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They have got me with two (2) separate accounts. (1- MSR 0207928 / 2-MSR 0222464) I Have tried many times to either combine them or end both. Repeatedly they, (phone operators), have been unable to help nor givie me the TOTAL balance due. NOW, as with many of Americans, I have lost my employment. MSA, is unable or unwilling to cancel my accounts. Payments are over due and they will be sending me to COLLECTIONS. Can someone help me stop this maddness?

Magazine Services Of Americacustomer service

I happy to find this website! I also been taken. I was told I couldn't cancelled. When they first called me they wouldn't take no for an answer. I get magazines I don't want, was told my balance was over $800.00. And when you miss an payment or are late in paying. they get quite aggressive about it. to me they are an bunch of THUGS. Thanks

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    Gold18k Jul 27, 2009

    Learn how to fight them back ### the UCC statute is on your side.
    All of this, they claim, is justified by a 'verbal contract' that you supposedly entered into when you agreed for the subscriptions.


    Uniform Commercial Code Article 2 -§2-201 states that in business-contracts dealing with goods valued at $500 or more, a physical contract with written consent from at least the accused party (that's us) is required for the contract to be recognized as legally binding.

    So tell them they are violating the UCC and you are also recording your conversations as well as documenting correspondence with them.
    Plus you would copy the BBB and your state attorney general as well as write to rip off and other complaints board to alert the general public of their scams.
    You might not get a refund for the previous charges but trust me your subscription would be canceled Asap!

    Hope this helps!

    Fight back!

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Magazine Services Of AmericaFraud and scam

I received a call on my cell phone around 8:00 PM from these people. It was a woman who called and she asked how the weather was in my state and said where she was it was 'so nice' so she can relax all day. Keep in mind at while she was telling me all this, I had no idea who was talking to me, as she hadn't stated who she was and asked for me by my first name only.

Then she started asking me personal questions like am I married, have kids, what stores I like to shop at...etc. I said I was engaged and she was like, 'WOW!' I am so excited about that!! How many Bridesmaids are you having..etc..' By this point I cut her off and said...May I ask who this is?? A phone number had shown up in my i.d. box but it wasn't an 800 number. She said I am calling on behalf of Visa because you are going to win a diamond watch and a trip somewhere of my choice. I told her I didn't register for any sweepstakes, but she said I was automatically selected because of my visa card and another magazine subscription that I have belonged to for years and always order straight through that company. Anyway, she said congratulations then confirmed my address. She said is that correct? I was like yes, but how do I know this is real??

She went on to say that because I was such a good customer (never ordered anything from Magazine Service of America) that I was privileged to be getting this phone call. I rolled my eyes thinking..yup this is just a telemarketing scam. She said I will get these prizes if I agree to just one little thing. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THREE DIFFERENT MAGAZINES!! I was like no I'm not interested. She says, 'but a pretty future bride like you would love to have Cosmopolitan wouldn't you?' I told her I hated that magazine and she said well you must enjoy TIME magazine! I said no I have all the magazines I want. She said well we have TV Guide and I know you will enjoy that! I was getting mad at this point because she kept rebutting me acting as if I had no idea what I liked to read!

Then I tell her I have to go, and I am not interested and she said, okay I can see how you would think this is a scam but it's not. I told her again, I AM NOT INTERESTED and please take me off of your telemarketing list! She said okay, I have your credit card number through Visa and I will put you down for TIME, TV Guide, and Cosmo and then she hung up!!! I swear I was so mad, because she sounded like she really did have my credit card number.

So I called the number back and it rang forever and no one ever did answer and the next day it said your call cannot be completed as dialed. Has anyone else had this kind of thing said to them>?? That they already have your credit card number! They should be stopped immediately.

Magazine Services Of Americaripoff

i too got screwed by this company, i had to go and change my Debit Card number through my bank, just so they couldn't take any more money out of my account. I tried to cancel, and they sent me a letter saying they couldn't. i don't want any of their magazines, the ones they send me, me and my family don't even read, they even tell me if i am receiving any magazine offers from another company, not to buy it, because they will give a better deal. Well, my son and daughter both receive a magazine for each of them, but it is not through Magazine Services of America, it is through a company that is legit. I will not order any more magazines through MSA again. i hope they get put out of business, and give us our money back.

