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Real Success InstituteScam

On January the 8th I signed up to receive a CD from this outfit. I was charged $1.95 for the shipping. I received the CD on January 16th. When I watched the material I decided this was not for me. I called Real Success Institute to tell them I was not interested in their product and was told I will be charged $39.95 because I signed up on the 8th of January. When I explained that I didn't get the CD until the 16th I was told I should have gone to the website and checked it out and found out about the charge. He said that I should have received e-mails and phone calls warning me about this. I received e-mails, but I was getting so much of this stuff that I thought it was more junk mail from the same outfit telling me what a good decision I'd made! I did receive phone calls from a guy named Curtis, but I told him I wanted to wait until I got the CD as the original advertizement suggested so I could look it over without any high pressure! He never, never warned me that I would be charged $39.95!!

This is a hard lesson learned! Never, ever give your credit card out to these people, even if you think it's only for shipping! I'm out $1.95 for the shipping and $39.95.

Real Success InstituteAwful experience

Very reassuring and professional in beginning. They provided the mentoring promised in ealy stages. The cost to me was more than $8, 000, which I paid, thinking I would be coached and monitored as I set up an online business. Aside from the mentoring, nothing was ever forthcoming--no communication. At the end of my contract year, I learned that they had filed bankruptcy 6 months earlier. An associated group continued to ask me a hosting fee. Only then, upon inquiry, did I learn that RSI was dead. I have since been advised by their legal counsel to 'leave them alone.' They literally survived for 1/2 of the contract year.

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    sarah Feb 23, 2008

    I bought the disc to work at home, i received the disc, they want me to pay 249.00 to buy another disc to get started, i was scammed out of my money. You have my address i expect a check of a rebate back, than i will send you back your no helping disc. Sarah.

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    kimber1 Dec 04, 2009

    Hi i noticed a payment from my account regarding the real success institute when i tried to trace them it led me to a site that had the same name.I emailed them and i got a link to this site.They are scammers without, what slime balls, i would liked to pay them a personal visit with my Guard Dog, i bet they would piss themselves before he bit them.

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Real Success InstituteWhat a scam!

Beware of this company. The free trail offer starts the minute you sign up. 7 days free no way. then they charge you 39.95 per month even before you get the c.d. there is a convenient delay in the shipping of the c.d. and the automatic monthly fee. If you see any offers from Real Success Institute, dump this offer or better yet report it as a scam.

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    paula palmer Feb 06, 2008

    somehow this company got my information, i did not solicit them. i went online to my banking institution and saw a pending charge of 39.90? I HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS. I HAD THE PHONE NUMBER AND CALLED THEM IT TOOK ME 10 MINUTES JUST TO GET THEIR COMPANY NAME AND THEY COULD NOT EXPLAIN WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT. AND THEY ALSO COULD NOT EXPLAIN HOW THEY GOT MY BAK INFO, BUT THEY SURE ENOUGH HAD IT - THEY MENTIONED GOGGLE?? anyway this company said since charge is pending, they will take it off. my bank said if charge is not off in two days i file claim and am not charged anything. only problem is someone there got my bank info - rather scary- cause i don't buy anything on i.e. where i have goggle. therefore i have to get new bank accounts. actually i will feel a lot better when i do don't like someone having my banking info, carte blanche so to speak. this company are crooks, thiefs, and could not explain anything i asked only to say i ordered this on line which i know i did not .... watch out

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    Cheryl Conley Feb 19, 2008

    I went on line and filled out my Visa info for the shipping only..
    When I saw what the charge would be I X out of the web site...I did not authorize the charge...but I go charged $129.99 plus $29.99...NO acknowlegment to my e-amil (as is Typical) that this had been ordered...nothing ....I was out of the country and when I returned here is this product I did not order...I returned it in September last year...every week they say the check was mailed..

    How do I get my money back from this company?

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Real Success InstituteFradulent charge!

Okay, here we go! If it hadn't been for you guys, I would have been screwed by the Real Success Institute. However, I still sort of got screwed. It has not been 21 days yet, and I have purchased that $1.99 CD for a home business that really was Real Success Institute! Anyway, just on a whim - because I like to check scams here and there- I typed in Real Success Institute +scam into google, and came up with all your complaints on /link removed/ I received the disc! You know the one you buy for $1.99? There is noting what so ever about Yahoo. They way the company put it was that I would be making money with Yahoo and advertising. However, there is not a single thing concerning Yahoo on the entire disk. I put it into my Macbook Pro, and there's only PDF files that describe pretty much nothing. Click and get paid advertising. Nothing new, right?

Anyway, I called my Bank after reading all of your problems with Real Success Institute, and I got them to never accept any transaction from that company whatsoever! I also called my PayPal and told them the same. The $1.99 came out of my PayPal account, and it screwed my PayPal account. My PayPal account never is in the negative, because I am Verified. After Real Success Institute got done with it, I was -$0.02 in the hole and many of my iTune purchases began to not be authorized by Apple. I mean, this company screwed up everything! I think what happened is WAMU already knew that they were bogus and my backup funding source would not cover this. Therefore, my PayPal was in the negative.

I have also found out that this company is a Foreign company. This is why they can't do anything about it much. I noticed there was a foreign transaction of $0.02 in my PayPal account. It is obvious that this is a huge scam perpetrated by foreigners wishing to bamboozle a few too many Americans and Canadians. BEWARE! If $129 is taken out of my account in the days to come, I'll let you know. Man, these guys are slimes!

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    Debra Luten Dec 20, 2007

    I totally agree with the previous complaint the other person made. These guys are rip off artists! While they suck you in with the $1.99 charge for a CD. You are lead to believe that if you like what you see on the CD that you receive, you can sign up for the "mentor classes".

    A few days later, you credit card account at your bank is charge with a $39.00 charge without your approval. The CD and classes are suppose to make it easy and convenient to learn how to make money with Google and Ebay, etc. A couple of individuals contacted my husband asking him questions about how much money he had in his checking account. Now when have you ever known a legitimate company who wants to know about how much money you have in your bank account, and before you even get any information from them? I am for one going to our Attorney General's office and the Consumer Affairs dept. to file complaints and see if we can get these guys investigated.

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    Cheryl Conley Feb 21, 2008

    Clicked on their web site and put in credit card info for the free shipping,... read the charges that would be coming if I kept the product for more than 30 days and decided I did not want to request..X'd out of the web site without accepting the offer. No follow up e-mail was sent to me verifying I had ordered this. I was then out of town for two months and when I returned discovered a charge for 129.95 and 20.95 on my statement. I called then on 11/20 and advised that I had never ordered their was returned to them on 12/3/2007.

    Since that time I have spoken to ten separate people who all tell me the check is in the mail...WHEN I ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR THEY TAKE MY NUMBER..NO CALL BACK


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    JOHN FLANNERY Mar 18, 2008


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    Wolf May 28, 2008




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