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Prestige Sales USAmagazine scam

I also was scammed by someone knocking on my door. Sold me a magazine
subscription that was suppose to be delivered to someone in the armed
forces in Iraq. Charged me extra to have the subscription sent overseas.
I received the subscription at my address instead. Tried calling business
but said I could stop the magazine but I would not get any refund.

  • An
    Anonymous Dec 31, 2008

    I also got scammed! It was a young guy trying to sell magazines and children's books to earn a trip to London for an internship. He pointed to a house and said he was my neighbors son. He even knew alot of my neighbors just moved in to the neighborhood. I can't believe I fell for it! Well, I ordered two magazines and wrote a check but after checking online for the company, I saw all the other scams. I'm glad I found out in time to stop payment on the check and I'm also going to mail the receipt back to cancel just in case they try to pursue the amount through a debt collection agency.

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Prestige Sales USANot receiving full order of books

Two young men came to my door selling books to help sponsor study abroad. I purchased a set of 3 books costing $55.00. I have since received 1 of the books. The single book alone could have been purchased at a local store for less than $15.00. What a scam. And I do know it is a scam because when I looked up the company on-line there was an entire site worth of complaints identical to mine!

  • Jo
    Joyce Howley Nov 05, 2009

    Does anyone have a Phone #number for this Prestige sales, if so I would love to have it, I was duked also paid for some books 6wks ago have not received any of them. The young man who sold them to us even gave his cell phone #number I called it, but has been turned off, HELP

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  • Fo
    Fooled in Easley, SC Dec 21, 2009

    As much as I hate to admit it, I too bought the "going to England for s0ccer." Great liar! He even told us the channel and time that his game would be on and his jersey # 2.. He played for the Columbia Strikers. His grandmother lived around the corner. I order ESPN mag. for my sons...I kept saying there was really nothing I wanted and offered a donation...He said he could not accept donations. Sounded valid...but of course, I have received nothing...It worst part is not being able to trust the next student who may really be the real deal. he will get his, one way or another... and I am alot wiser. My fradulent student was " Dustin O" (sure not real name) and had two nickle sized expansion earrings. He even wanted me to grade his on his courtesy. He was nice... but on final exam, Gets a "F" for honesty. My husband had recently lost his job, so the $50.00 bucks was a big deal. So why did I order? I have 2 teen boys and I put them in his place. I pray they will never stoop so low for a buck. And I know they are getting a kick out of how good they are with scamming and how gullible people are, but I hop they read these complaints... what goes around...comes around...

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  • Fr
    FrustratedIncorporated Jan 22, 2010

    Fooled in Easley, SC ... this is amazing. I found this page by Googling "Dustin O", who happened to visit my home in Bradenton, Florida, just before Christmas.

    Same story (except apparently he lived nearby, not dear Grandma ...), same earrings, and same lack of promised items. Granted, it's only been a month (they do say 120 days ... !?!) but I doubt we're going to see anything.

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  • Sc
    ScammedinRockledge Feb 08, 2010

    For everyone on this Complaint Board, I too was duped and contacted the Better Business Bureau of Arizona -- which is where Prestige Sales is incorporated. The Better Business resolved my complaint and Prestige Sales sent me a full refund of $112.00 (which I received in this morning's mail via certified letter from the BBB). You may contact the BBB by going online to the I was shocked that my complaint was resolved in about 2 weeks. It's a great service!

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Prestige Sales USAFraud/Scam

Young man came to the door. Said was a neighbor whom lived up the street. Going to London as part of a band program - selling subscriptions. Did all the stupid things - gave a check (which I will cancel) and let him into my house. Now I'm worried about him checking out my place for robbery- after reading others descriptions.
So - I called the police and reported him. Hopefully they will see an out of state car or van. I only was taken for $55 and my pride. He sold me books for the local hospital, just like others had said.
Thank you too all that complained earlier. Hopefully these will prevent others from being taken.

