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Starter Credit Directinformation on account

I want you all to stop taking 99.00 out of account i dont wont this offer please replace the 99.00 back into my account, if i failed to read the fine print then that my fault but please stop i live on a fixed income again i havent even used the advertisment that you are charging me for, however i dont even know what it was i was just doing things never thought it would go threw again i do apoligze. thank you once again.

Starter Credit Directdid not apply for there help


Starter Credit DirectScam 99.00 Illegal Charge on checking

I Called the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with them on this company they stole 99.00 from my checking account without my premission. I was able to find out that one of their offices is located in Sherman Oaks CA #[protected] or [protected] the owners name is Paul Cleveland. I have also started an investigation through the bank I bank with.

I did call the [protected] number and was told all oper are busy to leave a Name and number and they would get back to me within 48 hours what a joke.

I hear that the news Stations in Houston TX did a Scam report on this company they are also known as E-Debit Pay LLC..

Starter Credit DirectFraudulent transaction

After researching loans online a few days ago for debt consolidation loans, I discovered this morning a $99.00 check transaction from a company called Starter Credit Direct. I said to myself "I never wrote a check in my history of writing checks for $99.00, what the hell is this, and who the hell is Starter Credit Direct?!" I looked at the check online and it clearly has my name on the check, however, it's not my check. I decided to first Google the name of the company and then visit their website... I've never been to this site which clearly states that a $99.00 fee will be deducted for joining their services and then an additional $14.95/mo until you cancel, I guess. I have no clue who this company is or what they offer. I did not "knowingly" sign-up for their services as this is not what I was researching. I used and I highly doubt they would treat their customers in such a disrespectful manor by distributing my information to such a ### company that charges their customers for supplying them with a ### credit offer.

Long story short, I called the Check Fraud department of my bank ( Bank of America ) and they have refunded my $99.00 and filed a fraudulent claim against this company. My next step is to call this company [protected] ) and go up one side of them and down the other. I'm sure I'll end up with a Customer Service rep that can't do ### but I'm going to make it known that this type of behavior is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated by unsuspecting individuals such as myself. Not only are they stealing from people, obviously, but they're creating other havoc in people's lives by forcing them to change their bank account numbers which in turn you now have to update all your creditors. Companies like Starter Credit Direct should be forced to close their doors with "x" amount of complaints. The doors get closed on such things as public smoking in restaurants with so many complaints, same should be said for companies like Starter Credit Direct.

Starter Credit Direct, you should do yourselves a favor - close your doors and take down your website. You're doing more harm to people than you are good. And as for the site(s) that redirect information to you they, too, should be at just as much fault.

  • Ds
    DSCIAdmin Jun 07, 2009


    After doing a little digging on this company I have found that this company is just a subsidiary of a company called EDebitPay, LLC. which is based out of Sherman Oaks, CA.

    It appears as though this company EDebitPay, LLC. is no stranger to lawsuits due to their deceptive business tactics which is a clear violation of Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a).

    In July of 2007 the FTC filed complaints with the United States District Court, Central District of California against this company, EDebitPay, LLC. In January of 2008 the court ordered said company ordered monetary relief of over $2, 258, 000.00 - not to mention each one of the owners, Dale Paul Cleveland and William Richard Wilson, had to pay over $667, 000.00/each to taxing authorities! If they failed to pay it then they would have been ordered to pay over $23, 000, 000.00/each! Apparently these knuckle heads have not learned their lesson and continue to rip consumers off with their deceptive business

    If you want and need to reference this material, the FTC act has the court order documentation posted on their site which can be found here: .

    If you need to contact the company, like bill collectors you should use any tactics possible, phone numbers and other info can be found here: .

    There was also a Fox News report on this company, found here:

    Your best bet is to report it to the bank as soon as possible, and then report it to the FTC - I'm sure they would be happy to collect another couple million from these asshats.

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  • Ga
    gaw Jul 01, 2009

    hi, yes i was also a victim, thhis company sent a check to my bank account and tried to collect $99.00 but i didnt nhave that muchn in the bank so i received a $35, 00 fee for nsf and i had to go and close my account and redue all my business because this fraud company as i called the number for them the bank had gave, they never answered the phone, just that fuc...answering machine yhat want allow you to leave a message.

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Starter Credit DirectStole $99.00 from my account

This company withdrew $99.00 from my checking account. Called the number on the check and they are closed on weekends and holidays. I hve contacted my Credit Union to get the refund from this company. After reading all the other complaints i don't know if I will ever get my money back. I am closing my checking account because I don't want them to keep taking my money. I am a single mother and when they took this money from my account they took my grocery money.

  • Kh
    KHM Aug 18, 2009

    They took $99 from my checking account - it's a good thing I check my bank statement on-line on a daily basis! The first thing I did was to contact my bank and report the fraud, after which I contacted my local Better Business Bureau. It came as no surprise that there are hundreds of complaints against these people with the BBB. I also contacted the company itself via e-mail and by leaving a phone message with a very scared operator who seemed surprised that I was polite about it. I have no idea who these jokers are, and I don't want to know, either!

