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Dear Sir/Madam,

Flight EK7714, EK 405, EK 39. Flight date: 30th Nov 2018. Serial no: [protected] and [protected]

I am emailing you because having passed through Singapore Changi Airport many times previously, my husband and
I were devastated by the most recent ordeal we have just faced at your airport and hope to receive fair compensation.
At the end of our holiday, we were returning from Kuala Lumpur to Birmingham via Singapore. What went wrong is as follows:

1. For the second leg of our return journey we were passing from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai via Singapore and we had to go through the embarrassment of trying to board the flight, finding 2 other passengers sitting in our seats before then being told by your airport ground staff to leave the plane in front of the rest of the passengers with no explanation as to why. What made this worse, was that we had a 3‐hour transit at Singapore Changi Airport and your airport ground staff knew our flight bookings had been suspended a while before we had tried to board. This is because when we asked the ground staff about our check‐in luggage and if it had been loaded onto the flight we tried to board, we were informed our luggage was still at Changi Airport and had not been loaded onto the plane as our flight bookings had been suspended. Therefore, it seems that despite knowing during this 3‐hour window, it was either not communicated between your airport ground staff, or no‐one had the courtesy to inform us beforehand and instead let us go through the embarrassing ordeal of being removed from the plane. Not only this, but considering we were not on the flight list, there were multiple points where we could and should have been stopped by your airport staff before boarding the plane and so somehow your staff failed to stop this security breach leading us to this embarrassing ordeal.

2. The lack of empathy shown by your airport ground staff when we were first, escorted and left in an uncomfortable waiting area with no food/drink from 22:30‐04:30 waiting for an explanation as to why our booking was suspended and how we would be able to complete the rest of our journey. Second, only after asking if there were any beverages we could have after being made to wait for so long, we were handed a sub‐standard Burger King voucher (7.15 SGD per person) for dinner.

3. When trying to get new tickets so we could complete the rest of our journey back to the UK, the lack of empathy and interest shown by your airport staff. First, we were left waiting for 2 hours with no communication from the check‐in counter staff on potential tickets, second, when we tried asking if we could contact the reservations team (who we never eventually got through to) the check‐in counter staff pointed us to the airport customer service desk, who did not even try to help and pointed us to the payphone for us to use to call them ourselves whilst your staff continued sitting around chatting to others. trust this has given you a clear reflection of the events that we went through whilst at Changi Airport and that it goes without saying our experience was the complete opposite of what your airport's message is "Changi Airport's suite of facilities and services are all designed to make passengers' transit smooth, seamless and enjoyable". I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Mr Soong Loy Yap and Ms Yon Moi Yue (Mrs Yap)
Email: [protected]
Tel: 044‐[protected]
77 Hay Lane, Solihull. B90 4TZ. England

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    Please respond to our complaints as soon as possible

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    Indifference attitude of some ground staff

Singapore Airportvery rude security officer

I was travelling on 13th march at gate d42 1430 and this cisco security officer was very rude. She was waiting inside the gate, as i enter the gate she stopped me and ask for boarding pass from me, i gave to her but she didn't take it instead ask me go out from the gate in a harsh voice. She said i need to give her boarding pass to check before i enter gate. I didnt say anything but just complied. After checking she ask me where i'm from, i've told her 'Malaysia', and then she makes a very sarcastic remark 'Malaysia dont check boarding pass? '. What a disgrace for Singapore for having such a staff! First she didnt do her job properly by waiting inside gate chatting with other security officer, instead of waiting outside gate to check -boarding pass rather then when passenger enter the gate and she have to shouted them to go out again.
This is not the first time i'm traveling from Singapore airport but recently their attitude was getting worst. I would like to lodge a complain.

  • Dear Cherlyn,

    Thank you for your feedback. Could you kindly get in touch with us at [email protected]? We would like to get more information about your bad experience to help us in our investigations. Thank you.

    Terry Lim
    Changi Airport Group, Corporate Communications

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  • Ju
    jucknuck Apr 13, 2012

    10 reasons not to visit Singapore.
    1)Singapore immigration officers are horrible and bad attitude, ill tempered.
    2) Airport Security staff demanding money, bribe, gifts due to economy getting worse.
    3) Racism, Singaporean treat people from third world as very low and they have no human respect.
    4) Any club, restaurant treatment according to skin color and nationality.
    5) Overcharging, cheating common by shop-keepers, bribe culture has started.
    6) Hotels cheating, poor service, high taxes and service charges.
    7) Risky and unsecured tourist places with bad and poor quality equipment, rides also overpriced.
    8) Locals drink on street after 10 pm. not very safe to walk.
    9) common man of Singapore thinks he is next to god, and they think what they do is correct and no body can question them.
    10) Most commercial locations are turning into sex shops, pole dancing junction, pick up joints and you find prostitutes chasing you all the time.