Prestige Sales USAScammed

My neighbors and myself fell for it. I hate to admit this buy I opened the door when I shouldn't have and believed the young man standing in front of me who said he was my neighbors nephew who lived down the road raising money to attend culinary training school in Paris, France at the Cordon Bleu. He said his name was Matt Williams and if I purchased children's books from his order form from Prestige Sales USA, they would be donated to a children's hospital and he would receive points to go towards his trip. He showed me my neighbors' checks to confirm his legitimacy and called them all by their first names as if he knew them personally. My gut was telling me to send him away, but I didn't follow my feelings. I wrote a check for $55 to send him away, but he insisted on coming back to do chores and cook for me, I responded with no thank you. The moment I shut my door, I regretted what I had done. I immediately phoned my neighbor and we agreed we felt uneasy. We called the sheriff and filed a report. Canceled our checks and checking accounts. I thought I would never fall for something like this, but I did, I'm so angry with myself for trusting and not listening to my inner voice.

  • E6
    e68r Mar 19, 2009

    I just got scammed by 2 young men, same story--culinary institute, sending magazines to Iraq-- I fell for it and scratched out a check for $34. However, after thinking about it I don't feel bad for being "taken". I am a compassionate person with a heart who fell for a story. Who am I to deny a child a book, or a soldier a magazine, etc... Yes, they prey on us for being "suckers" but we should not turn around and feel like fools. We are the ones who are giving money we can't afford to give because we are good people. So if you find yourself reading this and feeling bad just remember that you are among a group of very caring people, suckers or not.

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  • Pa
    Patti Apr 28, 2009

    I just got scammed like everybody else on this website! The "nice, clean-cut, young man was selling children's books to raise money for a trip to Italy at his college, The Savannah Art & Design College. He said that he was a neighbor's grandson down the street and also sold books to my neighbor(He knew their name). Our neighborhood was having a neighborhood yard sale and he went down the street. Nobody else fell for it and called me because he used my name to show I bought something the lady informed me it is a scam. I immediately stopped payment on my check so I didn't lose any money except the stop payment fee. I usually do not trust things like this but I fell for it and do not want anyone esle to get taken. After reading some these complaints they all are the same. Be careful!

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Prestige Sales USAdoor to door scam

The same as everyone else except he said his name was Matt and it was for a internship in France for a culinary degree. Thankfully we went to the house he was suppossed to live at and he had just been there selling Books to benifit Childrens hospital but had used the name David. We are now out the 10 dollers for the check cancel fee. Should have asked to see a Drivers license.

  • Ol
    Oldtimer_18 Oct 19, 2009

    i use to work for the company not knowing what they were doing if you need to know where they are at i can tell you. believe me I quit once i found out what they were doing. you can contact me @ [email protected] They jump from city to city every 2 weeks becuz people catch on after that.

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  • Br
    brgeorgi Dec 10, 2009

    I can't believe that these people are still doing what they are doing! A young man by the name of Jason Iorio came to my door toward the end of summer 09 and gave me a line about being from the neighborhood across the road and that he was saving up for a mission trip to another country. I bought a cookbook from him for $63. To date, I still have not received the cook book. After googling his name, I see he's been arrested for doing this in Ohio back in 07.

    In the future, I now know to ask to see a permit from ANYONE selling ANYTHING to my door. It's a shame that losers like him and Prestige Sales USA ruin it for those honest folks who are really trying to do good in the world. And shame on Prestige Sales for running the whole operation. My question is, WHY are they still getting away with this? I'm going to contact my local law enforcement office and FBI and file a criminal complaint. I suggest everyone who reads this do the same thing. Then maybe we can prevent this harm to others.

    All I can say is--KARMA!!

