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Movemeant Sales EnterprisesDoor-to-door Sales Scam

By the posts, I see that a number of consumers have been "scammed by "Movemeant Sales Enterprises" (MSE)!

Like most, I placed a magazine order, but NEVER received ANY magazines! Specifically, I orderd three different magazines (at approximately $65 per order), for three different Youth Groups. Ironically, I'd placed an order with a different agency a year earlier and there were NO problems so, I assumed that MSE was legit. I got the "sob" story about how the seller was trying to do the right thing, go to school, etc. I'll admit that the seller had an impressive presentation (but then I guess that's part of their scam!). I've always been one who's trieds to help our youth succeed. That's why I opted to place the orders for the youth groups.

Sadly, I was grossly mistaken and will no longer purchase from these door-to-door sales people!

Movemeant Sales EnterprisesFailed to recieve magazines

Upon discovering that I had been scammed, I quickly learned that 36 of my friends and neighbors were approached by similar persons. Like me, half of them made a purchase, and failed to recieve the product.

Movemeant Sales Enterprises, and there are more like them. Many of my victimized peers were decieved via other fake, literary-marketeering companies. With the variety of company names that I have been previewed to, any name could be used, and is. Only now, am I acknowledging the mispelling of 'movement, ' which is printed on top of, what truly seems like, a legitimate reciept with contact case a customer needs a refund.

Other than the mispelling of the company's name, the receipt is sound. Equipt with a yellow and an additional pink copy for the customer. The salesperson NEVER fails to mention that the customer needs to wait three months to recieve their purchased literary copy and/or thier first issue of whatever magazine/s selected. This too, is printed on the receipt.

The salesperson may vary in character, but whatever form is chosen, they always claim to be out-of-state. The reasoning behind the three month wait is to allow the salesperson, missionaries, or aspiring teenager to complete their sales tour of your city. Also, processing is factored into the time period. The real reason for awaiting this three month period is now made clear.

Be wiery of person/s who go door-to-door and ask residence to view a long list of magazines, and then select a few. They have every kind of magazine you can think of, with the exception of erotic literature. A customer can get a one to three year subscription at a good value. In addition to their "meager" commission, the sales contribute to a point system, which will help the individual/s live a better life in some way, if they can obtain the most points in the company. Each salesman has a sob story, which is thrown at the unsuspecting cunsumer.

Although some salesmen can appear well-dressed and well-spoken, I was scammed by two recovering crackheads who now put all their energy into making peace with God and spreading his word and "gift of life and living" from door to door. I could tell that the hard drugs had taken a toll on the individual's physical and mental well-being, but they truly seemed to be recovering addicts who had found Jesus. One thing was for certain, they were recovering addicts. Through working in Human Services, I can identify past or present stimulant-drug-abuse, but the tell-tale signs would have been apparent to almost anyone. As what happens in many sales schenarios, I felt obligated to help these 'missionaries, ' as they claimed to be.

Through comparing stories of scandal among friends and neighbors, I can very confidently say everything that I have stated above is true. This has been going on for years! If you are reading this, please consult with fellow friends and neighbors. Find out if they have ever been approached by a door-to-door literature salesman. For me, people with similar stories appeared out of the woodwork, only when it was too late.

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    elvia gonzalez Dec 01, 2008

    yea i whant 2 now if u people have sent me the magazin that i order

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    steger mom Aug 02, 2009

    I have also paid 119.00 in cash to two magazines and have never received either one do not use this it is a scam

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