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Loan Maxsmall loan

I took a loan out October 14 2018, It is now April 5 2019.I took 1, 000 dollars out I've payed over 2, 000 back to them and they are saying I still owe 800 dollars.I am very unsatisfied with the company.horrible business better yet. I pay 300 dollars a month and I'm just upset that a company can do this to low income people and then threaten to take me to court if I don't pay. How does that work? I'm really unhappy with the situation and it needs to be fixed. But I know I'll hear it's my fault.but I didn't know I would have to pay 5, 000 dollars for a 1, 000 dollar loan.

Loan Maxwrongly done on a loan

I took out a loan with loan max for $1782.86 I went to pay my monthly payment $445.27 which I cant afford but been making it on time never late and I asked what the balance is and was told $2214.86 and therfore I asked how much have I paid in and was told $5610.10 that almost three times as much as I recivced I feel this is unjust, unheard of and not fair

  • Br
    Bryantlaz Jul 24, 2009

    This place already been robbed in the past and the company still wont get any security for the place. Only two very nice women work there with no assistance. This area is very prone to criminal acitivity and am concerend for these ladies safety.

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Loan Maxrepo

Took out loan in august to help roommate, who was short on cash. He agreed to make payments and he did make first payment. He died unexpectedly. I made second payment. Ran out of unemployment. Behind two payments. Started taking classes for my job (tax prep), intense classes, cell phone off during classes, they would call 8-10 times a day. When I got home they were closed. I finally called customer service and made payment arrangements. They came for the truck the day before the first payment on the arrangements plan was due. They have been rude, arrogant, dishonest, and liars. I can not get the same answer out of any two parties. I am going to redeem my truck. Please stay away from this company. They are horrible and unethical.

  • Ta
    Tanya Rogers Aug 21, 2015

    Please don't deal with **** Max, their fee is high and the staff are cold and rude. They are ready to get your car if you are a day late, I'll never ever go here again.

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  • El
    Elaine Matthews Jul 07, 2017

    I went to get property out of car and they had stole property and was rude and for a month been trying to get property back...Thieves at The Cuyahoga Falls Repo lot...They Go In Car And Lie That Car Is Locked After They Been in Car And Stole...Thieves...

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Loan Maxmy bill

I did not get my bill before I got paid and I do not get paid until tuesday and they call me today and told me that they manager was coming to town monday and I am out of town unil tuesday and my babyset called and told me that they called and told her that. She told her that she could not say that my vehicle would be safe

