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2:24 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Mary Ann Gomez-Corral Lies and fraud

Even someone on behalf of Pacific Specialty Insurance Company had derogatory words about this unscrupulous, extortionist. They said that she was so impatient with her claim that... And wanted everyone to know. I have requested that that person re-post her statement as it is gone now. Just google Mary Ann and MCS Construction! Mary Ann claims that the city building official came to see her unlicensed contractor 4 times while he worked on, (ruined) her mother's roof. Now Mary Ann's mother, Aurora Gomez is gonna have to pump out a pile-o-dough to make that roof compliant. I wonder what her mortgage company's demands are. What with the 2% chrysotile asbestos contamination in the house. Stay tuned, I'll letcha all know as soon as they review the most recent documentation I have provided them and mailed off today, 20 March! I spoke to a Fairfield city builing inspector today, 3/20/09, and he advised that he did stop by 1731 Kidder Avenue while the unlicensed MCS Construction was making an abortion of the roof job. He advised Mary Ann that a permit was required and that he was greatly concerned about the installation of composition shingles over top of my modified bitumen torch down roof system, and that he did not believe that there was enough pitch, (slope) on the roof to install shingles. She finds it "quite puzzling" that of the 4 times the city building official, as she claims, came by, not once did he mention anything illegal about what Marcos Christopher Sena was doing. She states that she doesn't understand why all of a sudden, MCS is becoming part of the complaint. Two different letters have been sent to her requesting an alternate phone number for MCS Construction, or if she actually has his license number, to provide it at this time. Every time my bond company, Surety Company of the Pacific tries to contact MCS Construction, he plays off as "Jason", and has no affiliation with MCS Construction. That's funny, because I called his ### 2 weeks ago, to verify his phone number and he also then verified that I have his correct address. He lives with his parents, Frank and Doris. 36 year old "contractor" living off of mommy and daddy. She fails to respond. Probably going to blame it on her high risk pregnancy. What a crock of ###. She claims she double checked with the city of Fairfield in February regarding any permits that needed finalized. Funny, I didn't even secure the building permit until Feb. 28th. She also claims that she has a witness, MCS Construction, "available upon request" to document inquiry with the city building department. I'm still requesting that written statement from MCS, but it is still non existent. Stay tuned for updates as I have expedited mandatory arbitration with the Contractors State License Board, CSLB. I have returned my form to the arbitrators. She claims she contacted me on 10 March 2008 for a "walk around" with her husband, but I was unable to commit to a date to meet because my wife had broken into and vandalized my home. So, I sent a copy of the police report to my bond company showing the date of the incident with my wife did not occur until 24 March. She wrote a check to my company on 13 March without the walk around being complete. Would you have written me a check for $9, 000.00 if you had a problem with my workmanship? Wanna change your dates now, mary Ann? Better hurry, arbitration cometh and that right soon! Bring your unlicensed child molester contractor with you as a witness and the CSLB can have Oakland P.D. take his ### into custody and into "punk patrol" directly from there. Contracting without a license for any amount over $500.00 is a misdemeanor. I sent his invoice, with canceled checks, with Marcos Sena written on them, front and back, with his signature, deposited into his Washington Mutual account. No defense fool! You are guilty of the charge. Have mommy and daddy hire another lawyer, or use a public pretender for at minimum a reduced sentence. I'll be stating my case in court to the judge asking for maximum penalty. Hey Marcos? Did you listen to the message from Vacaville Police Officer Piro telling you to stop calling me? Aren't you a real tough guy? Couldn't even answer the phone when Officer Piro called you that night? Or, were you "Jason" again? You'll notice, Marcos Christopher Sena, that I never threatened you with violence, but all the mail with your name on it, coming to mommy and daddy's house, is gonna be all bad! Hate me now? Think I'm an ### now? Just wait another month. It's gonna be all bad for you, "HOLMES! The arbitration is scheduled for 16 April, 2009 in Oakland. Stay tuned for more editions of, "Lying with Mary Ann". You're going to made example of. You're a liar and it is already coming out in the wash. Bring your mother and a Philipino translator because I know Aurora will not lie under oath. She requested Fairfield for the hearing. Guess the high risk pregnancy didn't help you there either.