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    Agnes Inns Feb 08, 2009

    I have dealt with a magazine company in Florida for many years, and when I received the call from Magazine Services of America, I was under the impression that it was the same company I had been dealing with for many years. I asked the question if they were representing this company and was led to believe that they were one in the same. However, the young lady led me to believe, as with others who have complained, that she was new and she read off the names of the magazines that I was taking and a couple that I did not subscribe to. I corrected her on that matter and she acted as though she had made the mistake and was very apologetic. She asked me if I would talk with her supervisor and asked if I was satisfied with her presentation and if I would "put in a good word for her" with her supervisor. She then switched me to her supervisor who advised me that the call was being recorded and first asked me if I was treated well by the young lady and if I was understanding of the procedure. Again he went through all the terms and told me my payment would be $19.16 per month and if I wished to continue to pay the same way as I had been paying. He asked me to verify my address and my account number to assure their records were correct . I admit, I was dumb and this should have caused the lights to come on, but I didn't realize what had happened until the first payment was deducted from my account, as was the original payment of the other magazine company. This was in 2005 or 2006, I believe. In 2008, I receveid another call from MSA, and I was led to believe that they were reducing my payment "because of my good standing with the company" and I would be paying only $17.11 per month. Well this sounded okay to me, and I was asked to speak with the supervisor and give a good report for the young lady that called, and again I was being recorded. This was about five months after my husband had passed away, and I will admit, I was not thinking straight at all, and I should never have taken the call in the first place. So now, I was still paying $29.90 to one company, $19.16 to Magazine Serivces and another $17.11. After I had come to my senses about the scam, I tried on several occasions to reach the customer service which put me on hold for as long as 20 min. and then dead air and then a busy signal. A few months later, I received a call regarding the payment of $19.16 being past due. I asked how that could be since the payment was coming out of my checking account every month. They said that the payment did not clear at one time and therefore I was past due. In checking my account, I found that there had been one month missed, but there was money in the bank that would have covered it. This has been an ongoing problem now for the last 7 or 8 months. Finally, I received a call from a number registered as a Colorado call and I was informed once again that my payment was past due. I told the girl that it was impossible because once again they had taken a double payment out, and once again I had tried to reach customer service to get the matter straightened out, and again put on hold -- then dead air -- then busy signal. She asked if I would like to pay the contract in full, which would be $114.96, and I said yes if it would get them off my back. Well, not only did they take the $32.48 past due a second time, but they also took the $114.96 out a second time. I called the 800 number and believe it or not, I actually got through and I read the riot act and I told them I had reported them to the Federal Trade Commission (and I acually have) and that I wanted my money back. The lady (whose name was Cheryl) gave me her number and extension number and asked me to call the office the next day because she found where they had charged me twice and she would report it to her supervisor. She asked me to call the next day as she would only be in the office between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM EST. Well, I called the next day and got an answering machine and I have yet to hear back. The money has not been refunded to my account as of yet. When I spoke with Cheryl, she played the recording back to me; however, it was only the recording with the supervisor and not with the first person I spoke with, so what was said at the very beginning of the original call is just my word against theirs. There is no doubt in my mind that it was my voice on the other end -- but there was nothing indicated as to the date and time of the actual recording so it could have easily been the recording from the very first time I was contacted in 2005/2006.

    I have learned my lesson quite well -- finally! I am not one to be rude on the phone and I just can't seem to say NO soon enough. But there has to be something done to make these people more responsible with their techniques. They are very deceptive, fraudulant, and dishonest in many ways. They have a gimmick and you can be trapped before you actually are aware of it. The older you are, the easier you are trapped.

    Agnes Innis
    Peoria, IL

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    Mike Jun 08, 2009

    Wow Agnes Immis. i had something very simular happen to me.
    Mike Martin

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Magazine Services Of Americathier magazine

Magazine Service of America is SCAM!!! They call you and they talk past that you didnt even notice that you gave all the information they want and you suprise you cant say i dont want your service at all...your service sucks.They just say You cant because you have a verbal contact which you didnt know...BEWARE people they just get your money without even noticing it. SOMEONE HELP US TO STOP THIS COMPANY>>>>THIS COMPANY ARE THE ONE NEED TO BE CLOSE!!!

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    j.allen Oct 05, 2008
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    I agree. Debbie Panico (Karate mom) is a homewrecker. Low life ### on the bottom of my trash can. Totally disgusting.

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    Chandy Nov 20, 2008
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    They are a rip offf!!! I totally agree, they call and say all this bull in your ears and then they say after (You can't get out).I just cursed out a guy this morning!!! Worse part about it is that they send magazines that you don't even need or request for!!Rip OFF!!!

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