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Parasol Properties Benidormno receipt when asked for

i asked for a receipt for monies payed and she sent e-mail to me refusing to do so
the receipt was for 5500 euros paid to her...i have e-mails with conversation we had about this.and she has admitted the money was giving to her.but she cannot tell me straight what for and totally refuses me a receipt.this money was for the landlord and
licenses i paid for and now have to pay again.totalling extra 4500 euros.
paula and gerry are ripping a lot of people off in belief they are getting legal things paid when they are not...she also refuses me a breakdown of this money 5500 euro..
i have not been long in spain and aint stupid .parasol ripped me off and I WILL SEE HER IN A PRISON CELL and i hope there are many out there that agree..
stephen nevison /BAR SILHOUETTE benidorm.

Parasol Properties BenidormThis is all sub-judice!

This board has been appropriated by a number of individuals - specifically Julia Grant, Bernard Stapleton and "Truth" and being used to personally attack people. This is all the subject of on-going court cases in the Courts of Benidorm and it is not fit that it is being discussed here. Please pull it down!!! You can contact me, Stuart Hepburn on [protected]