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Update by west coast construction
Jun 13, 2009 2:44 pm EDT

It's coming!

Update by west coast construction
May 25, 2009 5:44 pm EDT

Victory is mine! In your face you lying sack-o-s***! Now the real party begins. Hope you like jail food, mary Ann Gomez-Corral!

Update by west coast construction
May 24, 2009 10:01 pm EDT

Ok, today is May 24, 2009. Time for another update. I know! This new letter from my bond company is dated May 21, 2009.

Dear Ms. Corral: We are in receipt of and thank you for your copy of the arbitration decision which was received by our office on May 15, 2009. Please be advised that we have concluded our review of your claim based on the information and documentation presented to date.

Please note that contractor's license bonds are issued pursuant to Division III, Chapter 9, of the Business & Professions Code, commonly referred to as the Contractors License Law. The conditions of your recovery of damages from a contractors license bond are set forth in Section 707.5(a) of the contractors license law as follows:

"Any homeowner contracting for home improvement upon the homeowner's personal family residence damaged as a result of a violation of this chapter by the licensee."

Therefore, your claim has been evaluated in accordance with the aforementioned provision.

Based on the information we have received to date, a contract with the bond principal was signed on February 27, 2008, for repairs to your home at a contract price of $10, 015.00. This was susequently amended per a March 9, 2008 change order for $3, 100.00. It is your position that the contracted work had not been completed (see Section 7107 and 7113, previously provided), that other work required correction (see Section 7109, copy previously provided) and that personal property incurred damage. You have made claim against the bond in order to have these concerns addressed.

Since our last letter to you, we have received the enclosed copy of an arbitration decision from the bond principal. Please note that it was received by our office at the Airport Blvd. address and subsequently forwarded and received by our office in Encino. Therefore, we were unaware of its receipt at the time that we mailed our May 5, 2009 letter to you.

With relation to the arbitration decision itself, please note that it does limit liability under the bond. In this case, the arbitrator found that you were not entitled to any recovery, this would preclude your claim under the bond pursuant to California Civil Code # 2809 (copy enclosed):

"The obligation of a surety must be neither larger in amount nor in other respects more burdensome than that of the principal; and if in terms it exceeds it, it is reducible in proportion to the principal obligation."

Absent information which would alter our analysis as outlined above, we have no alternative than to deny your claim as presented.

The disposition of this claim was based on information available to us. If you have information or documentation not previously presented which you feel would alter our decision, please provide that information within 30 days. Should you disagree with our determination on this claim, you may have the matter reviewed by the California Department of Insurance, Claims Services Bureau, 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

We regret that we have been unable to assist you in recovering your claimed damages. However, we appreciate the opportunity to have reviewed this matter.

Very truly yours, Stephen Silva, Sr. Claims Examiner

And now, its my turn. Felony fraud charges are eminent and a civil lawsuit against you is being filed this next week. Lying to an insurace company, and or in this case, a surety company is a federal offense punishable by a $250, 000 dollar fine and or 10-25 years in federal prison or both. My lost time from jobs, the income loss, the postage stamps, the time spent gathering documentation proving her lies, the stress. You are toast. I sincerely hope you enjoyed your Saturday, May 16th, at Andrews Park in Vacaville for the Christian music day event. You'll not be attending the next one in 2010. Good luck Mary Ann Gomez Corral. You made your bed, now LIE in it some more for a long time to come! Ciao

Update by west coast construction
May 23, 2009 3:47 am EDT

Just one last tid-bit to this latest update. I have placed in the mail a copy of this latest correspondence from AMCC. One copy to American Contractors Indemnity Company, (my bond), and one to the CSLB, (Contractors State License Board). I just wonder when she will send HER copy to the bond company as they asked. Shall we post an odds board, Mary Ann? 100 to 1 she doesn't send a copy. I predict that within another couple of months, the bond company files felony fraud charges and her trial begins. Stay tuned, you know I will be updating every aspect of her upcoming dilema that she has created for herself by virtue of lying to an insurance company. It would so suck to be in her shoes by September. Mary Ann, you are in for a very unpleasant surprise by the first week of June, 2009. I do feel for your newborn child, however. That is the only empathy you get from me.