  • Ha
    hadogen Feb 22, 2011

    be very careful...i learned the hard way in dealing with these car title companies...i lost my car to them just what there doing is they have the repo guys (towing company) calling u if youre late oooh but they wont say that there a towing/repo company they'll lie to you and say that their cops/police and they'll sweet talk u, basically lie as soon as they open their mouths and they won't stop. DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY! I was late 28 days and they had repo company calling me but they told me they were the police and heck they'll even give u a fake badge number and basically threathen you by saying if you don't turn in the car ASAP you will be arrested and be be thrown in jail which is NOT know talk about using fear/scare tactics i mean is this how low these companies will go? i mean yes they can and probably will take you to court to contest that you owe them money to get you to pay but they absolutely DO NOT have the authority to arrest you...but yea they'll try to sympathize with you by saying.."oh i know i understand this is tough on you, i know people are struggling the economy/jobs/bills and it sucks your best friend...i wanna help me i know people, i know the regional manager at the car title company im going to help you get your car back but i just need you to turn it in as a sign of good faith so i can process it and go to them and let them know hey this person is a good guy/girl who didnt give me any crap and turned the car basically trust me cuz im gonna get your car back for you gauranteed"--TOTAL LIE
    oh and the guy will try to sympathize with you by saying oh do you have a family do you have kids? i have a family and kids myself i know how hard it is but dont give up trust me im gonna help you cuz i understand that if u dont have a car you cant go to work and if u dont work you cant put food on the table for your family, pay rent, bills etc about the devil but DONT BE FOOLED!!!
    look im not saying i dont owe them any money...i do...i have no one to blame but myself..i took out the loan. BUT the MEANS/LIES in which they do business is illegal you cant just lie like that and say your a cop and i can and will arrest you and then say im definitley gonna help you when ur not. they will just straight up lie to your face and threaten you. funny this guy told me "hey trust me your gonna have your car back ..just turn in ur car and have ur past due payment ready and when i call u dont stick your head in the sand im ur friend...he said he'd call me the next day after he'd made arrangements where i can get my car back as long as i had my payment that i was late on...i even asked him oh should i just leave all my stuff in the car and he said yea ur gonna get it back so you dont even have to take anything out (LIAR!) well i turned in my car a tow truck picked it up and the next day he never called me. I've literally called him 100 times. he doesnt pick up or return any of my messages. and this guy told me not to stick my head in the sand when he called me? talk about being a hypocrite this guy takes hyporcisy to a whole new level!! BEWARE dont trust these people they'll trick you and lie to you by saying their cops and promise that there gonna help you by working it all out and mention ur family & kids just to get you to trust them...LIES LIES LIES
    so if your ever in this situation DO NOT TRUST THEM. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. i mean who knows what lies they'll come up with soon as they open their mouth everthing that comes out is a lie..
    better to try to work something out with the car title loan company than these so called "cops". cuz it turns out the "cop" was really the towing company and they'll say and do anything to get paid and they dont get paid until they get your car. BEWARE dont let this happen to u. Try to work something out with the car title company even tho it may be difficult. oh yea and i forget one more thing the fake "cop/police" will tell u not to contact the title company or talk to them. he'll say only contact me and now i know why...he doesnt want you to work out anything with the loan company cuz he wants to tow ur car so he can get paid. these people have no feelings or concerns dont be fooled the only thing they want it your car so they can get paid for towing it. dont let them fool u.
    deal directly with the loan company their the only ones that can get these fakers off ur back.

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Loan Max — ripp-off/ took my car before the payment deadline

I took aloan out through Loan Max where i had to put my car title up as calatteral. After i took the loan out ive lost my job and am having a hard time finding a new one, so of...

Loan Maxunethical loan practices

Don't ever take out a title loan with loan max. They made a payment plan with me and towed my car anyway. They totally lie to you just to get you to make a payment and then repossess your car without any notice at all. Totally unfair and a bunch of money grubbers. Never, ever do business with them.

  • Ro
    rollie Dec 29, 2008

    I feel for anybody that fell pray to loanmax. I also needed money in a hurry and went to them. Then I got hurt and was unable to pay of my loan on time. They wouldn’t work with me at all, I tried to buy some time but instead they took my car. Please be carefull

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  • Mo
    model21man Feb 23, 2010

    Business like this need to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. We got one of those loans, and the people call us 3 and 4 and maybe more times a day till it is paid.

    The CEO of this company must be sitting high on the hog with all the money he is illegally making through a loop-hole in the law.

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  • Sm
    SMARTER THAN A 5 GRADER Jul 14, 2011

    They have called me, telling me that they were a company who was willing to buy my debt with loan max, and tried to make an appointment to check the status of the car and take some pictures. What make me put under allert, was that the guy who called asked me for a 10 % of interest a month, and under my 3, 000 loan he ask me to pay them 30 dollars a month on interest; then I caught him under the lie; 10 % of 3, 000 is 300 not 30; when I confront him he tried to confuse me in vain ! I went to the address that he gave me to be sure it was a true business and also seach on the internet under the name that he gave me and it was all false. So the only thing that they want is your car. Take cxare with them, and NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I'll try to get rid of my debt with them a.s.a.p. At this point I just need some peace of mind, and won't have it with them on top of my head.

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  • Ma
    Mari46 Oct 30, 2019

    It will almost be a year since taking out this loan and I have not yet paid it off each tine I ask for the balance it’s always something different. I feel I have paid more than the 700.00 my loan was for. This place is a complete rip off. I’ve been paying 250.00 a month. Sometimes I’m a bit late but always with in the month. Please what can I do to get my title back!!!

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