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I wanted to take a moment to post on this complaint board. I began doing research for my company this year around June of 2012. We were needing a new web team to help manage an online redemption site that had already been launched through another web team, but the customer service was terrible and we were never all on the same page. I began calling all over the place looking for someone to help.

I came across NewAge SMB, and Giovanni Livia's name. I gave him a call and he is a great salesman. I told him what I was looking for, where were at currently, and where we were looking to go in the immediate future with this project. Giovanni listened to all of my requests, and told me that he wanted to have a conference call with his team. We did so and began working from there.

I began researching NewAge SMB online. I stumbled across this complaint board, and will be honest was almost deterred from working with NewAge. However, I am a firm believer in going straight to the source. I brought the information I had found back to Giovanni, and he was able to tell me about the complaints listed on this board along with the background behind them. He even went a step further to give me references; ranging from new to seasoned clients that had used NewAge. I contacted each person both former and present users of NewAge, and they ALL had glowing reviews.

Needless to say, I went with my gut and hired NewAge SMB. It is now Dec of 2012, six months later, and NewAge has far exceeded my expectations. Giovanni calls to check in consistently on my satisfaction level. I also work with Aaron the main contact within the web team. He is also wonderful and is able to help me through IT issues. Our site is up and running faster and more efficiently because of NewAge. My company has also used NewAge for other projects we are working on. I would encourage others who are looking into NewAge SMB to do as I did, and you will not be disappointed.

In order to guarantee that this post is in fact real, please contact Giovanni, and let him know that you read my review on the complaint board he'll be able to point you in my direction. I'd be happy to be used as a reference for NewAge SMB.

NewAge SMBWill surely work with NewAge SMB again!!!!

“I would say these guys at NewAge SMB were very capable of adding innovation and transforming my ideas and requests into a perfect site. They are very capable of understanding your project and require minimal direction in regards to positioning, graphics, etc. They provide formal documentation and I would use them again. Always keep in mind to have your plans pinned down and ready to go as these guys work fast. I would surely keep NewAge SMB on top of my priority list”

NewAge SMBI'm happy to recommend NewAge SMB

“I can’t help say that NewAge SMB exceeded my expectations and over-delivered. They are fast, they follow direction, offer competitive prices, and frankly this may have been the best experience I've had working with someone on Elance as of yet. They have my highest recommendation.”

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    AshfordK Sep 17, 2010

    So why are you posting this "Positive Review!" on a complaint board?

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    Suzzy Orman Oct 02, 2011

    Because it's them trying to build up their reputation so they can steal from more people. AVOID NEWAGE SMB AT ALL COSTS!!! I have my attorney trying to find their business registration in New Jersey but has come up empty. They say they're based out of New Jersey but there's no company registration in New Jersey for them. Hm...I wonder why. Maybe because they're in India and the only one in New Jersey is Giovanni. What a crooked company!

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    Derek23523 Feb 25, 2020

    I would not recommend NEWAGE SMB to my worst enemy, they are scam artists and will steal your money!

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NewAge SMBVery good service

NewAge SMB has been working on my project for the last 4 months and I find them extremely professional in terms of quality of work, pricing, meeting turn around time and communication. All the payment schedules were conveniently fixed and I've got no complaints what so ever. I'd surely recommend them to my friends and use their services again. Good luck guys!!!


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    sunKwa Jan 22, 2011

    I have lost my job becasue of the ridiculous people in newage, I outsourced to new age and they havent deivered me any thing and i have to pay back to the client for the lose.I see that few employees who claim to be senoir who handles the project, they are really rookies who even dont know how to handle a project.The coordinator of the project is really a rookie.I am gonna sue those rookies who spoiled my business. I am not surprised why they lost there ISO, Totally out of standard.if I would have read this article before, i would have saved my ###

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