Update by west coast construction
May 22, 2009 4:20 pm EDT

Here's the latest: This letter, typed verbatim from the Contractors State License Board Arbitration Program. It is dated 5/18/09. To the above named parties at interest: This office is in receipt of correspondence from the complainant Mary Ann Gomez Coral. (It is actually Corral, but you get the picture), dated April 24, 2009, requesting a Correction to the Arbitration Award in the subject matter. A timely response to this request was not received from the Respondent. (I don't get this last sentence. I am the contractor/respondent. How would I know the extortionist wrote to them? Regardless, the fat lady has sung again. Keep reading).

The Arbitrator has carefully reviewed the Application for Correction. All evidence and testimony presented at the time of this hearing has been reviewed and was considered prior to writing the Award. The Application to Correct the Award is denied.

The Award stands as written in the amount of $0.00 due to the Complainant from the respondent. AMCC, (Arbitration and Mediation Center), has concluded its service in this matter. You may wish to seek legal counsel for further recourse, if any. All future communication may be submitted in writing to CSLB, (Contractors State License Board), at: Sacramento Case Management, P.O. Box 2688, Sacramento, Ca. 95826. Thank you.

Sincerely, Brigitte Macias, Case Facilitator.

Update by west coast construction
May 11, 2009 12:03 am EDT

Now, here is her response to these questions posed by my bond company for the past 3 months. Dear Mr. Silva, in response to your letter of March 6, 2009, I have not been successful in contacting Marcos sena/MCS Construction. I had previously replied to you regarding Mr. Sena's license number, and I had informed you that I do not have that information. As I noted in my previous response, "I have no knowledge whether Mr. Sena is licensed or not. I assumed that he was licensed; he was referred to me, same as with West Coast Construction. (Which is a ###ing lie because her husband stated to the arbitrator that while on his UPS route, he saw Marcos (Kiddie Raper) Sena working on a roof in Vallejo and asked him for a bid to destroy his mother in law's roof). As I mentioned before, I am knowledgeable of this ordeal, and was desperate to get the damages repaired as soon as possible. These gentlemen were recommended to me, and I trusted that they would direct me, and I wouldn't have to worry about any other issues. I have no problem or complaints for what Mr. Sena (MCS Construction) had done for me. West Coast Construction is the only one that keeps insisting and complaining for when he was the one that abandoned the job. Is this to take the focus off of him? We have had the chance to go through arbitration, and at this moment, I had sent in a correction form for miscalculation of awards. I am in waiting of the final conclusion. Apparently, she missed the part on the arbitration exchange of information form, that she signed, that fully states that the parties involved agree that the arbitration award will be binding and final. Little does she know that I already sent the "final and binding" award to my bond company. Is this to put the focus onto her? You bet it is. More rope for her. Federal offense awaits her and that right soon! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, back to the bond company letter. In a nutshell, she writes, West Coast Construction breached his contract with me, abandoned the job, defamed/and slandered my character. Funny, the arbitrator didn't see it that way. All I wanted is a new roof, as agreed upon, and for my home to once again be livable. If she were to clean the asbestos contamination out of the house, it might be livable. These repairs have prolonged for 8-9 months due to West Coast Construction's conduct and actions, "8-9 months will be a breeze once she is sentenced to 15 to life with parole possible in 2020", which also led me to additional expenses to which created extreme hardships. Thank you for keeping me informed regarding this claim. I look forward to the conclusion of this matter. Uh, no she doesn't! The conclusion is 25 to life honey. She totally disregards what the bond company is asking for and goes into this BS about how great her unlicensed kiddie raping contractor is? pffft! That yahoo is facing more time in "punk patrol" as well. Contracting without a license for over $500.00 in California is a criminal misdemeanor charge! He has no defense. Johnny Cochran couldn't save this dillhole's bacon. He is toast! Now that her husband, Jeffery Todd Corral has testified under oath and lied, he goes down too. I will have the final laugh, guaranteed. Let's all giva a shout out to the convicted kiddie raper Marcos Christopher Sena of 1402 devlin Drive in Vallejo, Ca. [protected]. She can't contact him? Why not? For all intents and purposes, this should be the final letter sent to her to answer questions posed by my bond company. She has failed to comply miserably for the last 5 months. They are simply setting her up and building a bullet proof case against the ghetto trash queen! I will be in contact with Tom Garcia of the City of Fairfield building department regarding the removal and compliance of the new roof. I'll post the update in a few days. Stay tuned, we're getting there. hahahahahahaha

