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InstrumentAlley.comUnauthorized charges

I made an order for an Eastwood Gemini guitar on Monday, it's now Friday, supposedly this guy says he shipped my guitar on thursday, but the tracking number he sent me is bogus. It just tells me that FedEx has no information of the package. Which means he didn't send it off. I left him an e-mail telling him of what I read on this site and if my guitar isn't received by the end of next week I will be reporting him to the police and calling my bank and alerting them to internet fraud. He called my son immediately and spoiled the Christmas surprise gift I had got for him. I have read other reports on here about them not sending items, sending the wrong item and or a broken one. DON'T BUY FROM THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU WANT A HEADACHE. I CANT WAIT TO CALL MY BANK, BECAUSE I JUST KNOW THAT THING IS NOT GOING TO BE COMING. HOPEFULLY I CAN GET MY MONEY BACK.

  • In Jan 20, 2009

    This is a punk kid that has no clue what he is talking about. He sent a vile and vulgar email to us demanding to know where his guitar was one day after the order was placed. I explained to him that it was the busy holiday season and that his instrument was being set up and inspected which was part of the purchase. His claims are obsurd and are the product of the penned up aingst of an impatient teen. The guitar was set up and missed the Friday pickup so it went out first thing Monday, Dec. 22nd. Even though this kid was sent the tracking number, he still left these comments when the guitar was shipped the day before, absolutely clueless! Tracking number 084524910104655 at tells the story! Shipped to 5216 Knox St. in Philadelphia, PA, signed for by P. Providence! It is very sad that a review like this would be left for no reason tarnishing our name.

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    InternetShopperX Mar 03, 2009

    Check these guys out on the Better Business Bureau website/database. I will never order from them again. Their live chat system does not work and it seems it's a garage, operating from home's really scary to think really.

    See the link below:

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  • Ka
    kara Mar 14, 2009

    You ordered during the holidays buddy, geez... have some patience.

    Things take time to ship, especially a few days before christmas. Next time maybe don't do last minute christmas shopping for your kid on the internet a few days before christmas, especially for such a big purchase like a guitar...

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  • Da
    DannyT Aug 07, 2009

    I tried to call their company several time this week, but no answer. What business is this, out of a garage? All this make me think twice.

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InstrumentAlley.comAwful company

I oredered an banjo while I was in Iraq and had it sent to my parents house. When I got home on leave I opened the package to find out that it was broken. I emaield Instrument Alley and called nemurious of times. I got hold of Ben and told him what had happen. IT was hard to get hold of him and he did get Fedex to come pick it up and return it to him. Fedex didn't come when I was told they were, like 3 days later they came. I in the mean time had called Ben and emailed him no answer till after fedex showed upp at the door. I called Ben and emailed him to advise Fedex had came. Each time I called I got voicemail by the way not Ben direct. I am now off leave and have called Ben and emailed him to ask the status, I have left again nermouis voicemails and emails more than I should have to and no response, I feel as a customer, I have been screwed and will never buy from Instrument Alley again. All I want is my banjo, I paid for it and did my part but Ben has failed no his part, he's gotten my money and I got nothing. I have an fall festivial at my church coming up and was gonna play in the singing with the banjo but I guess not. I hope who ever reads this is AWARE, DON'T ORDER FROM ' INSTRUMENT ALLEY...