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  • Ci
    CINDY B. Jan 18, 2010


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Prestige Sales USAFraudulent Magazine Subscription

OK - I got took! Katie, knocks on our door at early afternoon, I happened to be off work, and like the others who have complained about this pseudo company, she says that she is one of our neighbor's relatives and she is visiting from out of town for a couple of days. After being really sweet she says that she is trying to raise money to finance her trip to Africa for a Zoology degree where she is suppose to do an internship with some school. She starts telling her story about the magazines and how great it is and so on and it will help her with her expenses etc. I never clued into the fact that first she told me it was for a tuition scholarship and then when I asked again it was for books and expenses. She talks fast and I was decorating my house so I was in the Christmas "giving mood" I asked a few questions and had been thinking about getting a subscription to a particular magazine and thought - oh well why not. I 'm only slightly itnerested and then she changes the story to that well you can pay to donate books to a hospital. Well I'm not that generous so asked about the magazine. She also tells me that her mother told her to come wash out car, dog, house whatever to thank us for helping out (I decline). Then she throws in that we will get a $35 gift card as reimbursement for a portion of the purchase price of $51.00 (that should have been my clue - but it wasn't). I was to get with a website and sign up to get the gift card. This all happened on 11-26-08 and I just remembered to do so. Suprise! No place on the website to do that. Then I googled them and find all these complaints. I rushed to stop payment on the check - luckily they had not yet cashed it - it was well worth the $14 to keep them from getting more of my money and a cheap lesson not to ever answer the door again...
All the complaints I read were so similar to mine experience - I am so glad I did not let her in the door but mad at myself for falling for it.

  • Ji
    Jim Z Feb 05, 2009

    David or whatever his name was just here in Gold River, CA (near Sacramento) selling magazines. Says his father, a doctor, lived right around the corner. A student a U.C Davis, he is raising funds for a scholarship to England to study sports broadcasting. Really chatted me up about his career and that I could donate the magazine subscription to troops in IRAQ. However, when I asked for ID, he said it was 'in the car.' Following my gut, I suggested he come back later after my wife came home with checkbook. He indicated that he would be 'sold-out' by then but would come back if he had a subscriptions left. He left without my $49 and after reading the comments above, I think I made the right decision.

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  • Ro
    Ronell Aug 15, 2009

    I too was fooled from Elgin Illinois Williamsburg Green, by this troop just home from Iraq, doctor father lives around the corner and even named a street? I am so stupid, I called the bank to stop payment also, I would rather pay the fee to cancel then let them get away with this nonsense, I will never again buy anything from a stranger at my door, or for that matter answer the darn thing. I am so grateful for this web site because like the others my gut told me that this wasn't right, I should have listened at the very least my suspicions were correct. I am only out small amount $25.00, of course this transaction took place late on Friday so the accounting department at the bank is closed until Monday. I hope my neighbors investigate this website and more importantly they can stop payment/donation?

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Prestige Sales USADoor-to-door Scam

So, this girl, Rachel, knocks on our door at 8h30pm and like the others who have complained about this pseudo company, she says that she is one of our neighbor's relatives and she is visiting from out of town for a couple of days.
After being all nice and complimenting on everything she could (my wife's first name, my dogs, my house, blah blah) she says that she is trying to raise money to finance her trip to London where she is suppose to do an internship with the BBC. Awwww how nice... the only issue is, my wife actually DID an internship with the BBC in London!!! So of course she starts asking her if she is doing the internship in Aldwych (are of London). Rachel is like: "huuuhh, yeah that's it!"... hmmm ok... so she starts telling her story about the magazines and how great it is and so on.
My wife grabs the documents and takes a closer look. She then asks the girl if she is going to Aldwych to work for the radio or tv and her answer was: "TV that is what I want to do!". Wellllllll too bad! Aldwych is only the Radio!! There is no TV there!!
My wife had it all figured and she now knew that this was a scam (her alcohol smelling breath and trashy look did not help her either..) and she asks me what i think. I reply that i am not really interested. My wife then asks her to show references and she replies that she does not really have any just the money given by our neighbors . Indeed, she had a couple of checks and cash in her hand. We then ask for a website and she gives us We both tell her thanks but no thanks, we don't want any subscription. She then asks if we want to donate just any money for her trip and she is just short of $14... Again my wife says show me references and I will give you money.. That is when Rachel suddenly looks at her watch and says:" OMG it is past 8pm! I should not be selling after that time. I will be here for another 3 days if you change your mind"
She left and right away my wife tells me it was a scam for sure because of the reasons mentioned above. I check the website, discover the scam and here I am typing this. My only regrets are that she actually stepped into my house and that I did not realize the scam when she was here because things would have ended differently...

