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Revitalize Health and BeautyI have received my bank statement and there has been two transactions of $75.21 and $70.47

I responded to a Television Commercial for two creams being advertised for around $5.00. I have received my bank statement and there has been two transactions of $75.21 and $70.47 with two transaction fees for $2.11 and $2.26. How do we get our money back? How do we stop this from appearing on the next bank statement. I have looked up the website there is a phone number, but no email address? How do we stop this?Where can we complain?

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    treweek Feb 06, 2012

    there sending me empty boxes and charging my credit card l wont it to stop 79.99 this is the third box l have recevied l am ringing credit cad company to cancel them l want me funds back

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  • Ti
    Tiremey Jun 20, 2012

    This company has debited my account for this amount in two different amounts the second amount was on the 17/11/2011. I did order a product but it was advertised as being $2.95. I attempted to ring the company, write to them and email them. I have had to close my account to stop these thieves stealing my money.

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  • Bi
    Bissep Jul 05, 2012

    Advertising advised free trial offer with postage costs totaling approx $5.00. $89.00 has been debited from my credit card. I have canceled my card so no further monies can be withdrawn.

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  • Il
    Ilikaide Jul 05, 2012

    I have had taken from my account the total of £148.90 2 separate amounts of £74.95 within 16 days, BEWARE! they are taking money out of your account.

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  • Tr
    Trioke Aug 17, 2012

    I saw an advertisement for a treatment, it was only supposed to be a sample and at the price of $2.99. In the last month me credit card has been charge $175.00 and it was unauthorized. I am extremely angry and want to know what i can do to get my money back.

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Revitalize Health and BeautyAvoid dealing with this ppl

I ordered a FREE trial of 3 products in November 2011 - paying only for postage. 3 payment's have since been taken out of my bank account, totaling £209.97. I rang my bank who informed me that I had not read the T&C's but that I should ring the company and ask for a refund and to stop further payment's being taken. The number is an 0845 number, which the company concerned receives payment from the telecoms provider for the amount of time they keep customer's on the line. I was left on hold for 10 minutes, before realizing the 'on hold' music was on a loop and I would never get to speak to a customer service assistant. I am also highly allergic to the product, which, under distance selling law, requires the company to give me a full refund. I have written to them and received no response to date.

  • Sa
    Saluges Jun 21, 2012

    I ordered in sept one product, announced price of 6 euros I paid immediately. I received no invoice
    Then in october they picked up on my credit card:

    - 23 oct 79, 15 euro
    - 28 oct 51, 00 euro
    - 29 oct 79, 86 euro
    And in november :
    - 12 nov 79, 15 euro

    up today total 286, 16 euros

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Revitalize Health and BeautyI received my credit card statement and they have taken 3 separate amounts

I signed up for a sample deal. Today I received my credit card statement and they have taken 3 separate amounts (all different) approximately 1 a week since 12th November.

I was (naively) expecting to received a do you wish to reorder or give us feedback on the product.

I am contacting my bank today to have this stopped.

Revitalize Health and BeautyThis is a scam, beware people

I ordered the free trial of both PerfectRadiance and RevitaDerm which was only supposed to cost me for the postage of £2.95 and £2.97. I checked my credit card account at the time and only the above postage was charged. I have now received my credit card statement and two further amounts have been debited to my credit card without my authorization. An amount of £74.95 on 4th November and £79.99 on 16th November.The telephone numbers are not valid. This is a scam.

