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7:25 am EDT

Magical Butter Machine Damaged machine and no response from seller

I ordered Magical Butter Machine. It arrived damaged and I started to left messages and emails on the website of the company. It was useless, because no one replied. I started to call to the customer services, but the situation was the same. Finally I reached the agent, who took my personal info, but they promised to call back and nothing happened. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

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12:12 pm EST

Magical Butter Machine Item arrived in damaged condition

I bought butter machine from the company Magical Butter Machine. I paid for it about $200, but the machine arrived in damaged condition. I contacted the seller and asked to change it or to repair, because I had the warranty. However, they refused and told me that the warranty wouldn’t cover the repair. It was so disappointing. Please leave comments about this seller, because people should be aware when they buy from such dishonest seller.

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