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National Processing DivisionHarassing Phone Calls at work

I have been receiving SEVERAL harassing phone calls at both my home # and work # from a man named Mark (mike) Brown he has a very thick indian accent so I am not sure. He will not tell me what the call is about just that they are going to file charges against me. This has been going on for serveral months off and on. I filed bankruptcy and have been instructed to have any debt collectors contact me attorney. When my attorney called they will not speak to them. They get very vulgar and start to scream and telling me they are going to press charges. I tell them to do it and disconnect the call. How do I get them to stop calling my place of employment? Enough is enough...I will file a lawsuit for harassment if this continues..The number I have been given is strictly to them and they will not provide an address of any sort. Please provide any information that you can to help me remedy this situation...

Resolved National Processing Divisionharrassing phone calls payday loans

I'm going thru the same problem like everyone else with National Processing Division. I been getting calls from this company since March 2009. They claimed that I borrowed money thru on line on March 12, 2007 and $300 was deposited into Sovereing Bank. I told them I no longer have that bank and I will be going there to get the information which I told them that my friends worked at that bank and I obtained all transactions from March 2007 and there are no internal transfer at all from any lending company on that date. I called [protected], [protected], [protected] (Crown Lending Company) are the same National Processing Division and all representative are very nasty with STRONG INDIAN ACCENT!- STEVEN JOHNSON, STEVEN ROBINSON, LISA JOHNSON ALL ARE VERY NASTY! - I asked them for a fax so I can fax proof of no such loans and they refused to listen and keep on disconnecting my call and they call my house again today 04/14/09 and when I call back LISA JOHNSON WAS VERY NASTY TOLD ME IF I DON'T WANT TO SETTLE THE ACCOUNT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO PROVIDE ME ANY BILL!!! I just want these people to leave me alone! I don't owe them anything! I do collection call every day I'm upset that they're not listening to me! They keep threatening to take me to court which I urged them to so I can present my documentation with JUdge that I never got any from these people. Its scary that they have all of my personal information, job, home tel# and address and company I worked for and everything including my social security number.

Resolved National Processing Divisionmoney scam

They scammed me out of a lot of money-620 dollars to be exact. I was intimidated because they caught me off-guard. Don't let it happen to you.

  • Ja
    JAC Apr 03, 2009

    They're trying to do the same to me. They've been making ominous phone calls about a fraud case I'm supposedly a part of and how if I don't take care of it, then they say that, "the burden of proof lies with you." Then they said that the affadavit was being filed and I'd not be allowed to get a lawyer and would have to represent myself. I told them that our justice system allows anyone to have a lawyer, that I was not a part of any fraud, and that I believed it was a scam. I also told them I'd report it to the authorities if they didn't leave me alone (they've been calling my cell phone number). So far, that threat hasn't worked as they're still calling me so I'm going to have to call the National Do Not Call Center or the Better Business Bureau or somebody.

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Resolved National Processing DivisionThey say that I owe them money.

A man with an Indian accent has been calling all day threatening me with legal action. He will not give me the name of the company that I owe this debt to, and he will not provide me with paperwork, which we asked him to fax. He just keeps screaming at us and repeatedly calling after I have asked him not to call.

  • Ev
    evelinda sulaiman Apr 14, 2009

    I'm the same experience from National Processing Division that I applied an On Line Pay Day Loan from Crown lending company on 03/12/2007. I never got any or borrowed any money from this company. I then went to the bank that they claimed that money was deposited into my account. I obtain all transactions on May 2007 and no one or I received any such transactions. I keep on receiving call from Steven Johnson, Steven Robinson, Lisa Johnson and they all have STRONG INDIAN ACCENT!!! tel#646-918-5212, 360-350-1994, 646-918-5119 are all nasty over the phone! I keep on requesting abill in writing and they refused to provide such information unless I agree to settle the $300 loan they claimed that I owe them. They threatened to contact my manager at my job and threaten to take me to court!!! I told them I will not be paying anything that I don't owe! Its scary how these people have my home#, including my social number and all of my personal information. Please let me know if you have any information so I can eliminate telephone harrasment from this company!