Beware of this fraud!!

  • Po
    portlandresident Apr 20, 2009

    I heard the same story from two young kids selling magazine subscriptions today. I told them I wasn't interested and they looked at me like I was the devil!

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Prestige Sales USAFraud and cheating

Like many others around the country, I fell for the magazine scam. A young man approached me one day saying he was from the neighborhood and trying to earn money for a soccer trip overseas. Like some other reports I have just read his name was Jason and he had a brother in the Military over seas. This kid was good. Jason said that his mother is the lady walking two dogs around the neighborhood. I have seen the lady on several occassions, so I believed him. I bought two subscriptions, and he convinced me to buy two more for the men and women overseas. Jason said that I would receive & $98.00 dollars back in the mail from Barnes and Noble for buying the subscriptions. I haven't checked with Barnes and Noble to see if this is true. After reading the descriptions of the other 'Kids' selling magazines, I decided to check my checking account to see if the checks had gone through yet. They hadn't, so I promptly canceled the checks. It cost me $60.00, but saved me $239.00.


  • Vi
    Vince Apr 21, 2009

    Yes, I also fell for this scam of donating children's books/magazine subscriptions to fund a local 'college student' earning his way for an internship in Europe.

    The guy was clean cut and very personable. His family had allegedly recently moved to our neighborhood and mother could be seen every day running her black lab. Maybe I had seen her? Tons of people in our neighborhood walk/run their dogs--I don't pay that much attention to them. The young man supposedly attended the Univ of GA and was earning money to fund an internship in Europe through the university with the BBC (like many other reports filed)

    One of my own children wanted to do a study abroad program with the university he attended, so the story sounded plausible. The young man even said his professor would be following up by phone on each of his sales and gave me the professor's name!

    I agreed to fund some childrens books that were to be donated to a children's hospital in Atlanta. Yes, the hospital he named is a real one in Atl. I wrote a check.

    After he had left, I went to the web site on the receipt he gave me,, and was suspicious of that site. So I googled the company name and found all the complaints with the the stories being given the homeowners nearly identical, only the university he attended was different! One person in Texas gave a description of the young man with 'some acne and crooked front teeth', thin and not very tall, which matched the guy I had talked with! If it is the same person, he sure gets around. Anyhow, I stopped payment on my check that same night. I would rather pay the bank $30 than let this guy get away with his lies! This Prestige Sales clearing house may or may not be legitimate, but I am sure the 'salesman' I spoke with tells the same story to everyone, just changing the name of the college he attends depending on the area he is working.

    If this happens to you, just say you are not interested and goodbye. It is very sad that you can trust no one these days, and this is sad for the honest college students who truly do need to work just to pay for their education!

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  • Lu
    lucky I was on my toes Sep 24, 2009

    Thank goodness my radar went off... darling young lady..."parents lived on ___ Court, right around the corner... walk the two blond labs..don't I know them? Mom believes in hard work so she's doing this...goes to Ohio I a fan? ..raising $$ to go to Italy... have I been? ... Barnes & Noble is donating the books... books go to Cincinnati Children's Hospital... she will do errands for me because Mom says hard work is part of fitting into the world..."" I called the police - hope the stop her before some other soft hearted neighbor succumbs to her charm!

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  • To
    too nice Oct 04, 2009

    It was a bunch of lies...

    A young man came to our door introducing himself as Tim Hughes, a 19 year old attending University of Kentucky and on the soccer team. He claimed that the soccer team was promoting the sale of some books that would be donated to Children’s' Hospital (located in Cincinnati, Ohio). He said he lived in the neighborhood and that we probably had seen his mom walking their dog, a brown lab.

