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Pass-Guaranteed.comcisco test questions

This company is a SCAM. They take your money, give your a download of incomplete questions, old questions from the previous exam, and questions that have empty graphics which do no allow you to see the router/switch configs oe logs.
This company is taking your money and providing outdated garbage.
Forget about the refund if you fail the exam. If you comp[lain and ask for a refund they will give you the runaround until your go away - same thing if you fail the exam and ask for a refund. this is a SCAM !!!

  • Updated by Julio999 · Sep 14, 2017

    This Company is a SCAM !!!

  • Updated by Julio999 · Sep 14, 2017

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  • Ke
    KevinStraddle Sep 18, 2017

    Seems many of these posts are written by the same person on mutiple sites. Clearly written by a competitor it seems as no order information is given in any of these posts. Same wording on mutiple posts and sites. Seems like a fake post and anybody these days it seems can type anything online without any repercussions. I have used PG in the past and still use them for my studies and I have not had any issue's with them. I prefer to use them then any other vendor and I have tried many. You have no order information in this post which most posts should have to prove you actually ordered a product. You just typed some wording that seems to be written by a competitor as most posts these days online are.

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  • Al
    Alexander Grimmes Sep 19, 2017

    Totally agree here. Used PG many of times and they are the only one's that at least provide explanations for their products. Will continue to use PG and the amount of other sites out there which all look the same btw is staggering. PG is different in a way as they have better diagrams and better explanations. Will continue to use them as I was a previous customer of another website which I will never use again. Seems PG has much better updated questions that cover the exam objectives better. Post does seem just like the other one's all over the internet. PG should go after these types of posts and hold them accountable and see where it is coming from.

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Pass-Guaranteed.comUpdated and latest capm - capm (Certified associate in project management) exam pdf

Hello, I purchase updated and latest capm - capm (Certified associate in project management) exam in pdff form on 08.02.2017, swreg order number: u7411543702, paid by credit card dinners club. During study of this test, I find several answer are not according to last updated version 5th but according to version 4th, it means answer were not updated. I received just answer which looks that what about other questions are they ok? And second answer was if customer is telling answers are wrong, customers is mostly wrong. I asked for refund, but no answer.

  • Je
    JerryHens May 05, 2017

    1st of all this is a fake post above. Order numbers from PG are not this long: u7411543702 2nd the way you are writing this post seems like all the other one's you wrote. Same style wording same grammar issue's. Same person... I have used PG for the capm exam and I have done very well with their help. Seems like a competitor posting this just like all other comments made these days online. Studies show 90% are from competitors or fake.

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Pass-Guaranteed.comunable to download my pdfs!

I have purchased two exam guides from After I paid I received a message saying that I will be able to download my guides in 24 hrs. Order was made three days ago and I am still unable to download anything! I wanted to call them, but could not find their phone number. This company is absolutely terrible! I really need those guides for to prepare for exam! I'm not giving up that easily and I will fight for my money! Please stay far away from this place. They will take your money and them they'll just disappear!

  • Je
    JerryHens May 05, 2017

    Did you ever think your credit card didn't go thru and it was flagged? If your purchase did not go thru your order wouldn't go thru. I have used PG and always got my purchase. Once again same person posting this as the rest...

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  • Al
    Alexander Grimmes Sep 19, 2017

    Visit their contact us page. They use to provide a number but don't from to many calls that had nothing to do with products. It states this on their contact us page.

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Pass-Guaranteed.comFailure to process refund

I purchased the 70-640 exam online and took the exam a month later. Not one of the real test questions even slightly resembled what I saw on the exam. I did very poorly on the test (416 out of 1000). I submitted my paperwork as required by and had my chat window hung up on by "Monica." when I asked for my refund. Stay away from these folks - probably some 3rd world country non-english speaking scam

  • Ru
    Runal May 13, 2013

    Hi, I have purchased "1Z0-465 - Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Essentials" on 13th May 2013 however when I tried downloading I was unable to download and after that it is giving me an error message stating that "We are sorry, but you have reached the download limit (10) for this guide." However I was unable to download even once. I would request if you look into this matter as soon as possible.