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Resolved National Processing Divisionthreatening phone calls

This company has called my cellphone several times a day and my work number. The man that calls has a very thick, probably Indian and has a VERY english name. They tell me that they have a very important business matter regarding the last 4 digits of my social security number and says what the numbers are. They threaten me saying that they are going to have the police department come to my work and arrest me if I did not pay what they wanted. When I ask to see proof of all of this, they either hang up on me or start yelling at me and won't give me any information. I want all of these calls to stop and just leave me alone. Please help, thank you

  • Br
    Brian Mar 28, 2009

    I have had the same 2 weeks ago, and after the first message on our answering machine, I called back and was surprised at the info they had. However, the account they claimed the money went into, was closed a month before the transaction so it was not possible. I told them that, and told them I would not give them any $ as they were common thieves and that I would sue them for fraud adn prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. They just got more confrontational and tried to trap me on tape saying "did you just threaten me saying you were going to kick my ###?" to which I resonded "no, you heard me, I said im gonna sue your ###, nice try!" He hung up. The next morning, the same message was left. 100% word for word from script so I clled back and told them that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act section 807 and 808 they need to provide proof of the det in writing no more than 5 days after the initial contact. I also asked for an address to send a debt validation letter (also required by law) no response, hangup, and no further contact...5 days. I filed a Fraud complaint against the phone # with the Federal Trade Comission, My Attorney Generals office, the ICCC. I filed a police report for ID theft since they had my SSN, bank info etc, I also called the credit bureaus and put a fraud alert on my credit. I STRONGLY urge everyone who has been contacted from them to do the same...I think they are outside the US, but the ICCC can take care of that, they need to be put away for all of the people they have stolen from...and from reading the posts on other sites, they have taken alot from people paniking thinking they are legit...

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  • Je
    je111 Apr 16, 2009

    I, too, am having the same problem with this company. They want me to pay $702 and just give them my debit card info over the phone. They are very nasty and have constantly called my workplace for two days. They have yelled in the phone at the receptionist and are very threatening. Can nothing be done to stop these people?

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  • Sh
    sharon May 01, 2009

    I too am going through the same thing. They have all of my information and say that I owe them a debt from May 2008. They scared the daylights out of me. I had a message on my phone from a guy with a very strong Indian accent stating he is Andrew collus, when I call back they say he is unavailable and I wind up talking to some women with a strong accent saying she is Kathy Martin. She tells me I have an unpaid loan and that I owe 1095.00. I have never had a loan for that amount. She states if I don't pay she will have 2 officers there in the morning to take me to jail. I tell her I don't have that much money and she says well you will have fun in jail. I ask her who she works for she says all I need to know is a law firm and starts yelling that I am going to jail. I then ask for a copy of the debt...she again says if I want that info I can get it when I am drug to jail. I ask her what court sytem she is going through she says the same again.She then tells me I need to write a contract stating that I will pay in 2 installments, have it notorized and fax it to her. She then asks for my cc info. I never fax her anything so she keeps leaving threatening messages on my cell. I call back with a witness present and they claim she is not there although she just left a message for me 3 minutes prior. I wind up talking to another guy with the same accent claiming to be Brian Smith. Her is also very rude and yelling. I explain to him SC law says you cannot threaten me and he continues to do so anyway. I tell him if I have a debt I am willing to pay it just send a copy of the contract and amount owed and I will give it to my attorney and we will get it taken care of, at this point he hangs up. I am tired of these people to. I have no idea how to handle it from here. Oh and FYI they say the person I owe is National Payday Loan.

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  • An
    annabanana08 Aug 07, 2011

    i am having the same problems now at first it was calls coming from new york and now they are coming from california. which is so weird seein as how i am from alabama. but its a huge scam and i begining to wonder if it a scam to support iraq furnishing them money or something. i dont know what to say to do about it i have no clue

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  • He
    Help ! Jun 24, 2014

    I just received an email from Andrew Collins <[email protected]>. The guy can't even write in English!
    Threatening me, my reputation, my clients and my employer. Contacting the attorney NOW!

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Resolved National Processing DivisionHarassing phone call

I received a call from a amn saying that was From the National Processing Division and I was going to be downloaded into the court system and arrested tomorrow. He said I was being sued by a company sonic-net. I asked when did iI borrow money and he transferred me to his supervisor, Scott Miller, a man with a very strong Indian accent. I told him I did not borrow any money and he began to scream at me. What do I do next?

National Processing Division — Harassing Phone Calls

I just received a call from a man stating that he was from the National Processing Division and that I wa...