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Sun Pacific ReadersBilling, Misrepresentation

This company is a scam artist, they do not allow the cancelling of the service. They will misrepresent themselves over the phone, beware that they will attempt to act like your current magazine service. They do not send the correct magazines, and submit 'replacement, equivalent products' that you don't want, nor need. They do not start sending magazines till month 3, however even though they've taken your payments, if you do stop paying. rather than send you magazines up to your current amount paid. They will send your bill to collections immediately, without contacting you. Their contact information is also defunct, and even Bank of America could not contact the number associated with their account. Despite that fact, disputing the bill is difficult despite the poor reputation. Thoroughly disgusted with the company and the highway robbery they employ.

  • Re
    reginapratt Aug 08, 2009

    I currently recieve magazines through a company. I recieved a phone call from a rep that supposedly was with the company I recieve magazines from, I have had these subscriptions for a year. They were updating my account and lowering the cost of my subscription. I have since found out that this company is not the one I currently recieve magazines through.

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  • Ge
    Genesis Sep 22, 2009

    I never wanted these Magazines in the first place. I have no idea how they got my card number. Now they have charged me over $400.00 For some magazines that I anit even getting. I am sick and tierd of all this I want my money back and I want it back NOW!!!

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  • He
    Heidi J. H. Nov 10, 2009

    That is exactly what happened to me!

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  • Ta
    tawaynabrown09 Dec 27, 2009

    I told them to only with draw out of my account one time, yet they took a joy ride on my behalf.

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  • An
    Annie38 Sep 21, 2010

    I am seeing many charges on my credit card that I did not authorize from this company, sometimes two per month. I do not remember or recall ordering magazines from this company.

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Sun Pacific Readersunable to cancel subsription

Called and tried to cancel THREE YEAR Subscription and they said they could NOT do that. You only have seven days after the initial ordering to cancel after that you are locked in for eternity!!! Billing twice in ONE week, said they have two subscriptions for same account!!! UNREAL Spoke to Pablo on the phone and wanted an exact cancellation date and he said he was unable to cancel!! I am filing a disput today to TRY and stop this SCAM!!! I have NEVER heard of a company that is UNABLE to cancel a subscription that they have been taking for THREE PLUS years!!! Asked for their company/controller number that ANY reputable business can supply and they had NO IDEA what I was talking about!!! They do this so that they can hit your account for different amounts and it goes thru without notice to unsuspecting consumers!!! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!

  • Bl
    Bluesangel Feb 26, 2012

    I too am being scammed by this company every time I turn around they are taking money from my account I too get calls at least once a week from the same guy...and I too have tried to cancel my account with them this is such a scam and fraud magazines don't cost this much in 10yrs let alone 3/4yrs.

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Sun Pacific ReadersSCAM!!!!

I paid off 2 supposed accounts with Sun Pacific through U.S. Holding back in January. NOW, Sun Pacific said that they have a recording of me ordering another account in April. That's not possible bacause I have not answered any phone numbers that I do not know since January. I have a written lists of phone numbers by month-by-month called to my phone. I am retired and have not ordered any magazine or talked to any magazine services since January. I am extremely angry and upset. I am ready to contact the state attorney general &/or better business about this company.

Sun Pacific ReadersFraud/ Stolen money from my bank account

I am so angry as I write this. Today I received another call from "John Ryan" who is supposedly representing "Sun Pacific Readers." These people contacted me about a year ago, and I was foolish enough to agree to buy magazines for $14.95 per month.
I sent checks every month to them. After awhile I noticed that they were taking an "extra bank draft" for that amount directly out of my bank account every month!!! Once I realized they were actually "stealing" from me, I went to my bank and closed out that account. (A hassle, but worth it).
I had also decided to google their company name and that was a real eye-opener. Finding out they have an "F" rating with the Minneapolis Better Business Bureau really blew my mind. Also finding all the complaints against them just confirmed that they are big con artists. Why they are allowed to keep doing so-called "business" is beyond me.
They continue to bill me and call my home nearly ever day. Many hang-up calls. I pray someone will stop these creeps from preying on honest people like me, who couldn't imagine such thieves exist and continue to ply their illegal trade. Totally shameful!! Beware of this company!! They will lie and tell more lies! Don't fall for it!
I have learned a hard, expensive lesson, and wil never again order from a company that I know nothing about. I'm glad I found this site so I can warn others. Thanks!

