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Myloansnow and a-kmamanagement are loans scarmmer and fraudster that are opperating dubiously taking mony...

LoansBeing Charged Upfront Fee

I just applied for a $300 dollar loan and was was approved for 11 companies and then when I clicked the link was astounded when I was requested to pay $34.95. My issue with this is, if I had money to send them I WOULD NOT NEED A LOAN. Michael Wallace, is the name that is on the account and people need to know about this before they feed into this nonsense. Even if I had the money, I would NOT pay it because I am very skeptical of any situation like this. I think it should be against the law to request fees from someone applying for a loan. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! DID ANYONE TELL THEM THAT MOST PEOPLE APPLYING FOR LOANS HAVE NO CASH...SMH! A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!! Thanks for the platform and I hope this helps someone.

Resolved LoansScam Artist

Recently we have obtained a partner who wanted loan leads from us as we are an affiliate program online and we agreed on everything. He does not pay up when the time comes and this is not his first time.

He closed his main website and he stated to us they are down for maintenance.

He has been moving around and creating new websites and he is posted on hellopeter as well as report a crime.

We know that his been registering domains with different host and we would like to make sure nobody else gets affected like this as he has done this before.
Here is his known websites below:

His details below:

Karel Olivier




  • An
    Andy Ward Apr 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Idprocs is taking money out of my account and I do not know how to stop it.

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  • Na
    Nancy Gwynn Dec 26, 2008

    Unaurthorized charges for services not rendered.

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  • Wa
    wallie1981 Jun 10, 2014

    I am also looking to get this guy and he also scam me in R9000 using karel olivier 0824639759 [email protected] my contact nr 0762021618 if someone also ve this problem call me

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Resolved Loansdon not send emails


Resolved LoansBad Business Handling of Loans

Posted on Yelp with others:ok I am still waiting for my loan, they said they would work on it. I had to submit papers again every month i give them something. So now my rates are higher, than when I applied, they said I had to resubmit my papers, so I had to be approved again. I have been called by the owners son and said they were sorry and will work on this, they did call me back and tell me what they are doing. I am now told all my loans are approved, needless to say no closed, I dont; get my 3.75 rate, its now upto 4.25 unless I buy now. So its a wait and see if they actually do fund my loan, so stay tuned. I have taxes coming up and payments coming up. I was told they only have 3 loans that might be ready to close next week and the others they are working on. don't know whether to be late on taxes, I have to take this out of savings now, had this been done 6 months ago they would have been in my loan, so now have to use savings. I will update as I go. I am trying to be fair with them. I also told them I would remove this review once they actually close my loans. Started this last month, we;ll see I had to start all over. So yes not happy with them and I see they are getting more negative reviews. I hope they call them on this. Alot of the stuff they didnt know what happening within their company. So I like to give them the benefit of the doubt and they also bit off more than they can chew with all their loan applications that they took in. What bothers me the most is I had a loan with Chase that was going to close in June and I held off to go with this company, now I pay more fees and higher interest what was I thinking. I feel they should give me credit on all of this. What do you think? Please respond folks.

Since I posted my review there have been more people with the same problem.
I encourage everyone to review this company. Hopefully they will see this and take care of all of this. Loans over 6-7 months old. Refis do not take this long. They have told me they are working on this, I had to start all over. We'll see if it takes another 6 months. They also know I update my reviews. I also posted this on FB with my 600 contacts. Most are in Real Estate and Professionals.

Here is another site to file a complaint on. http://www.complaintsboa….

For anyone that has had the same problem please contact me at [protected] or [protected]@yahoo.c… or my home phone [protected].

Listed in: CMG


Well Philip George said he would take care of the lousy service I had for my 6 loans. Will guess what was approved for all my loans and now told I only get 4 and also that I have to resubmit. I am so mad, Please watch my review. I am so mad over this . Runt a great day with my sister visiting from Missouri, I wanted to cry more problems. Also beware they say your pre-approved or approve and then change their minds. I hate it. Now going on 6 months.I will only remove this once they correct all their errors and make amends on how lousy they are taking care of this.

