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Platinum Motor CarsSold a misrepresented, unsafe car

My boyfriend and I came here after finding this dealership on Craigslist as we were interested in a VW SUV they had for a reasonable price. The co-owner Raul pressured my boyfriend to pay cash for some reason; we wouldn't oblige, as it was very shady. The check engine light and ABS light came on immediately after pulling away. Scary. I notified the dealer right away and he told me not to worry and to get in touch with him on Monday, (this was a Saturday). Very unsatisfied with the answer, I contacted my boyfriend. The next day, I went to a mechanic shop to get a print out diagnostic and was told my two front tires were dangerously bald and needed replacing. The dealer said he would replace them, and we demanded they be new tires. He actually asked my boyfriend to split the cost of the tires which he tastefully declined. The left side mirror was also totally cracked. Many mechanics and two VW dealership diagnostic tests later, (coming up to close to 400$ just in diagnostic) it was determined that this car is unsafe to drive.
Serious problems with the ABS computer which needs a total replacement, the ABS hydraulic vacuum is cracked and leaking, ($1500 to repair) the catalytic converters both need replacing (over $2, 000 to replace for both). When informing the dealer he had absolutely nothing to say and refused our demands of him taking the car back and giving us the 2, 000$ deposit we put down. We have spent close to 600$ in diagnostic tests and two sets of used tires just to keep the car safe - for now. The VW mechanics have deemed this car " unsafe to drive". Raul is dishonest, a liar, and a crooked "businessman". He did not have the car inspected by a proper mechanic, didn't mention the error lights were on, that the mirror was broken, or the two front tires were bald. Instead of initially putting the money in the fix the vehicle to make it properly running to resale at an adjusted price, he put not work into the car and let a young female drive away in an dangerous car who's braking systems are failing, in turn, wasting through the treads on the tires in a never ending vicious cycle. He still refuses to take the car back, I've had to report him to the Better Business Bureau and the lending bank to force a return. Unacceptable. Do your self a favor and don't deal with this ghetto dealership, you'll get ripped off and no help to fix it. DO NOT BUY FROM RAUL OF PLATINUM MOTOR CARS. We have hired a lawyer to deal with this issue. Save yourself the rip off, aggravation and money

Platinum Motor Carscar sale

This guy (Josh Robinson )=owner is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is a 1rst rate con man!! He advertised ultra dolled up pictures online and described the vehicle as if it were practically new. He told detailed stories about the condition and how the ehicle was owned by a older gentleman who collected these type of cars. The car arrived at my house in shambles, blown turbo, oil leaking out of every seal, bald dry rotted tires, bad ball joints ...the targa top was even glued shut ! This vehicle was in such ruff shape I would't allow my enemy to drive it! I called him he said "what did you expect? The car is 18 years old " and that if I had a problem I could call his lawer.

Resolved Platinum Motor CarsTerrible company

The proprietor, Josh Robinson and I exchanged emails and phone calls in which he confirmed that the selling price of a Mercedes Benz c280 would be $7, 000. I was further advised that the taxes and dealer charges would push to complete price to $7500. I was resident in CT at the time and was unaware that sales tax would have been payable in CT, though making the purchase in FL. After some of my FL friends viewed the vehicle and advised purchase, I mailed a certified check to Robinson for $7500 whereupon he promptly claimed it the entire amount as the selling price, claiming that this is what we agreed upon, and indicating that I would be required to pay the taxes in CT. AMAZINGLY, when I complained to the relevant section of the Florida DMV and they took the case (after several calls and remailing of all the documents which they LOST), they concluded that they had no way of proving that the copies of the e-mails I submitted that Robinson sent me, confirming the $7k price, were sent from Robinson. Evidently nobody in that office was computer-savvy. I eventually had to pay up another $400+ in taxes at the CT DMV, since I was unwilling to claim that I paid less for the vehicle than I did, as Robinson suggested I did, so as to recoup the $500 he stole from me.

Additionally, the ebay ad, promoting the sale of the Mercedes said 'everything works' and advised that the vehicle was in one accident. However, when the car was delivered, many of the electronic gadgets didn't work, including the stereo. Robinson lied to them that there was a minor disconnection which he would have sorted out when one of them came to take delivery of the car. It never happened. I had to replace the amplifier and the radio, and until now, the speaker cones are all rotted. I had to replace the sub-frame of the car because, according to my mechanic, the car was involved in TWO accidents and until now, it is not in proper alignment, and never can be.

I bought a piece of JUNK from this shyster. The statute of limitations have probably passed by now (the purchase was made in February 2005), but I thought it responsible to file this complaint to add to the awareness that my experience with this Josh Robinson was completely a crooked, dishonest, and rape-wearied one. I long to hear of his arrest and imprisonment.

I still drive this car, only in summer, since it dances all over the roads in snow at 10 MPH and over. Nobody will buy it, and I will not sell it without declaring its defects; it WILL kill the unsuspecting driver. I have spent as much on it to repair as I paid to buy it. I have a $14, 000 piece of JUNK, and Robinson knew it before he palmed it off to me.

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    ziggs70 Aug 27, 2008

    I just purchased a vehicle from this guy and the same thing happened to me. He explained the car was a two owner vehicle owned by an older gentlemen who collected these types of cars he said it had 75% tire life on the vehicle they are completely bald and rotted, he said the paint was beautiful and origanal it looks spraypainted and has huge key marks up the whole side of the car, the clutch is blown and the battery is dead it also smells like mold. I called him and tried to talk to him and he basically said too bad . I wouldn't ever recomend buying anything from this scammer (josh Robinson)

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