    Receipt No: 2805-0081-4260-4376
    Certificate: "1Z0-465 - Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service 2012 Essentials"
    Damage: 69 $

    Request if you can provide me the material or if not in that case refund the money.
    I have also raised there Service Request : 1350555, 1350616

    R Vakharia

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Pass-Guaranteed.comNon-Compliance with Refund Policy

I purchased the exam prep package for the Cisco 640-864 exam (CCDA) on 4.10.2012. The web site claims a money back guarantee if you don't pass the related exam within 180 days of ordering their material. I studied the exam, scoring in the 960 range (out of a possible score of 1000) consistently for two weeks. I took the exam 4.30.2012 and failed with a score of 708.
I contacted Vincent at the prep website ( via email that day, and scheduled another exam. I explained that there are some issues with the material: 1) Many misspellings & grammar errors. 2) Some inconsistencies in the answers. 3) And several repeat questions.

I studied the material again, again scoring consistently in the 960 range - then retook the exam on 5.07.2012 failing with a score of 760.

At that point I started emailing Vincent for either one of two things: Give me a refund, or vouchers for a retest. He said he would give me vouchers for a retest (which at this writing I still have not seen). He also stated he is working on a re-write of the material. After 3 weeks I received the re-write of the material.

The new material was better in that most of the spelling and grammar errors were gone, and they had added supporting information. HOWEVER, there were now many questions with different answers than the last set of questions. I asked Vincent about this and he questioned whether I was correct. At that point, I sent him an outline of ALL questions: 1) Had different answers than before. 2) Repeat questions. There were 21 questions in all, and out of them several were on the actual CCDA exam.

I've sent Vincent several emails asking for a full refund per their policy, I even made it easy and gave him a deadline - which he ignored.

Bottom line is this: The material I've seen is unprofessionally put together with many spelling and grammar errors. The first set of exam material did not come with support material to prove the answers - that only came after the 'update'. The support I've received has been less than stellar. I get a few emails a week, mostly with no substance, and I've yet to see a refund.

This company claims to be the best in the business (which is highly unlikely). If in fact, they think they are and want to stay in front of the pack - they are going to have to start performing as such.

Do not use this company unless you have in mind to blow your money. I can be reached - [protected] if you'd like to validate my information.

Pass-Guaranteed.comRefund Policy - SCAM did not honour their refund policy on the Linux exam questions I purchased!

On September 3th, 2009 I purchased the Linux exam questions for 117-102. I studied for 7 days using their testing engine. On September 10th, 2009 I went to do the exam and I failed. The test engine is not even closed of what the questions are. So, I decided to claim my refund according with their refund policy. After awaiting for about 1 week I got a respond from pass-guaranteed asking me for the information I was provided on one of my emails before. I got respond from them because I submit a claim through PAYPAL, otherwise you wont get a respond. So, I submitted again my transcript, and I have not received an Email about nothing, I even escalate the claim to PAYPAL, but PAYPAL don't care. Also, I published the transcript online so they can see or downloaded, I tough maybe they didn't get my email or they didn't get the PAYPAL emails and still not respond from them. Here is the copy of the RESOLUTION CENTER of PAYPAL about the Claim.

9/30/2009 00:22 EDT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.
9/30/2009 00:22 EDT - Buyer: Seller indicates on their website a ( a full refund. I have tried their product and I'm not satisfied. I'm claim my money back. I have provided the seller with all information they need, and I have not received any respond back.All information you need is on the dispute claim I opened early this month.
9/25/2009 18:11 EDT - Buyer: Since I haven't heard form you. I have create an online link so you can see the file or transcript, here is the link: (link not provide for security reasons). Please let me know the status of my refund
9/24/2009 12:10 EDT - Buyer: Yes, I have. On Sept. 20, I sent you an email with a copy of the scores (pdf file). Also, I copy the text of the email in one of the replies on this dispute (look for 9/20/2009 17:54 EDT). Everytning that you ask for is in there. If you want, I can upload the document online, so you can see the transcript and I sent you a link, if you claim that you haven't received (and you can downloaded from there).
9/24/2009 00:02 EDT - Seller: HI Camilo, Have you sent in your scanned transcript to [protected] Please also make sure you include the receipt id and transaction id for the purchase.

if you want more prove send me an email at [protected]

  • Du
    Duracell Oct 27, 2009

    I wonder why the President hasn't responded to the posting above????


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  • Je
    JerryHens May 05, 2017

    Why would they. Every post on this forum is fake and posted by the same person over and over. These boards are only here to make money on advertising...

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  • Al
    Alexander Grimmes Sep 19, 2017

    Agreed seems like this site complaintsboard is probably the one posting these so it brings hits to their advertising like most of these sites. Haven't had an issue with PG and yes I do see mutiple posts most likely done by the same person over and over.

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