Get this they did the same to another person and the poor guy was working will get this took 3-4 mo and never closed and now he's lard off. Poor man needs that refi and now its to late. All because they lagged.

By the way Phillip George comes in an leaves remarks on the negative reviews and says he will take care of you. So far that is a lie.So please watch the bad reviews for there concern over their bad service.

They came back with wrong answers and didn't do what they said they would do. I was laid to for months. I posted this on Facebook. Do not go through them.


i have a lender that has been working with CMG since June, STILL WAITING. THEY ARE HORRIBLE . They tell them any day. What a mess. Was told they hired all new people, they promise to close and you hear nothing. We're getting ready to find another lender. Was told they hired all new people and are overloaded and can't get anything done. I have had my papers on their desk since June 2012 nothing nothing nothing. I also canceled a sure loan to go with them, they are doing 6 loans for me. At present NONE. Terrible.

Update spoke with CMG they called my broker, I told them I would remove this or update once all my loans are funded and closed. I was approved on all of them back in Aug, .. Lets see if things change. 4:[protected]

  • Po
    Poor but wise May 09, 2016

    Absolutely the worst mortgage broker I have attempted to use in my 41 years of home buying.
    After 2 3/4 months in the process, and 4 missed closing dates, I decided it was better to lose the earnest deposit and the inspection expenses than continue on with this dim witted group of amateurs.
    I cannot urge anyone in strong enough terms to avoid this sad excuse for a mortgage company.
    Be warned, their underwriters will attempt to deceive you into believing that even your last colonoscopy results and in some cases your prostate exam results are needed to finish the lending process.
    I must assume they are curious about both having found their heads up their ### on several occassions.
    So, dont forget that you have been warned.

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Resolved Loansrip off liers

I was referred to this company called leaps auto loan they help you get your auto back once it's been repo, so i call these people and i ask them what are the fees I was told that the only fee they charge is $995 flat fee no interest so I said ok that not bad and this is to be added to your payoff. They send me the contract only to see that they have add almost $8000 more dollars plus the $995 fee I called to ask them what were these fees I was told that oh the fees are lease fees, so they don't tell you when you call them that you are leasing your auto from them they lead you to believe that you are getting your auto back and only having to pay what they paid your lean holder plus the $995 fee and that you have 2yrs to pay it back they figure it out in monthly payments, then they told me that I only had to pay $250 up front then they turn right around and said that they needed $500 for deposit. I have been dealing with these people for over 4 weeks now oh by the way they also tell you that you will get your auto back quick they tell me that my due date is on the 14th of every month when i get the contract it states due date on the 13th i ask why only to be told that they wasn't aware of the date being change but if i want it change i can do that only time only 4weeks now and i still don't have my truck I called them to tell them that the truck can be sold at auction and to send my money back so that i can go and get me another auto because i was approved for another loan 3 weeks ago, i was told more lies and if i didn't pick up the truck that i would have another repo and that i could'nt get my money back. Now the excuse is that they can't find anyone to put the gps montor on but i still have to make my payment on the 13th of the month don't a the auto but i still need to pay for it what is that after all I'm giving them almost $10000 extra for a truck i only owed 4200 for seven payments left you think that they would try and give me my truck. Call them today 10/18/2011 to find out what's going on only to be told let me find out if we got ahold of the gps company. Please, Please don't deal with this company i only did it because of sintermetal value i lost my husband and it was his truck. Other then that i would have let them sell the truck at auction. ""BEWARE OF LEAP AUTO LOANS""

Resolved LoansKnowingly giving Bad loans to bad business partner

Around 2004, I received an e-mail from this company stating that they could help me start a legitimate internet business with a lot of income potential. From the moment that I called, up to the point that I gave them $500, (never recall a written signed contract ever) I had no problems communicating with them during that time. I realized that something was wrong when I tried to communicate with them in the 72 hours after which when they (marketing company) said I couldn't cancel their claimed contract. Furthermore, during their 72 hours, I felt that I had made a mistake at that point and wanted to get a refund and forget the whole thing. I recall sending them several e-mails and calls trying to get out of the situation, but no one called or e-mailed me back.

