is fine if they follow through with their obligations. Which they do not. I have since canceled my second order and am working with my credit card company to get the blade shop to credit my account since I never received anything from them. I strongly recommend that no one do business with this company. That is unless you enjoy months of phone calls and complaints.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Feb 27, 2010 9:14 am EST

placed order for goods, never received and was told they were on backorder. Cancelled order, but never receive credit. repeated attempts to get refund have been unsucessful. they are crooked and should be arressted. Do not order from this company.


I made a purchase in April 2013 from the Blade Shop. I sent the item back unused and complied with the return policy. I was told by phone twice my card would be credited by a lady who identified herself as " Elizabeth". I was told my account would be was not. Two emails unanswered, and ( 40 Days later), my Credit Card company had to dispute the lack of a refund, and cooperation from the blade shop and Credit My account.
The BBB of Knoxville has had many complaints. Customer service is not the core of this company and in my opinion a shady business practice. Buyer Beware, their are too many places to buy from. I did file a complaint with the Knoxville BBB who will add it to the stack.

May 22, 2012 3:37 am EDT
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I am getting the same song and dance from the blade shop as you guys.
Iordered the infedell 3300 had trouble getting the knife to ark. used it for
three days and managed to drop it and jammed the blade(knife was closed at the time of the drop)
called them (blade shop and was told to return it to them.and they return it to the factory get it tepaired
and has been almost 2 months ago still no knife. I asked eliabeth about replace ment was it couldn't
be done because it now was a used knife anybody figure out to get beyond their phone line of defense.I have tried
to e mail the feedback addy. and guess what no answer.seems like it would be easier to squeeze ### of a stone statue
than all this run about

Feb 24, 2010 7:49 am EST

Same story here, ordered a multi tool, my card was charged, I received an email saying the tool was back ordered, I called and cancelled the order, no credit back to credit card. I am "disputing" with CC company, filed a BBB report in Knoxville Tenn., and also everywhere on the net I can find, I will file a report so others will be forwarned.

Jul 30, 2009 11:38 pm EDT

Correction on the last post concerning the blade
They are located in Knoxville, TN not Nashville, TN
My mistake...

Jul 30, 2009 11:32 pm EDT

I have experienced the same problems from The Blade as mentioned by the other posts. I ordered a supposed "back ordered" Benchmade knief way back on March 6th 2009, I called every other week to check the status of my order up until June 2nd 2009 when I finally grew tired of the customer service folks (with an attitude) saying that my simple Benchmade order has still not arrived into their Nashville, TN warehouse. At that point I cancelled my order & asked the amount charged to my credit card be refunded. Keep in mind that was back in June 2009. Come to find out as of 07/29/2009 my refund was never even processed. For a company that offers a wide range of great product they sure as hell fall short on customer service & honesty. My next step will be with my credit card company & the greater Nashville, TN office of the BBB.

Jul 30, 2009 2:06 pm EDT

I am still waiting for a refund, it's been since June 23. When i called, they first said my account was credited, it would take 10 days to show up on my credit card statement. Well guess what, the 10 days went by, I call again, now they tell me that they have to investigate why the first credit didn't go through. Now 2 weeks later, I call and they tell me the exact same thing, they're investigating why the first credit didn't go through. I called my VISA company today and will be disputing this charge. What a rip-off, stay far far away from this company.

Jun 08, 2009 5:48 am EDT

Unfortunately, I am in the same boat with The Blade Shop.Com and have (and would recommend) pursued the following courses of action. First of all, I am going to challenge the charge to my credit card as a charge with no goods delivered. The credit card company will investigate and, pending proof that the complaint is true, they will issue a "charge-back" to the company. I also know that "charge-backs" can/will result in the loss of credit card privileges to the company and the credit card service charges will be raised. If anyone, as I did, ordered a MOD knife, I would encourage you to contact the Blackhawk Product Groups as well. Having been a Blackhawk dealer, I know that BPG runs a "tight ship" and would want to know about any of their dealers conducting business in this manner.

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