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  • Ch
    chrissybaby Sep 19, 2012

    Ironic, since many, if not most of the CISCO officers employed in Singapore are Malaysians, so it seems as if you most probably are making a complaint against your fellow countrymen...

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  • Co
    copenhagen Sep 27, 2012

    Prostitute i think can come and go in Singapore anytime they what.. are the immigration officer in Singapore is checking if every nationality coming back and forth... look i been there in Singapore but entering that city is difficult, , if you are a tourist lot of questions but i know a lot of filipina going back and forth.. a lot of them are prostitute.. hello immigration please check...

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  • Sr
    sreelal de alwis Dec 08, 2012

    I had a same type of experience on early morning of 27 july 2012. I travelled by SQ flight to Changi airport from melbourne as a transit passenger . When I went through the screening without alerting alarm, a security officer checked my body. When I asked why, he told me that it is because I was wearing two layers of cloth. He did not bothered asked the reason before embarrassing me which I could have easily answered that it was because when I started the journey from melbourne airport, temperature was 04 centigrade.
    After that they refuse to allow canned fish in my hand luggage claiming the presence of liquid in it. When I asked the upper limit of liquid level one female officer told 100 ml hurriedly corrected by other female security officer as 150 ml. Total volume my fish can was 180 ml and it is not practical that presence of 150 ml liquid in it with only 30 ml volume of fish. the female officer namely miss V. premalatha according to her name tag even refuse my explanations that I arrived to Changi airport by SQ flight security cleared by Austrailian airport security officers. When I said that I would complain she put fish cans into the dustbin saying something in unknown language which made her female colleauges laugh at me causing much embarrassment. m y opinion is a well trained Karate fighter cannot be allowed to take his two arms to the flight as it is more lethal than extra volume of 30 ml in my fish can. Today, everywhere in the world highly consider about passenger facilitation while Singapore security officials do not consider about security analysis methods using their brains.I feel very sorry about the present situation at Changi airport once was very passenger friendly.

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  • Je
    Jenifer king Mar 13, 2013

    My husband & I went through Singapore security ready to board a "etihad" flight back to Aust. on the late evening of 12th March 2013, (gate f31) ---my bracelet must have set off the alarm, I was pulled aside for a body check, the female security officer ran the hand held device over my body with such speed &reckless regard, she accidentally crashed the device under my chin---the force of this abuse nearly knocked me off my feet--she was clearly showing off having so much power. I am a 73 year old woman& I don't think I look like a security threat !!!
    I was clearly injured & not one single staff member offered help.
    Here I am 48 hours later, still nursing a bruise---I am seeing the doctor today & think I will be sent for an x ray.
    This young girl clearly needs some serious training & even better, give her a lesser job
    Jenifer King

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  • He
    Hesa Jan 08, 2015

