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Original KeylessDidn't ship in-stock item for 73 days. Refuses to refund.

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I ordered an item that was listed as in-stock and original keyless did not ship it for 73 days in violation of the federal trade commission mail and telephone order rule. I had thought the order was canceled because original keyless failed to respond to three separate emails, including 2 requests to cancel the order due to the shipping delay. I refused to accept delivery of the package and as of 7/2/2013 original keyless has refused/failed to issue a refund even though they are in possession of the merchandise.

If you have any correspondence with original keyless you will notice that they go to great lengths to avoid using the first or last name of a person. This includes their response to complaints filed with the better business bureau and arizona attorney general that were forwarded to me by the respective agencies. The person that picked up the package that was sent back to original keyless signed the delivery confirmation as james kozlowski. The better business bureau lists the principal as "mr. Doug vanpatten".

The better business bureau closed my complaint as unresolved determining that original keyless "... Has not adequately addressed the issues you presented or made a reasonable effort to resolve the dispute."

If you are a victim of original keyless please take the time to file a complaint with the arizona attorney general. While you're at it head over to the ftc website and copy/paste your complaint there too. They will only be stopped if enough people complain. Also, dispute the charges with your credit card company. Of course the easiest course of action is to avoid doing business with original keyless.

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    Robert Jan 24, 2014

    I have had a similar experience with this business. They are not bashful about ripping people off!! Best thing to do is to NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ORIGINAL KEYLESS!!!

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Original KeylessKey FOBS

Ordered two remote key FOBS for a Hyundai XG350L. The company posts that the FOBs are "new-like new-excellent condition". NO way...false advertisement!!! One button did not light up or function with the trunk on one of the FOBs. The other FOB the unlock button did not light or function not to mention the gouge that was taken out of the trunk release button (note pic). I was charged $116.23 for the two FOBs when returning I was only refunded $74.99. I have asked for an accounting of the difference and only received an email that included a link to their web page rules of return. I still can't figure out what I am being charged for. No problem...I'll just go back to my bank for a refund and file a complaint with the BBB. So DO NOT repeat DO NOT order anything from these people!!!


Original KeylessWrong Key - Restocking Fee

Even though I confirmed the remote would work with my year/make/model vehicle before ordering, they send me a well-used remote that does not even look like the one's the 2010 vehicles come with. Close, but not identical. Needless to say it would not work. Even the car dealer technicians tried with their computer, they told me flat out it is the wrong remote for my vehicle.

I send it back and Original Keyless credits my card back less 25% restocking, WTF? That is plain wrong, they sent me the wrong remote!

I'll let the credit card company gorillas have a go at these guys next.

Don't be fooled by "Original OEM" remote, likely you will get a used one.

Original KeylessYou took my money where is my key fob.

I am writing this complaint to show how bad this company really is, and to give advice to others with the same problems. I should have read the reviews before ordering, is probbally what everyone who deals with this company will be saying.

Here is the problem i had, and solved!

I ordered a keyless entry for my girlfriends cavalier off their web site. Everything seemed legit. I got an email with a tracking # for my order, and my card was debited. A few weeks passed and i did not recive the keyless. I called them, and wrote several e-mails to them asking when i should recive it. After much effort i got an e-mail which directed me to a page on there web site saying how long it might take. I then waited the 27 days or whatever it said, but still not keyless had arived, or had been shipped. I tried to contact them again, but failed. They would not respond at all.

I then took maters into my own hands. I reported them to the better bussiness bureau, with full details, and shipping #'s. This sounds like a joke, but it is for real!! It turns out they had already been investigated several times! In about a week after doing this, i then recieved a e-mail saying the order was shipped. I dont know what they did, but my keyless did finaly arive! Just very late.

To conclude the only way to deal with this ### company is to use the law to your advantage. The BBB obviously has some pull!

Original KeylessProduct Misrepresentation

Ordered a replacement remote. Selected an item from their listing. Item was listed as new/like new/excellent condition. The item arrived - it was dirty, cracked, heavily worn. Tried to obtain an exchange - must have been a mistake... Was emailed instructions to return for refund - ok - fine. Returned as instructed with my issues and seeking refund. They refunded 15% less than the purchase. Now they won't respond via email. Am I to assume it's ok to pay a re-storcking fee on a an item that was misrepresented to begin with - then include postage both ways. Terrible business practices.

Original KeylessScam and cheating

I ordered two automobile locking remotes from OriginalKeyless. After two weeks of waiting, a call and two emails I thought I had been ripped off. After reading several reports on this site where the people eventually received their remotes I decided to wait a month. After 3 1/2 weeks both remotes and programming instructions arrived. I had entered the wrong vehicle model year on my order for one of them and it did not work. Original Keyless allowed me to return the incorrect remote and after another two weeks the replacement arrived. Original Keyless is VERY slow by today's standard, but the product was worth the wait.

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    grafwick Jun 03, 2016

    DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!! I ordered a remote in Oct, 2010, was assured twice it was in shipping, finally cancelled the order three weeks later. In March, 2011, they shipped the remote. When I complained, they said to just refuse it from USPS, which I did. They billed my cc and when I disputed the payment, they sent a delivery receipt to my cc company signed by their own employee stating that I had received the remote. I then had to prove that THEY received the returned remote. Ridiculous!

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    pmrsed Jun 03, 2016

    I took the key you sent me for a Chrysler 300C to Huffines Chrysler dealership in Plano, TX
    and they said the key would not program. They also said the sticker on the back that they
    peeled off said JEEP! The dealership said the key would not program because it had bee used
    and it can only be programmed once. I returned the key for a exchange and haven't received
    a new key and it has been one month since I initiated my transaction. Don't use these crooks.

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Original Keylessdishonest crooks

As many others have posted, these guys (Original Keyless) are crooks.

Not only did I have the same problem reported by others, ordered product but then never shipped and non-responsive to emails, it gets much worse.

Finally after a month, they shipped my product, but one was the incorrect model car. I had already filed a credit card charge dispute, so I sent them a check for half the original amount and returned the wrong product.

Then AFTER they had cashed my check, they sent my letter to my credit card company and got the entire credit card payment reinstated!!! They ended getting paid triple their normal charge for one working remote. What dishonest thieves.

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    rebbecca Jul 19, 2009

    I also ordered a remote from and never received it. Kept getting emails, occasionally, but never received the remote. The crazy thing was I ordered a remote 2 years ago and did receive it, along with the programming paper and was able to program it, without any problems and use the remote to this day.

    I called my credit card, faxed them the information and within about 3 weeks, I did receive a credit for the missing remote.

    So, where can I get a remote for my 95 saab 900?

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Original Keyless — Terrible company

I ordered 2 keyless entry remotes in the beginning of May and have not received this order 1 month later. I e-mailed company and received a similar canned response that other...