Sun Pacific Readersscam, telemarketers

I came to this site to see what others had to say about this company and it sounds similar to my issues. I have been charged by Sun Pacific Readers now, for almost two years, just recently it has become a HUGE problem, I was noticing that they were charging my account sometimes two or three times a month. Pretty sure 4 -5 magazines don't cost 100 dollars a month? I think I will be contacting the magazine companies to know what Sun Pacific Readers has been doing, it makes me angry that they do this. I changed my credit card number and filed a comlaint with my bank about them. I have now been recieving letters from them saying I how them 800 dollars. How do I owe them??? this is not a credit card, It is not money I have spent, I do not owe them anything!!! I do not even recall agreeing to this in the first place and can't figure out how I got involved in this. I think one of my neighbours kids signed me up through fund raising for a trip. Please don't sign onto any magazine company offers, just give the kids money. They did call me last year and said that I still had a year left, so I asked them to change the magazines I get and thought it would be no big deal, they have never sent me any magazines that I would actually read, all I get are magazines for parents and mothers... I'm single. Also some months I get 2 magazines sometimes I get 10. Sick and tired of this company. I was going to answer their calls and tell them to stop however it sounds from other complaints that they scam people that way as well, I will be returning all the magazines I get from here on out back to sender and not answering calls. I will be reporting them to BBB and letting the magazine companies know that Sun Pacific Readers if soiling their name, I don't ever want to see another martha stuart magazine again!!

  • Jo
    Josesegu40 Jun 02, 2011

    This people who spoke out about this so called "company" saved me allot of money. I thought I was being ripped off and wanted when I called there phone number and never got an answer, but an answering maching and by the way allot more mags started comming throught the mail to me then I ordered. I closed my bank account and opened a new one the same with the debit card closed it and put a stop to them thax to these people online.

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Sun Pacific ReadersBeing billed for something I did not agree to buy

I received a phone call from them about a month ago, saying that they would be lowering my payments but I needed to confirm my credit card number ending in the numbers xxxx. I do have a magazine company that I do get several magazines so I assumed that it was the same company. I wasn't thinking and gave them the number.

The account with my magazine company did not drop, but suddenly I am getting charges on my credit card from Sun Pacific Readers for $29.90. Yes, I feel stupid!

However, I did not agree to any new subscriptions!

  • Sm
    smoke14 Nov 18, 2009

    I am having the same problem is there anything that can be done about theses scams ?

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  • La
    lawnl29 Nov 19, 2009

    I have been billed for months and can't get a phone number even from my bank so my next step is to stop my card at the bank unless I can find a phone number if someone can find one I would love it.

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  • Ki
    Kimski Mar 18, 2010

    Same thing happened to me recently but I cannot get through on the phone number they aclled me on. Any other known phone numbers? Thanks

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  • Sa
    Saxon Apr 27, 2010

    Don't feel bad...I feel stupid as well. I myself have a publishing company I purchase magazines from. They were calling my house every month with the same spill to lower my payments. I finally advised them to never call my house again. They were not going to get the credit card number. I called my credit card company and disputed the charges and had the merchant blocked from charging anything else on my card. Thank you for having the warning posted on the internet, it was very useful to me when finding these charges on my credit card.

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  • Sa
    Saxon Apr 27, 2010

    The phone number listed on google is 763-432-9406. Try this one if it is not the same one you have already been trying.

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  • Du
    dupedalso May 26, 2010

    I also thought this was the reputable company that I had been dealing with before until they said it was I bought "the womens package" for $700 +.Too late then. Never got any of the information in the mail that I was to get in a week. I changed my debit card to stop payment-working on getting the paper billing stopped.

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