I them received a call from a “trainer” about a week later, who stated he would help train me on how to make a website. I explained their sales person clearly stated that they would create a website/web business site for me for the (at that time) $2500 price tag and was not interested. I clearly knew at that point this was a web business scam to get me locked into a debt. What they proclaimed I would get was not even what we had spoke about. I never wanted nor desired web training, only a web business site that they would provide for me and I could use after they built it.

After that, I never heard from the marketing company, e-mail or even in writing. I basically got NO access to more than 3500 products, no link request form, no link directory template, no web ring traffic swarm and NO WEBSITE that has yet to make money in the last 6-7 years. What I got is a $3500 debt placed on my credit report for the last several years from Highlands Credit Corporation. THAT IS A WHAT IS CALLED A DEBT SCAM.

I had requested back in 2008 was a detailed claim /explanation on this so I could turn it over to my attorney; I have yet to receive information in writing from Highlands Credit Corporation and they continue to place this on my credit report. I feel that Horizons Finance made bad loans for this company that is out of business because of it inappropriate business conduct and dealings. I would like to pursue legal action and get rid of this alleged debt once and for all. I will file a complaint with the Colorado division of consumer protection against Horizons Finance and Advanced Business Development in Livermore, CA (Precision Point Marketing was closed in UTAH).
Conyers, Ga

Resolved LoansFraud

To everyone looking for a loan; if you got taken by David Gibson or Charles Reid of this company call Western Union and tell them. I called an put a fraud alert about them and now they can not have money sent to them. I have also contacted the US Post Office, UPS, FED-EX and am contacting everyone that sends money about this company.

You need to call the Cincinnati Police Department Fraud Division and tell them what happened. David Gibson, Charles Reid are Cowardless, Gutless Balless Men who can't get real jobs so they have to steal money from people.

They have to make up for there short comings by stealing and spending special time with each other they stole money from me and don't even have the nerve to call me back and give my money back. If they were real men and had a real business they would prove me wrong. They are nothing but real trash that has been siting for months in the gutter.

  • Ep
    EP. Oct 29, 2009

    Be aware of Eastrock Lending Services 309 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 phone # 1877-779-0536 the names of the people I spoke with are Charles Reid, David Gibson and they CEO is Richard Larson.

    They tole me that I could get a loan and then I sent them my deposit which was to be used for the first 12 Months of payments and the next day they told me that there was a problem with my credit after they looked at it for insurance reasons and then tole me I had to send more money.

    Do not believe any thing this people say if you tried to get a loan from them and sent money then contact the Cincinnati, B.B.B and the State Attorneys office and file a complaint.


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Resolved Loanstaking money by false protence

I was contacted by tlg loans as i have a wedding pending and need the finance for making the day run smoothly, I was asked for a credit or debit card to verify our age and address, i also confirmed that no money would be taken from the account, this was confirmed 4 (four) times. Since recieving our bank statement we find that £49.99 has been taken from our account without authorisation. we have phoned continuosly without any responce from tlg. we would like our money back as this amounts to fruad

Resolved Loansnon reimbursement

sent in 1500 for a 10, 000 loan waited 1 month no replys then called phone was disconnected founf who i sent the money to in canada person named mcpherson called western union said they dont give out details of business collects would like to get my money back plus intrest its been 2 yrs since they changed thier number if she is still out there cheating people please use this to help u find her

Loansscam loan

Approved my loan and asked for a deposit. Deposit paid and contract signed, then asked for more money stating wrong amount was calculated for the deposit. When I demanded to return the money, finance manager (John Cathen) stated it would take 60-90 days or if I would just give the additional money, the loan proceeds could be deposited directly into my bank account. When I went back to the company's website, the site was down. When I emailed the loan officer Debra Willis, the email bounced back. When I called loan officer and finance manager, they did not answer phones or return calls after I left a message.