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PMD Furniture DirectScam and lies

I recently heard a recorded conference call. The topic FA. Joe Armetta was the speaker. I have never heard someone talk so much about nothing. It was a painful 60 min. recording.

Joe and Jeff please note I am a Top Ten Dealer. I am very busy. I don't have time to listen to Mr. Royal Heritage Joe Armetta run on at the mouth. What ever Joe Armetta is selling I'm not buying.

I've been reading these posts. I know some of the people who are doing the posting. Many of them are top 20 dealers. For the most part everyone agrees with the majority of the posts. They are very factual and reflect peoples actual feelings.

The facts are undeniable and the numbers do not lie.

Someone at PMD needs to give the dealer base an explanation for PMD's attrition problems. This explanation should include a remedy.

Everything else is just talk.

PMD Furniture DirectManagement

I've heard through inside sources that Joe Armetta's termination will be announced before the next conference. Most likely Jeff will hire someone outside the company who actually has executive experience and a proven track record.

Most of the dealers and managers believed Joe Armetta was in over his head. Jeff is expected to accept some of the responsibility for this firing at the opening speech in MN.

I feel this is positive news. From the very beginning I have felt PMD has unlimited potential. With the termination of Joe Armetta PMD management has shown they are willing to make the proactive decisions needed to remain the dominant player in their space.

  • Fo
    former dealer of PMD Oct 01, 2009

    As a current dealer, the issues of the last year are so overwhelming it’s hard to face the reality of the company’s direction. I am a mid level dealer and hope to be bigger some day but the actions of management and the new agreement just seems to make it not worth the fight. I don’t think I can sign the Franchise agreement and have been told that will probably not be in my best interests long term. Unfortunately the new agreement is not in anyone’s best interest. I’m just wondering and have some basic questions?

    1) What could have made you screw up this company so bad? Are your legal issues that bad that you would change everything that you did for the last ten years?
    2) Why did the past PMD disappear and you hide its performance in your disclosure documents? When I was recruited you made it sound special.
    3) Were the past performance indicators so inaccurate that they had to be wiped off the face of the earth so that no one could ever know the lies?
    4) You started to talk about the move to a franchise in late 2007. Why, and is it really the opportunity that you are trying to make it or is it just more of the same. I looked at the new website and it’s the same as Power Marketing Direct was no new benefits that I can see. Just a lot of new pictures and no new benefits that I can see.
    5) How could you convince anyone to sign up for this Franchise Opportunity without providing statistical analyses of the business and removing the ridiculous requirements.
    6) Successful company’s become Franchise’s and highlight how they started and where they were in development. PMD makes believe the past never existed except for the 70 dealers that were running the program and might be signing up.
    7) What makes you believe that you will be able to sell this opportunity without the support and critical mass of the existing dealer base to sell the program?
    8) Why would anyone want to sign a more restrictive agreement with the management and ownership of this company given the feelings of distrust at the dealer level?
    9) The company was built on weekly competitive results that created a buzz or hype and stimulated business and stoked the competitive juices. No reports, no tabs and no success stories and the company seems like it is dying. Weekly sales are lower than ever.
    10) You claim that the outsiders are causing the problems but you have not offered solutions or answers to very specific claims and circumstances that most dealers believe are accurate and true.
    11) We have a legal contract but have been told by managers that PMD doesn’t want dealers who don’t sign the Franchise agreement. Is that legal?
    12) Why doesn’t Jeff like to communicate and talk to the dealers person to person so that maybe he can do a better job of explaining his vision?
    13) Do you really believe that the dealer care about the Retailer of the Year award when they look at the problems associated with their personal business?
    14) Does anyone care that the company’s business is so bad and doesn’t have any chance of recovering this year?
    15) If the marriage between PMD and licensee’s is over why prolong the agony on both sides?
    16) I am not interested in the Franchise as it has been presented. What am I missing and what will change for the better in the future?

    Rather than posting the Retailer of the Year article take the time and answer the questions. The award is meaningless and it doesn't matter if you made the company and its performance disappear. If this is not the right forum tell me when I can expect the response to my email address. I think the info would be good for everyone.

