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9:38 am EDT

Shark Iron customer service & support

I recently bought a Shark Iron, Big mistake. I had trouble since I got it. The iron shuts off while using it, leaks puddles of water, doesnt spray steam, drips constantly. I cannot resolve the issiue with Shark nor the retailer I purchased it from. There steam iron line is worst product I have ever used. Very poor quality, no quality control, no support, bad customer service...etc.
Save yourself the a better quality one!

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1:16 pm EDT

Shark Iron Caught on fire! This iron is fire hazard!

Date of incident - 07/2015 After plugging in this iron I stepped into my Master Bathroom and suddenly heard a loud sparking noise. I looked and saw this iron with gray smoke coming out the top and it was making this electrical noise. I ran and unplugged the iron and took it outside. I firmly believe it I would not have been close and caught this problem in a timely fashion that it would have caused a house fire! This iron is extremely dangerous and should be RECALLED! I am an insurance agent and we handle claims everyday due to faulty appliances. I expect SHARK to react to this complaint promptly. You could be building my house back where it burned down due to this faulty iron!
My name is Debra Sumner [protected] I have photos of the damaged iron!

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Hamlin, US
Dec 17, 2012 11:35 am EST
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I looked and compared prices for a good hot steam iron for home use, choose Sharp over some less expense because of the temperature degree of the iron. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. The water tank in the iron cracked in less than 3 uses of the iron. No more SHARK for me.

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