    He showed us a laminated foldout of various children’s books that we could chose from. He mentioned that our neighbors had purchased certain ones so we might want to select some of the other books so the hospital would receive a variety. He showed us checks that our neighbors had written to purchase books and even mentioned the names of all of our surrounding neighbors and said they had purchased the books. He said the books were $55 each, $40 + a $15 processing service charge. He said he had four books left to sell to make his quota to earn the Hawaii trip so he could go with the soccer team. He was a clean cut kid and mentioned my son’s name and acted like he new him. We ended up purchasing 2 books and writing 2 checks each for $55. He indicated could get more “points” if we purchased each book separately.

    His cell phone rang while he was in our kitchen and he said it was his dad, checking up to see when he was going to get home since his mom had dinner waiting. We had just finished dinner and there was a left over egg roll sitting on the counter. He asked if he could have it since he wasn’t too fond of him mom’s meat loaf. I thought it was a funny thing to ask, but we let him eat it.

    I asked him which house he lived in and he gave me the address and the names of his parents which I wrote down. He said I should be sure to send our son (he called him by name) to see his mom when he was selling stuff for football. After he left, I called one of my neighbors whom he had shown me their checks. They said yes that they had enjoyed talking with the young man and purchased two books for Children’s Hospital. He had told my neighbor that his mom worked at Children’s Hospital, the same hospital where my neighbor had also worked a couple of years earlier.

    Later, when I talked to one of my other neighbors, she said she was not able to purchase any books, but “Tim” had told us otherwise. I became suspicious and began to do some internet research on the company and found scams were I learned that the same tactics and similar stories had been told to other folks. I also looked up the address he told me that he lived at and found that he did not live there. After telling my other neighbor that had purchased books from him, she went to the house that he had given me the address for and talked to them and found out that he did not live there and never did.

    We now had confirmed that we had been lied to and virtually been scammed and that this was fraud. Our checks had not cleared our bank and we have placed a “stop payment” on them for which there is a fee to do so. But since this person told me his name was Tim Hughes and I found out later that he told my neighbors that his name was Matt, we are not sure who he is. This company only has a PO Box and we cannot find a phone number to it’s nearly impossible to cancel the order within 3 business days as it states on the back of the receipt and hope you get your money back. I will be sending them a letter with the receipts. return receipt requested!

    We called our local police to report it, but they said that they cannot do anything without contact information.

    Don't fall for it. Apparently they all lie with similar stories.

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Prestige Sales USAAwful place

A young man, using the name of Tim, said he was a senior at Ladue High School, in the Naval ROTC, with a 4.0 grade point average. He asked us to buy two books which would be given to needy children. He was doing it so he could go to London, He said that half of the cost would be repaid by Barnes & Noble bookstore. They would use the address on my check for the mailing address.

He said that in exchange for doing this he would wash our windows after church on Sunday, today. When he did not show up, I became suspicious. I checked the company name through Google and found your web site.

I plan on stopping payment on my check the first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Do
    don't fall for this May 07, 2009

    O.K... I cannot believe what a scam this is! Here is my story that happened to me 30 minutes ago. Ding-dong, my door bell rings. Two young girls who said they were 20 and 21 are selling mag. subscriptions and books to kids in the hospital. They went to "Chapel HIll" in broadcasting school and were studying abroad in London, which is why thery were raising money. (umm.. o.k.) I wrote a check for $98.00, which I canceled... while they were asking me if I knew any of my neighbors, I call my friend who lives 6 houses down the street. He writes them a check for almost 170.00...
    THey had to take off because one of the girls dads was taking them to lunch...yes, at 3:00. I called one of my friends and told him what I just did. Now, I just lost my job 1 1/2 weeks ago, so my goal is to quit depleating my bank account. But I was such a sucker for this. My friend laughed so hard when I told him what I did, (he knew I just got scammed). After talking to his business partner, telling me the same thing, I cancelled my check and told my $170. 00 to do the same. I am not an idiot, but I sure feel like one now!!!