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PMD Furniture DirectFacts

Like any company PMD has some positive and negative factors.
The business model is fairly simple and the marketing scheme is unique. The staff at the home office are well intentioned and have the best interests of the dealers success.
The CEO Jeff Hosking is a good businessman, but has a bulldog mentality regarding his dealers.
The CMO Joe Armetta is also a good businessman but, is very focused on self promotion, has trouble being truthful and lacks loyalty from his peers.
Joe also crosses the line regarding his influence within the company. He gets kickbacks from his involvement the dealers credit card processing and advertising. When Joe was a dealer himself he was allowed to purchase discounted product used at trade shows thus inflating his stats.
Another unfortunate fact is PMD's mark up on product grossly exceeds the claimed 16-20%. Manufacture discounts and incentives never reach the dealers.
The dealers attrition is not disclosed to prospective new dealers. Over the last ten years PMD has gone thru hundreds of dealers. Their business today is supported by only 40 productive dealers. Half of which are responlible for the majority half of fwhich are compensated managers.
Good luck and do your homework.

PMD Furniture DirectLiars, Cheaters, and Stealers, Oh My!

This company is the biggest scam in the industry. You are required to purchase a "franchise" at a ridiculous up front cost between $15, 000 - $30, 000, then required to purchase all merchandise through them at a 30-50% mark up fropm what they buy it for. When your furniture is delivered the price lists have to be blacked out because they are raping their own dealers so hard that if they saw the prices they would feel scammed. I saw those prices. What I was being charged $957 for was costing my company, the company I entrusted my livelihood and family with, less than $600. They teach you their formula for calculating and quoting retail costs to your customers, which is your cost x 5. You then tell your customers that the clearance price is cost x2.5, "but if you get it today I might can do a little better than that".

The founder of the company is a bulldog crook who stole all the ideas for his company and called them his own, and one that will undoubtedly be penniless and friendless in the not too distant future. His right hand man is a failed Wall Street greaseball that is the in person definition of Human Slime. These people steal, lie, and distort the reality of your business, and set you up to fail from the minute you buy in. You are encouraged to but into every product line they offer, all purchased on your dime, with no discounts provided even for your samples, and they rob all of your assets by doing so. It doesn't matter to them, as they would just as soon see you fail, have you go out of business with a warehouse full of furniture you purchased from them essentially at retail prices, and get you out of the way to recruit and place another sucker in your spot in your city. If you do exactly what I just said, you will have donated $25, 000 to start your business, then will purchase about $100, 000 worth of goods from them, and will go extinct in business because you can't move any of their crap. That same furniture set I used as an example in paragraph one would sell at BIG LOTS for $995, $38 more than what I purchased it for through my parent company.

All in all, they have successfully lured a lot of talented and good hearted people to work for them, from the front office to the dealer base. The front office people just have jobs, and they have to look past what is being done to the dealers. The dealers are the ones who are ultimately suckered and stolen from. They are treated with little to no regard once they have ponied up their entry fee, and like I said, they would just as soon see you go down and bankrupt than to succeed, because then they can begin the scam again in that territory with a new gullible person who is looking for an honest way to support their families. Any dealer that comes on here and objects to this statement only does so because they are so deep into the company by this time that they feel they have to defend it, if for nothing more than to make themselves feel better about the poor vocational error they have made. I sympathize with you and liked almost all of you that I worked with, with the exception of that horrific yak from Baton Rouge. I made the same mistake, and got out in time to salvage some of my losses. Some is the key word in that last sentence. I lost my ###, just like almost everyone that has ever attempted to make this crooked business model fly.

The owner of the company is a villainous slug who cares about no one but himself. This includes the greaseball front man failed Wall Street pinhead, and all the snowed over managers that go out and perpetuate his lies and trickery. He would throw any of them into the fire to save himself, or even his ugly dog, who probably doesn't even care for him, either.


  • Br
    BRIAN LOGAN Apr 01, 2009


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PMD Furniture DirectPMD and you

I began my PMD business in September of 2003. Previous to PMD, I had a career in the plastic packaging industry with a Fortune 500 company as a regional sales manager. My job required travel, a lot of it. I was on the road 2-3 nights per week. With a wife and three young children at home, I wanted to find something that would allow me to be home every night. I also wanted a challenge and an opportunity that would allow me to reach my financial goals.

I feel very fortunate that I found PMD. I had no experience in the furniture industry. I soon found out experience was not necessary. PMD has a program in place that, if followed correctly, people with any background can succeed at. I now own a small business that is thriving. PMD has since developed several new programs that have allowed me to exceed my expectations.

The most important thing is that I am home more often with my family!

