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Bought a studio flat in Bansco Bulgaria for nearly 70, 000 Euros from MRI construction. Promised mortgage by Capital Financial Partners, never given. Lawyers Legal independence along with MRI and CFP all working together and not independent as promised. Contract totally one-sided. Tried changing clause in contract will not allow it. Risk losing 35, 000 Euros plus nearly 6000 Euros for furniture which they are refusing to refund. Making false claims and telling lies. A lot of people affected. Property highly overvalued facilities promised not yet built. We have contacted an MEP.

MRI ConstructionAspen Developments Bulgaria

Trying to contact as many people as possible who have invested in Aspen Developments in Bulgaria and Aspen Heights in particular.

Met with MRI to discuss 'my options' - I have so far invested approx 50, 000 Euros and owe an additional 37000. Like many others was VERBALLY sold a golf apartment in 4 star complex with spa, gym, shop, restaurant etc. Sadly the prelim contract only talks about the apartment itself.

Have spoken in person to other investors and everyone is being told different things. If you have invested in the Aspens please leave me a message through this site and I will contact you with my telephone number, email etc. I will be checking daily for responses.

In the last few days, I have spoken to about 6 other investors in Aspens and I hope to get enough people together to discuss options, concerns etc.

Personally think trying for refund is waste of time and money, in my view best option is to try to force completion of not just apartments but complex as well. Those I have spoken to so far are in agreement. But if you can convince me a refund is achievable would like to hear your point of view.

Think a court case could be won but this is not the same as getting your money back and would therefore be a hollow victory. But open to all suggestions.

Please don't just sit back and read these forums, do something about it before it is too late.


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    ANHONY Aug 21, 2009

    ... further to my posting of 15 minutes ago...meant to say...>

    MRI's demand for outstanding payments was made on the back of claims that they had been granted Protocol 15 (aka Act 15) and later Protocol 16 on the properties...I won't pretend to know exactly what these are, other than that they are some sort of Bulgarian official documents that signify that the properties have reached an agreed stage of compeltion... we have communications from MRI saying that 15 and 16 were granted, but haven't actually seen the official documents yet...we are suspicious and have asked the solicitors "Legal Independence" to obtain these for us...we live in hope that the comments posted by others, elsewhere on the web, questioning the independence of "Legal Independence" are without foundation...but our experience to date doesn't give us much confidence.

    I would encourage other investors to ask for copies of Article 15 and Article 16 documents relating to their developments...there are conditions in the contracts which would mean that MRI are in breach of contract if 15 and 16 are not granted within fixed timeframes.

    Let's all get together and fight this!!

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  • No
    noviceinvestor Sep 13, 2009

    Linda, the reason they only mention the apartment in the contract is because they then only have to build the shell of the building before scamming the whole cost out of us.
    They are now effectively demanding the price of the LUXURY product they EXPECTED to build whilst actually providing a less than bog standard alternative. We all know they are guilty of Fraudulent Misrepresentation, for which we could recind the contract and claim damages, but with a bit of legal sleight of hand they hope to convince any court that it wasn't misrepresentation at all. The law being unnecessarily ambiguous and overblown with jargon in order to keep it's highly paid exponents in a job and as the English saying goes, 'an ###', there is the chance they'd win but maybe the Bulgarian Courts have a bit of humanity and common sense. Who knows.

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  • Ro
    rolo22 Sep 24, 2009

    Hi have very little time to write a complaint at moment, but if someone would like to speak to me my number is 07739805590.
    have spoken with MRI today in person.

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  • Ma
    Mark2 Oct 19, 2009

    I have had nothing but grief with MRI since april 2007. We invested in Turkey at Lake View in Bodrum, due for completion November 2009. No idea whether they are completed or not, conflicting stories from MRi and the developer. Also there has been a major fall out between the two companies and MRI has withdrawn from TurkeY altogether. Was contacted late July by MRI to arrange a meeting at which they offered to 'deal' with the turkey contract, but out of the goodness of their hearts they could give a 30ooo euro discount on a studio in Bulgaria and an interest free loan financed by MRI. Stupidly agreed and paid reservation fee for the studio. Free furniture promised. five weeks on, no furniture and no daily contact as promised by their representative. Emails ignored or fobbed off. Thankfully no contract signed and the balance has not been paid, nor will it be as I am pursuing this through the courts. I would not recommend involvement with this company.

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  • St
    Steve Wylie Jan 14, 2010

    we have purchased a property in Bulgaria for 66000 approx (silver mountain ) and so far paid 72000 Euros but thay cancelled the devolpment and offered us Aspen heights instead. Stupidly we paid another deposit of 5000 euros as we felt we would lose all the money we had already paid
    They then had the cheek to ask for another 30000 euros as a final payment, which we had already paid for silver mountain . Have just emailed legal independance for some answers but dont hold out much hope .We feel its a white elephant really & all our savings have now gone on nothing .If anyone has silmiliar problems feel free 2 contact [email protected]

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  • Pa
    paul radford Apr 11, 2011

    hi people could anyone pleasse tell the name of the company that is trying to sling mri construction into court as i have been duped for 34, 000 i have sdigned up with this company but unfortunatly i have forgot the namr of the company swap home swap something like that.and i have had 2 close my e-mail address down as someone hijacked it.if anyone has this link can they please forward it to [email protected] so i can get in touch with the lawyers cheers people my number is 07872026134

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  • No
    noviceinvestor Apr 20, 2011

    Go to and register on the site. There is a mass of information, other victims of MacAnthonyRI and possibly several avenues of legal options and actions, all part of a private forum for protection of victims against the dirty tricks of this company and it's directors and all seeking ways of recovering money and bringing them to justice despite a despicably negative response from the British fraud agencies and european gravy train.

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  • Cl
    clare99 Jul 25, 2011

    [email protected] are working with several MRI clients on a no win no fee basis .

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