Update by west coast construction
May 10, 2009 4:13 pm EDT

Here is an update. The latest from my bond company. Dear Ms. Corral: We are in receipt and thank you for your letter of April 24, 2009, which was received by our office on April 27, 2009. Based on your letter, it is my understanding that this matter has been arbitrated and that you are awaiting receipt of the decision. Once available, please forward a copy to our office. Ok, the narrative by yours truly; I mailed the arbitration award to my bond company on April 25th. The award was granted in my favor on April 20th. Just 3 days after arbitration. Normal protocol is 30 days. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that with just 3 days, Complaintants claims against respondent are denied. Ok, back to the bond company letter: Thank you for noting that you have no further information regarding the licensing for MCS Construction. However, we would still appreciate your clarification regarding the $5, 800.00 that was issued in payment to MCS Construction. We would appreciate your confirmation as to whether the payments went solely for the roofing work or if not, that you clarify otherwise. Also, if you paid MCS the balance of the contract for the other work listed on MCS' estimate, please be sure to provide our office with written confirmation as well as copies of the remaining checks issued in payment (front and back). If MCS did not complete the remaining portion of the project but you otherwise obtained an estimate from a licensed contractor, please submit a copy at this time.

Please be sure to advise us if you received any money from your insurance company issued in payment to complete the bond principal's work (rather than directly for the storm damage). If you are uncertain, please be sure to list the known payments and when they were received.

Lastly, it appears that the project in question involved the base contract, which was signed on February 27, 2008, for repairs to your home at a contract price of $10, 015.00. as well as a March 9, 2008 change order for $3, 100.00. As both you and the bond principal discussed further modifications of this understanding, we would appreciate your written confirmation as to the final contract price. If any portion of the contract was removed, along with a corresponding reduction in contract price, please be sure to note this.

Update by west coast construction
Apr 24, 2009 8:27 am EDT

Here's the latest. Arbitration with this extortionist on 4/16/09. I got a letter from the arbitrator today dated 4/20/09. It states: Claim for installation of gutters not provided by Respondent, (that's me), is denied as gutters were not included in the agreement between the parties.

2: Claim for damages caused by windstorm including roofing, overhangs, inside repairs and paint is denied; damages were not responsibility of the Respondent.

3: Claim for owner expenses and security camera replacement is denied.

4: Claim for damages to automobiles is denied.

5: Claim for balance of contract unpaid to Respondent is denied. I don't get this because I claimed nothing. Oh well, the fat lady has sung!

6: Complainant's Claims against the Respondent is DENIED. This is typed verbatim as the Arbitrator wrote and worded it. Now Mary Ann Gomez-Corral, guess what? It's my turn. You better close your eyes girl cuz this is gonna hurt real bad! Good luck!

Update by west coast construction
Mar 21, 2009 4:21 am EDT

Thanks Guy. It has been a nightmare! My name, reputation and everything on the line. 60 plus contracts completed since being licensed. Nobody gonna jack it off, ya know? thanks again! Dave

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Greensburg, US
Mar 21, 2009 2:41 am EDT

Great post - good luck !