  • Da
    DaveInMontana Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After a 17 year run and an extremely successful career as SVP of Development with Blockbuster Inc., I knew it was time for a change. I didn’t want another corporate position in another big city, working for another big company. I wanted to live where I chose, to be my own boss, and to have the opportunity to live the lifestyle I was accustomed to while having the time to enjoy life with my family. PMD has given me all of that and more! Just one year into this opportunity and I am fully capitalized, inventoried and merchandised with no debt on the business. All I can say is that if I had known about this opportunity before, our family would have made it back to the "Last Best Place" Montana, years earlier!

    David R. in Helena

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  • Th
    Theron Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been with PMD for close to five years -three of which have been as a dealer. This business has afforded me the opportunity to have my wife not have to work and to be able to stay at home with the kids.

    I’ve earned a number of great vacations with my wife that I never would have taken otherwise. The opportunity to grow your business just keeps getting better every year. The entire management structure is there to help one succeed, if that is your goal.

    While the organization is full of motivated, successful, goal-oriented people, they seem more interested in seeing others succeed than in competing with each other as often happens in other organizations.

    I have increased my net worth about $425K in three years, not to mention the yearly income. It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of this industry and to see the new ground PMD gains every year.

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  • Gu
    Guest 123 Sep 05, 2009

    Over 400 Failed Dealers in 10 Years - Only 65 dealers in business today
    Check out
    for comments by current and ex-dealers -- find out for yourself - these are very bad people...

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PMD Furniture DirectTerrible experience

I love the opportunity I have been given. I was running a 300 person manufacturing plant, dealing with upper management at my own company and the leaders of automotive manufacturers we supplied. I thought I liked what I did because it was a lot of responsibility and paid well, but, I had no freedom. I realized I needed a change when I could not make my son’s games or school plays. That’s when I fell into the PMD opportunity. I’ve been in the business 2.5 years. I have more freedom than I’ve ever had. I enjoy what I do more than I ever have. And, I make more money than I ever had.

I don’t have a job; I have a piece of the American Dream. I get to go to work and help people find a product that’s going to make their life better and I can provide that product at a great value to them. It’s not easy - but nothing worth doing ever is and I never miss my son’s games anymore.

PMD Furniture DirectMy take on PMD Furniture Direct

The opportunity I have with PMD is the most exciting, rewarding, and profitable I have seen in 35 years in business. I have owned two other businesses in that time, and this has been profitable since day one. Four years later, the opportunity looks better now than it did at first. I would urge anyone considering a change of career to get on board now, as you can still get in on the ground floor of an exciting business opportunity.

PMD Furniture DirectAnother dealer speaks out

I have worked over 25 years building businesses and wealth for others. As is typical in the corporate world, great rewards and wealth were offered by former employers, but in the end, promises were left unfulfilled. They got wealthy and I had a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

I admit I was skeptical at first and failed miserably my 1st year in the business. I was one of those guys who had a better way of doing things and wasn't totally committed to the PMD process and system. However, PMD was serious about their commitment to my success. They provided the system, training and support that allowed me to concentrate my efforts on becoming very profitable.

After 5 years in the business, 1 year being a complete idiot and 4 years of hard work, I have developed a business that generates income for me in excess of $150, 000 per year. I have the piece of mind knowing that my business generates this income whether I am present or not I now have all the things I worked so hard for -time, freedom and financial security.

For me, the PMD opportunity came along just at the right time and was that once in a lifetime opportunity we all seek.

  • Te
    teacheskidsabc Aug 17, 2009

    Something tells me this franchise opportunity is going to just go away. I started looking over the FDD that was emailed to me recently and I just deleted it.

    The undeniable reality is that the more involved Joe Ametta has gotten the worse PMD has become.

    The company is financially on a downward spiral.

    PMD management and dealers don't trust/like you.

    Listening to you talk at conferences is painfully boring

    People resent the conflict of interest. Credit Card/Pennysaver.

    The list goes on...

    The thing that concerns me the most is that Jeff put's up with you. There must be something else going on? The numbers don't lie. The fact are undeniable. No one is able or wants to come to your aid. Even your brother has expressed serious reservations regarding you. In fact I am pretty sure JA will not be involved with PMD in 2010.

    When the Dealer Association presents it's "recommendations" for the betterment of the company. One of the first action items will be to terminate you. The Dealer Association will want an explanation of why things were allowed to deteriorate exponentially during your involvement with PMD.

    The problems you bring to the table are painfully obvious. People want solutions.

    I know this is a forum to discuss the FA. However this is a package deal and Joe Armetta is part of the package

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  • Te
    teacheskidsabc Aug 17, 2009

    Tim L….Remember him? .