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  • Ja
    jaquelynm Aug 18, 2009

    I don't see anyone posting replies to these complaints, so I guess I will. I also had $99 taken from my account. When I called the number on the false check the presented against my account, I had to leave a message, but someone called me back today & explained the refund process. It is BS, however, I signed their paper, sent a copy of my online bank statement and a copy of the check they gave my bank and I will be getting a refund check. I do have to wait their requisite waiting period (30-45 days). The check will be mailed to me via US Postal. So, as long as you react in time (within a few days of the withdrawl from your account) you should also receive your money back. Just be patient and don't ever give your checking account information out over the internet again. I know I won't. I had to borrow money for my 10 month old son's formula. I feel like a total idiot.

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Starter Credit DirectUnauthorized charges

I noticed an unfamiliar charge deducted from my checking account posted 2 days ago. I wrote the information from my account and noticed an odd name. I called the number which was nothing but a recording. No live persons or answering machines to question. Researched a bit further and found I have no idea who this company is. I have never contacted anyone or attempted to buy anything. I did not authorize to pay this company any thing for any reason. All of a sudden they submitted an electronic check with my information and no signature. I have now contacted my bank to file an unauthorized fraudulent charge. This caused me to overdraft, and also unable to pay a few of my very important bills, no gas money or any money to buy any food if needed.

  • Valerie Nov 12, 2008

    The above company withdrew $99.00 from my checking account unauthorized and with a fake check. This company may have been linked to a cash advance web site I was looking into and passed over but I did not authorize the money to be withdrawn.

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  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    I checked my checking account and there was a check with a weird number that came through for $99.00 causing my account to go into the negative and I assessed a overdraft fee of $35. I never gave this company permission to debit my account.

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  • To
    Tommy Jan 23, 2009

    I checked my checking account 1 day before Christmas and noticed an unauthorized withdrawal of $99.00 from starter credit direct. In the state of the current economy, I am struggling to make ends meet and now I am worried about having the full amount for my due bills because of the fraud! This is a rip off. I never authorized this and don't understand why this company would do this.

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  • Jo
    joyce brand Apr 24, 2009

    my name is joyce brand and i was not aware of starter credit direct can take money out of my account with out me knowing about it i am on a fixed income and barley making it to pay my bill i did not tell them that they can take any money out i am wanting that money to be put back in to my account its wrong for them to take it out with out asking me i need it back in my account

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  • Wo
    wolfie May 29, 2009

    startercredit direct is a scam with a capital S. it has many "backdoors" so be careful.. i will use a local payday advance from now on.. i advise yu to do the same..

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  • Ma
    Mathew Jun 22, 2009

    This company took $99 dollars out of my checking account without my authorization. I have tried to find out more information but it is useless. This company needs to be put out of business and everyone's money returned. My bank will not refund my money, due to the fact it was a paper draft, and I only have 24-48 hours to contest it, that is not all I do not have checks, so I am confused on this and how I am out the $99. I have contacted my states Attonery Generals Office and filed a complaint.

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  • Jw
    jwinborn Sep 03, 2009

    I noticed a charge for 99.00 out of my checking account 2 days ago and I am furious!!
    Times are hard and for people to take advantage of other people is sad. I want my money back and I mean now!!

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  • Ja
    JAZZIE_09 Sep 20, 2009


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  • Pa
    patty cake Oct 16, 2009

    today i noticed my account minus 99.00 and I went to the bank and disputed the charges
    got credit and the bank wiil investigate
    hope they press charges or something to stop this

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Starter Credit Direct — Fraud

The same thing happened as what was described by the other complaints. I have an appointment at the bank to...

Starter Credit Directstole $99.00 plus $25.00 bounce fee

I went to the bank yesterday to withdraw m oney and I was told that a $25.00 fee had been deducted because on Dec. 1st this company tried to put a check through for $99.00, they resubmitted it and got the $99.00, which puts me at a loss of $124.00. I pulled up the copy of the check they used and I could barely make out what it read. I called the bank and the Cust. Service Agent, could not see it any better than I. I have tried to make out the 800 number on the check, but that is a dead issue since the check is so fuzzy, and all the letters and numbers are broken up. This company needs to be stopped. I was on a website for another reason, and got out very fast when I saw that the company wanted you to allow $99.00 fee. Fee for what? Is there such a company or is someone making good money using a bad printer for checks submitted to the bank. You can not see their router number or account number, and it does surprise me that the bank even let it go through. I'm not blaming the bank, it's this fraudulent company I am blaming and hoping something can be done with them. SHUT them down, they prey on us people who live check to check unable to even save a buck.

  • Bi
    billy Dec 04, 2008

    I am also a victim of this scam they also took 99.00 out of my account and left me with a negative balance and i also got that fraudlent check if anybody else is a victim of this scam the number they left on my check was 1-800-430-0672 and i also agree that these people needed to be be stopped

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  • Sb
    sbrooks Apr 14, 2009

    Can you tell me what website this was on?

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Starter Credit Direct — They took 99.00 out of my bank maccount wothout my approval,I need help with a cancellation/refund

Starter credit took $99. 99 out of my bank account without my knowledge or consent and I need assistance...

Starter Credit Direct — My refund

This company pull some money out of my checking account and ask for a refund they gave me a run around, by...

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