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  • Mr
    mrsquigles May 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here's how it would have worked for me:
    Me: Hey, what's up?
    Kid: blah blah blah so I can go to London
    Me: What do I care if you go to London?
    Door slams

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  • Th
    Thurston Nov 05, 2009

    I have the same story - nice young man approached my husband said he was with the UF Golf Team and they were doing a joint charity drive with Wolfsons Children Hospital and Barnes and Noble to obtain books for the children's library - thanks to your site we now know we were taken in by a scam - thanks for being out on the web.

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  • Ci
    city girl 2 Nov 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nov 25 2009 Today I received a book I ordered on October 7. The book is very overpriced, but I did receive a book. Actually I had instructed them to send the book directly to a Children's hospital, but I will give it to a Christmas collection myself.

    The book was $34. (Worth about $15 max.) Service charge an additional $15. (The cheapest they had.)

    I have no problem helping the young man who came to my door. I think a trip to England is good education. Even if he doesn't get the trip, he's earned something. Jobs are hard to find. Door to door sales is out of fashion these days but I don't have a problem with it. He did show me some sort of municipal permit. I have no idea if it was an actual permit or not. He also said he was my neighbor--I don't know if he meant the next block or in a global sense. I'm not sure why that would matter.

    One more thing--the book I received is not what I ordered. I ordered Disney Villans and received Disney Princess.

    All in all I probably got taken a little, but perhaps I helped the guy some, too. I can live with that.

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  • Do
    Don Girl Dec 14, 2009

    I also had the same experience as City Girl 2. got the one book that was way over charged, not worth that much, but i did get the book. The guy CLAIMED to be someones son in the housing complex (i was new here and had no clue who he was) my bf has lived here his whole life, i ordered a book before he came home, and when he got home i told him about it and he told me he had no clue who the guy was (told him who his mom was and everything!) its a rip off, i bet these kids arent even going to college.

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Prestige Sales USA — door-to-door book/magazines sales scam

Well, I hate to admit it but I just got scammed! I was already distracted by trying to care for my severely...

Prestige Sales USAsalesman lied, tried to cancel and can't get any response from Prestige Sales

The salesman that visited our home said that I would be receiving a follow up call from his Boss to be sure he had conducted himself in a professional manner, that never happened. He also said that his Mother was going to make baked goods ( cannolis) for anyone that had helped him out by purchasing these books, that never happened. I tried to cancel my order by mailing a written request to Prestige within three business days as they state that is their cancellation policy on their website, no response. Wrote two emails to Prestige via their website regarding request to cancel my order, no response. I'm sorry I didn't trust my gut instinct about this LIAR!! I will continue to pursue my refund and maybe legal action.

  • Sh
    Sherry Knott Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They got me for $98 cash last night. I'm sure I won't get my $49 refund that they promised and I'm sure no autistic kids will ever see those books I bought. I should have trusted my gut instinct too.

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  • Ca
    Carissa Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the exact same thing happened to me, same thing with the mother and now im out a lot of money...what can we do about it?

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  • Ge
    Georgiann Donovan Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A very well dressed. polite young man conned us in exactly the same way. Said the money was going to pay for his trip to London to perform in a high school play going over there early next year. Promised to come back and wash our windows "after church" the next day. It all sounded very unreal, but this kid was a GOOd talker and you just felt compelled to help him. When no one showed up to wash our windows, we checked on the internet and discovered it was all a scam. We stopped payment on our check first thing Monday morning. The sad part is, some crooked con men are tainting young kids who could easily follow a straight path to success. Can't these crooks be stopped????

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  • An
    Andrea Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm shocked I was taken in by these thieves! They have the gall to use our troops in Iraq to sell magazine subscriptions and pretend they are a neighborhood kid. Absolutely disgusting.

    I urge anyone who has dealt with these con artists to report it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Also, go to their website and send them a complaint every day. I have reported it to my state's attorney general and I am investigating other places to report them to. The Better Business Bureau pops to mind.

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  • Le
    Leslie May 09, 2009

    My 84 year old Dad just got scammed clean cut guy said he was his neighbors son. My Dad did not know his neighbor that well and did not know he did not have a son. scammed for $40. Sad thing is my Dad had seen this on the news in our town the week before but these kids are slick they use neighbors names.

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