    Tim got into trouble with Jeff. Initially it was because was helping a dealer negotiate a lease. In doing so Tim was going to make a commission. As a mgr. Tim violated company policy because of the conflict of interest.

    Joe Armetta makes money off dealers with his “Buyers Club” by selling them advertising.

    Several dealers have left PMD after finding out Joe was overcharging them for their advertising. Two of these dealers where Rookies of the Year. Both of these dealers did over 700K their first year in the business. That is a lot of lost revenue for PMD.

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PMD Furniture DirectWhen I joined PMD, I had no idea...

When I joined PMD 6 years ago, I had no idea that it would be such a phenomenal opportunity. To watch the rate of growth within the company has been truly amazing. I love the people that are involved in PMD. Everyone from home office to the management staff to other dealers everyone is always ready to help one another. I think that is really unique in the corporate world. I feel that I have a piece of the American Dream. I am in business for myself, yet, not by myself. I love the freedom of owning my own business, but still having a proven program that works. The PMD opportunity allows a dealer to gain financial freedom and still have quality of life. I love this business.

PMD Furniture DirectPMD treated me like this.

After my first year in business, I am astonished how working this simple business model on a daily basis pays off in a HUGE way. By following the program to its entirety during my first year, I accomplished what I initially projected would take me several years. It’s the only business that I know that will allow an ordinary person with ordinary income, education and experience to create an extraordinary income during the first year with an extremely small risk.

  • Je
    jeff hoskings Jan 27, 2009

    Whatta bunch of crap. 3/4 of those who became dealers over the life of this company's existence are gone...wonder why?

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PMD Furniture DirectTerrible company

PMD is the biggest BS bait n switch business model. I invested everything I owned and lost it all due to the fat "geof haskie" This fat *** makes 30 % on everyone's purchases. What a greedy [censored]. All of the people who have made positive remarks about the company are upper management and were required to do so. This company will get what they deserve. There mattresses all suck and are over priced. If the current dealers really new how much beds cost...

Thanks pmd!

I now sleep on my crazy quilt mattress. This company ruined my life!

  • Ji
    Jim Jones Aug 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You sound like a whiny POS, broseph.

    BTW have a glass of this awesome koolaide.

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  • Ex
    Ex-Dealer and actual customer Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    PMD is a true complete SCAM. Their so call dealer base has been declining each and every year but some how they continue to SCAm others on signing up and charging them a crazy $30, 000 to $35, 000 dealer fee what gets you nothing. They claim they are selling you items that you can not even come close to in price which is a complete lie. you are actually paying 25-35% more then your actual competitors. The Royal heritage name is a made up phony name trying to hide the real product and if you google Royal heritage, you will read all the negative feedbacks from the public on how much of a piece of junk product it really is.

    Ask them why has all their so call top dealers have been leaving them plus why has their own vice-president of the company who was part of the originators no longer with them. Bert Harbin... HMMMMMMM If you ask various questions then they tell you to just shut up or they will pull your so call dealer liscense and then literally sue you. Very typical if the company is a true SCAM. You can actually go to Franklin County's court system and see for yourself with all their law suits they have had and tons more pending.

    A true BAIT and SWITCH Company. They claim they are selling over stock and close out items. From my understanding and over stock or close out item is only available till they are all gone. WELL, they are never all gone because they are made to order, just like any other manufacturer for all other products you buy in a store, except you don't get LIED to and SCAMMED with their phony phone script. And if their is a true warranty, all real manufacturers honor their warranties, how ever if you bought something with a Royal heritage tag and that so call dealer is no longer around, your warranty is voided. HMMMMM Again, something is very wrong with that. And if you call the Royal heritage number which is actually the PMD office and claim to speak with a manager, they will just completely lie to you and tell you that they do not honor any warranty if the dealer is not their or if the dealer is no longer part of them that the dealer is responsible. LOL. Another words, they refuse to honor their own products because they know it is a piece of JUNK.

    They will claim that they have 100 dealers around, probally even less now but they never inform you that over 300 plus dealers have failed. Again, pretty strange on those numbers wouldn't you say. Less then a 25% of the actual dealers are around and 20-25 of them are their actual managers which have been forced to make a positive statement about PMD. Again, most of their so call amangers are also no longer dealers because the only one that profits from this SCAM is PMD itself. jeff hoskins and his but kissing buddy joe armetta.

    I'm suprised that all the old dealers has yet come together and file a class action law suit again PMD, Jeff Hoskins and Joe armetta. HMMMMMMM

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