7:27 am EST
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Mary Ann Gomez-Corral Fraud

Mary Ann Gomez-Corral is a fraud, and is clueless to the definition of indemnification. She was "betrayed" because her insurance company found out upon bid review that she removed items from a signed contract and wanted to pocket the money and commit insurance fraud. In retaliation, she goes after my surety bond to pay her unlicensed contractor who has now stepped into a big-o-pile of dukie and become accessory to the fraud charges. MCS Construction. Aka: Marcos Christopher Sena. 1402 Devlin Drive Vallejo, Ca. 95951. Unlicensed contractor, no fictitious business statement on file with the county, no city business license. A convict off the street who has done prison time? Yes indeed he is. Be warned, from now on, every unlicensed sack-o-###, wannabee contractor I see working will be directly reported to S.W.I.F.T. Statewide Investigative Fraud Team. Contractors state license board referals for unlicensed underground tax evaders. Please assist us in shutting down these losers who take their cheap ### money to foreign countries and stop them from ripping off the elderly. When you see unlicensed activity, please go to or call me direct @ [protected]. You will maintain absolute and complete annonimity.

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Update by west coast construction
May 25, 2009 5:39 pm EDT

The Fat Lady Has Sung! The battle is over but the war hasn't even begun yet. Federal offense. Insurance fraud. Civil lawsuit. The Contractors State License Board Arbitration denied her claims. My surety bond company, American Contractors Indemnity Company has denied her claims. She lied to the surety company and filed a fraudulent claim against my license. It would so suck to be you, Mary Ann Gomez-Corral! Of 1731 Kidder Avenue in Fairfield, Ca. 94533. Now the composition shingles that your unlicensed kiddie raping contractor installed are all coming off. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I spoke with the Mayor of Fairfield about it. The Mayoral office will expedite the re-roof project based on your candor. Then, your trials are going to begin. Yes, trials, plural if you understand the term, plural. That means more than one trial. Hope your mommie's money is never ending because you are going to need about $20, 000 for the roof, and probably in the neighborhood of $100, 000 for your felony federal offense attorney fees and you are going to be found guilty anyway. Don't even try to plead out. I am going to pressure Solano County DA's office to make you stand full on jury trial. Indictment looms, Mary Ann. Enjoy what's left of your summer and its a shame your daughter and mother are going to have to raise your "high risk pregnancy" baby.

Update by west coast construction
Mar 24, 2009 11:49 pm EDT

Oh yeah. Now guess what? Another FELONY charge against her for 273.5 PC. Felony spousal abuse. Beat up her husband again. She goes to court on April 3rd with intent not to prosecute. But, guess what? Commisioner Barbara James will order a criminal history on her and see that she has another charge from 2006 for the same thing! Think Commisioner James is gonna let it ride? Oh hell no! She will see the other FELONY charge of 273.5 and order her ### remanded to custody! I will be there on April 3rd and I will ask Barbara James to stick it to you. Then, after arraignment, I will get a copy of the report and take it, along with the first one, to arbitration on April 16 and prove to the judge that she has anger issues and that is why we could not work out a resolution to her screwing up her mother's roof because she has issues. Yes! Thank you, Mary Ann. Every move you make is recorded and will be used against you. Now, another FELONY charge of fraud awaits you. Don't think just because you're planning to fail to appear at the arbitration that this is going to go away! Oh hell no! I am going to pressure the Solano County DA's office to lay the hammer on your ###. The Surety company is already in agreeance to the charge. Keep reading, because you are going to eat all of your lies. The city of Fairfield is all over you and don't think that you are going to get off on the technicality that you have been through a "high risk pregnancy". You are toast along with your unlicensed child molesting contractor! Don't fret, you'll be able to get out of prison on the days that you stand trial for civil punitive damages after your convictions. That's right, I am filing a civil suit against your lying loser ###. Good luck! Have mommy hire a good defense attorney for you because you ARE going to need it! HAHA

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