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Jcbill.Comfraudulent/unauthorized charge on mastercard obtains credit card info from other online transactions and charges a similar amount on the same date to disguise their fraudulent charges, hoping they will go unnoticed. Cold scam...

Jcbill.Comfradulent credit card charge

be careful - somehow got hold of my credit card information and charged me for something i never ordered.

I have got a charge of $24.95 from on my debit card statement> I have never purchased anythig from them.

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    Marta Reedman Dec 03, 2008
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    Took $45.86 from my visa unauthorised!

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    Ted Boglovich Feb 24, 2010

    Cancel your debit card, and order a new one
    (chances are, they are not done with your information)
    Call the number that is on your statement and demand your money back.
    Do not give them the full number of your debit card they can pull up the
    information with only your last 6 numbers.
    Demand they tell you what the email address is of the person who STOLE your
    information, try to get as much information as you can.
    File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
    I have received my money back, over $200. from several sites like this.
    (BTW this is a porn account and is under several names...
    Do not let them get away with your money!!!

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