Oak Express Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Oak Expressdinette

I payed around $1400 for a "solid" ash w/slate top dinette with 8 chairs, we have had it around 6 months already the leg has cracked and the wood running down the center of the table between slate pieces, has pieces of paint flaking off with the wood underneath being much lighter. So they either painted it, instead of staining it or it is not solid wood at all. We are very disappointed with the quality of the piece. I would recommend going to another store to purchase your furniture, Oak Express is not worth the inflated price for that cheap quality- go somewhere else.


Resolved Oak ExpressRip off

Bought an expensive King bed from Oak Express and new mattress from Denver Mattress Co. Had them delivered. Mattress did not fit bed and I mean by 8 inches on the length. When I called, I was told it was suppose to be this way. I verified with Denver that I did not have a california king mattress or something. Mattress was correct. I could not figure out what was wrong. Tried to use it, ended up cutting up pieces of wood to try to make mattress stay in place. Later had to exchange mattress cuz it was out of shape from sliding around. Denver delivers new mattress and guess what?? They cannot make it fit the bed and tell me that the bed I have is really screwed up. I tell them what has happened, they tell me that I need to push Oak Express to replace the bed. Notified Oak Express, I was told by their manager that they sell this bed to everyone this way as if this should solve my problem of mattress sliding all over. I guess she thought that misery loves company!! The manager informed me that I should have checked at the store to make sure that the mattress fit the bed. Shame on me to expect a king size mattress to fit a king size bed!!! Couldn't even get any support after going to Better Business Bureau!! Still living with the piece of junk, my niece bought a whole house full of furniture from them and the quality is garbage. She is pissed off too!!! Denver mattress however treated me with the utmost respect at all times and stood behind their products!! I would go there again and have!!