Revitalize Health and Beautybilling me when not authorised

i took advantage of free products just paying shipping and did not authorise this company to send more of there product which i am being charged 225 dollars every month i can not get hold of them with phone number they send with products. i am unemployed at the moment and can not afford this but cant seem to be able to stop them as there is no email address how can i be reimbursed the last 8 months of them taking from my account i have tried so many times to stop them to no evail some one please help me

  • Mi
    Mii Nolan May 04, 2012

    Revitalize Health and Beauty - sending products that I have not authorized. It is costs way too much and I cannot afford it.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Me Jul 09, 2012

    I am having the same problem, I ordered the products as a 'one off' and Im now getting the itmes on a regular basis but unabl to stop the it or get in contact with the company????? Its costing me a fortune nearly 200 euro a month for gods sake !!! How do I stop it??? anybody out there has any advise please HELP !!! Frustrated me

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Revitalize Health and Beautydebits unauthorised from my bank account, sending products not ordered by me, not responding to my complaints

I ordered a free sample, received this order date 10/11/2011, I received the free sample
I have sent several emails to them instructing them to not send anymore anf not to bill me,
they have sent more and debited my credit card
Please help me stop this as they are causing my account to become over the limit.

Lynette Cuff

  • Di
    disgruntled jc Feb 16, 2012

    I am in exactly the same boat, I have tried to phone them and their number is discomnnected.
    I have stopped my credit card and warned the bank.

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  • Ji
    Jillianne Mar 24, 2012

    This company is also sending me monthly accounts and products that I have not authorized. Jilli. Grovedale 3216

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  • Le
    leighdee Apr 01, 2012

    Same here, I'm gunna just notify the bank n put a stop 2 it.

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  • Vi
    vikto40 Apr 16, 2012

    I have tried numerous times to try find an email address to cancel all and any future orders being sent to me and being billed on my credit card. Alas they have no "unsubscribe" area on their site...I have changed my credit card details since and hopefully expect to not be sent any more products or money taken from my credit card.

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Revitalize Health and Beautyfalse advertising and credit fraud

the company offered a free trial of their creams and serum and all the customer had to do was pay the postage and shipping... it was nowhere mentioned that u had to test the merchandise for 14 days and then sent it back (with more than 50% of the cream in the pot) ... otherwise they charge your credit card the full amount of the price 79£... i, like lots of people, believed in a free trial offer for a totally unknown product... like you get so many things really cheap on groupon and all these other sites...
i tried the stuff, didnt like it and would have never ordered more of it for the full price.. but i got 3 more creams delivered this january and they charged my credit card with 3 times over 70 £ for each not ordered product... so i now researched the company and read their terms and conditions and it looks like i agreed (without knowing it and without it being stated to me other than in tiny terms and conditons at the bottom of the site) that i ordered an t automatic delivery every 30 days which i can cancel by calling them.. but the number is always engaged and your on hold... so i will now sent them an registered letter to cancel further deliveries.. i hope i get my money back for this useless product... for this kind of money i would buy well known creams from lancome or dior instead of their crap

  • Mm
    m mcgregor Feb 08, 2012

    IT is a disgrace this company should be charged for false advertising.Bank got fraud squad on to it.

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Revitalize Health and Beautytheft of money from bank a/c

After sending a trial of products they have continued to take money out of my a/c without sending any more products. I dont want the products as they are totally inferior. I sent a sms to stop my money being taken and received no reply. I also rang from australia and waited 20 minutes to speak to someone to no avail. I now know Ive been scammed.!!!

  • Do
    donna coad Jan 08, 2012

    my name is donna coad the company is in linlithgow west lothian united kingdom and they are sending me perfect radiance the problem is i wont them to stop sending it i cant afford it anymore so i would appreciate if u could tell them to stop thank u because i in australia and now i have to look after my sick husband and like i said we cant afford it please help me thank you

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  • Be
    Beetle 81 Jan 08, 2012

    How can I email these thieves?

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  • He
    helene b Jan 17, 2012

    I have same problem how do you stop them

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  • De
    deb gee Mar 21, 2012

    they have charged me almost $1000.00 FOR STUFF I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED . so what do i do now?

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  • De
    deb gee Mar 21, 2012

    can some one tell me how to contact them pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I took advantage of free trial offer for the cost of shipping only i think it was £2.95, the offer was time sensitive, this meant if you were not happy with the product...