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Renovation BoysTerrible customer service

Took my money but failed to deliver any of the goods purchased. Failed to
deliver my vanities 3 times and made me take 3 days of work to wait for
the delivery. Spoken to customer service manager John, who is
incompetent, rude and refused to offer any help or advice on resolving
the issue. Never would purchase anything at this store again!

Renovation BoysBroken and Wrong Basin

After ordering as bathroom basin on line, Renovation Boys delivered the wrong basin which was also broken. We were unable to sign for the basin because no-one was home when it was delivered. Our renovation was in progress and our builder couldn't wait for another one to be delivered so we asked for a refund. As far as we were concerned the fact that they delivered the wrong item amounted to a breach of contract. They have been impossible to deal with over this. No one ever rings back and they are clearly not interested in looking after their customers. Because of their continual lack of response over the 3 months we have been trying we have made a formal complaint to the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Even when we threatened them with this we still got no response from them! Phone calls don't get returned, letters aren't replied to - its a disaster. The complaint is yet to go through all the legals, but trust me whatever you do don't deal with Renovation Boys. They are nothing but a rip off and have just missed out on my next order for over $20, 000 worth of bathroom gear for another bathroom because of the bad experience we've had with them.

Resolved Renovation BoysShocking Customer Service

Worst customer experience ever!
After being told I would have to wait 3 weeks for my items I called several times after this period to find out it would take another 2 weeks.
They never returned calls and sat on my deposit for 2 weeks after I managed to cancel the order. I raised a complaint with NSW Fair Trading.
I will NEVER use them again. "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys" Be warned!

  • Ma
    Manda51 Oct 17, 2012

    I am having the same trouble at the moment! I paid in full and am waiting to get money back as they have taken over 6 weeks with the standard response "it will be shipped shortly, you'll receive it soon". Never did. Then when I asked for a refund I am still yet to get it. I will be taking this up with fair trading soon. I waited on hold for 15 minutes at a time with the line then going dead. No replies to email. Hard when you have a baby to look after! They have been incredibly rude and don't apologise!

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  • Tt
    TTYY Dec 22, 2012

    Same experience here. I am going to start an online campaign. That is how angry I am.
    Our order was 3 months ago. They part delivered and forgot to include all the items.

    They don't call back and their sales staff always say they can't do anything about it... My builder is waiting and it is costing me time and money. Don't go near them.

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  • Kp
    Kpinoz Mar 22, 2013

    I have finally received my order today, 1 month after I paid in full and was advised all items but a vanity which was on back order would be delivered in 1 week. After many phone calls instigated by me, and finally getting an upgrade in items that were suddenly "out of stock", I am now readying a complaint to go to Fair Trading and happy to get together with others who have experienced their appalling customer service and practice standards to ensure they either lift their game, or stop trading! I am just about to open the items, and hope I don' t get an unpleasant surprise as it sounds others have! I wish I had seen these comments before I checked out their website. I will be warning anyone who will listen to steer clear of this company.

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  • Me
    Me Shell Feb 05, 2014

    I agree, they don't reply to emails or phone calls. I paid for my vanity in October and was told I would have delivery before Christmas. It's now the 6th Feb and I still don't have it. I email and get no response. I call and they don't call me back. I bought it from Parramatta and since I wasn't getting any reply I thought I'd call Camperdown but they were just as bad. I asked for the managers name which they gave me but they wouldn't give me his/her email address. Whenever I called for the manager I was told they were busy with a customer. Then I was told by someone at Camperdown that it was already at Parramatta so I called Parramatta and was told it should be delivered early next week which is this week and haven't heard from them.
    Seriously, customer service is disgusting. I did ask Parramatta for the managers name but when they told me I though well there is no point in calling because that was the guy who wasn't interested in a sale when we were looking.

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Resolved Renovation BoysFailure to replace defected goods

Dont shop here. Products we purchased were imperfect/structurally defective, sales staff inc floor manager are rude post sale. Not interested once they have your money.

Purchased a vanity that had a structural defect that wasn't evident until after installation i.e once taps were installed and water was running. The bench top cracked under heat stress from hot water upon test run. Clearly a structural issue where the undermount sink was attached to the bench. Upon ringing them to inform of the fault, we were met with accusations that we didnt inspect it correctly, and, we transported incorrectly, and, we installed it incorrectly. Amusing, since it was transported with mirrors and a glass shower screen, and they are ok! Installed by a HIA builder who is meticulous with detail. 4 people witnessed this ans still according to Renovation Boys, its our fault! They suggested we were lying, the tone of voice was condescending, they didn't even offer to send anyone out to view the problem, they just told us we didn't have a chance of a refund and to go ahead to fair trading because they couldn't care less.

We would now avoid this business like the plague. If you have had bad business with them, don't hesitate to report them to fair tradiing. Lodge a CTTT action against them.

The fact that they wouldn't even take the time to verify the problem, insisted we were lying and refused to even offer any suggestions (other than buying a new vanity from them) should be enough to convince you, that its a gamble, not a business transaction. Waste of a lot of money.

  • Ra
    Rapleys Jun 22, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have purchased two of the same vanities from the renovation boys, I have had three tops crack. They crack from the bolt hole where they are attached. My plumber purchased a replacement top for the first one at a cost of $900. After the other two were installed they cracked within a week. I have managed to get two different vanities off them but they won't pay for installing them & won't give my plumber back his money. They won't admit they are faulty & said they are only replacing them because I am unhappy with them. The worst customer service I have received from any company. Would never deal with again, nor recommend them.

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Resolved Renovation BoysCustomer service

Terrible Customer Service. The staff are just plan rude. Ordered an item waited 2 weeks for it arrive and went to pick it up. At the ware house the item wasn't there as they sold it to someone else. Had to re-order and wait another 2 weeks for it to arrive. Finally had to follow up with them to see where the item was only to be told it had arrived 3-4 days ago. Asked the staff why they didn't ring to inform us as they had promised. They had no reply

They may be cheap but so it the service

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