    Among other countries in Asia, Singapore is the one that we visit most frequently. We fly to Singapore almost every month. Other than the citi itself, we also like Changi airport. Stepping into Changi airport gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. Toilets are available every few meters away and all are clean. In addition, this airport is very child friendly that it provides baby care rooms as well as prams for those travelling with young children. That was why we could spend hours just browsing the airport before or after flying.
    However, the good impressions about Changi was sometimes stained by the unpleasant experiences when undergoing some procedures, be it at the check-in counter, immigration, or security check point.
    Several times, we had bad experiences with safety & security officers at the boarding gate but this time wass the worst ever.
    We (Me, my husband & our 5.5year old kid) took Air France AF0254 for our flight bound to Jakarta on January 5, 2015. The problem occured at Gate D44 Terminal 1 when our hand-carried luggage was x-rayed. One officer, a big fat man with bald head asked us with deepened (feigned) voice and intimidating tone to open our bag as there were liquids inside. It was true that we brough a kid’s drink bottle (containing plain water) plus one more bottled water for making milk, both are for our son. Everytime we travel, before or right after boarding we always make a bottle of milk for our son so as to let him sit quietly when the plane take-off.
    I & my husband explained that to him but this silly fat guy insisted on disposing one bottle out of two. He even grabbed the two bottles and gave us two options with raised voice, either we empty all bottles or let one be confiscated.
    It was not the first time we travelled abroad. We always do this for the same purpose and other security officers usually would understand that. But this fat bald man did not let us go with it. Instead he told us that we could get the water at the waiting lounge or ask for hot water in the plane. Off course we knew that water is available in the waiting lounge but the water is too cold that it would cause milk powder to lump. Furthermore, if we are to get hot water from the plane, we have to wait until the plane take off.
    However, since we did not want to waste our time over this overacting bald guy, we gave in the unopened bottled water which he then rudely dumped into the bin.
    We thought it was over so we put back the remaining bottle into the bag and got ready to board. But that silly staff did not seem to have enough yet. When we were about to leave, all of the sudden he asked us to give our son drink the water from the drinking bottle. My husband questioned him why we must do so. Again, he made long explanation that I did not understand and did not even want to hear. I wondered if he had brain. We were not criminals. Do we look like that kind of people who bring kid to conduct crime?
    Ok, it is our fault taking liquids inside the plane but what’s the point of insisting the kid to drink from the drinking bottle while were ready to go? I had a feeling that what he asked us to do was just to satisfy his ego by showing off his authority. It was not out of duty. It was personal because he was unhappy since we argued with him over the water previously (he thought he has the authority, who dares to debates him?). He did not even take a look when my son drank from the bottle as he asked. The way he talked and acted was very was not natural. It was obvious that he pretended to act as a professional (though he actually failed). His voice and style was humiliating and intimidating. To me, he was more like a ‘smart-aleck’ rather than a professional.
    After what we went through, somehow my enthusiasm of going to Singapore has faded away, thinking that we would encounter such a creep like him.

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Singapore AirportRude and Intimmidating behaviour

My 74 year old mother and her carer were stopped in tranist on a Qantas Airlines planes. for a aircraft refule and clean. The officals confiscated two bottles of very expensive whisky as Sydney Duty Free had not sealed the bags. However they refused to allow them to repack or even drink it. They were not even permited to touch it. They then treated my an elderly woman and carer as criminals, and both were searched and their lives made a misery. The officlas would not give them thier name, works number or receipt to say they had taken the goods. Wholly unacceptable and very very rude.

Singapore AirportAirport

I have travelled to USA via chennai-singapore-tokyo-US. The transit time is less and there is no issues when going to USA. But while returning USA-TOkyo-Singapore-chennai, i have a bad experience in Singapore Airport. I have reached singapore airport by 10 or 12 pm and i have to stay inside singapore airport to catch next flight by morning 8am. As it is a transit and i have no visa to go out, i stayed in airport. I slept in sofa and group of 5 police men during their regular rounds come and surrounded me. They ask for my passport and i gave. I photo looks little bit difference from what am i, my face got changed after my marriage. But i have told about my identity in my face like scar and mole to compare. They treated me rudely and ask me shut my mouth. I even told that i have my photos in ipod to show. They not even listen. I took me to the immigration room to take photo and that computer is not allow them to login, they didn't take a snap. If i speak, they said shut my mouth again but very harshly. Then a lady who is also a police ask me whether i'm coming from USA and my destination is chennai and ask i'm on transit in singapore. She ask all my boarding pass and i showed it, i told that i have to collect my boarding pass by morning 7am at airlines counter to catch my 8am flight. Then they spoke something in Malay and allow me to leave. Then i go and sleep at the same sofa at the same place.

This is very my very bad experience in my life. Where people not ready to listen and treated me harshly. I have no such incidence in USA or Tokyo. They also checking my identity and they are also strict in what they suppose to do. But they always smile and give a comfort.

In singapore they validate my passport and USA visa several times when i try to get my boarding pass.

I came to know the same happened to some of my friend also.

  • Ma
    manish638 Nov 09, 2011

    hi this is jagdish rohra from ahmedabad. i travelled to singpore for a week and i am so dispointed because i lost my camcorder from my lagguage bag... it was my favourite camcorder and i would like to complaint about it... i hope thru this site i can get the contact nos. so that i can complain the authorities about the mis bahaving of the stafff at the airport...
    pls email me at [email protected]
    the contact details of singapour airport so that i can fight back for this missing things
    from the baggages at the airport...
    pls guide me further...
    thanking this site for the same...
    jagdish rohra

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