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IBD-Marketing — time share rip=off

After days of being harrassed and subjected to all sorts of promises, i gave in and sent $800 to IBD to sell...

IBD-MarketingOut right fraud

I have heard nothing back from the company, after they charged my credit card. I tried to call them and their phone number is no longer in service. I am now doing what I can to run down the scammers and try to prosecute them as best as I can. The CEO Richard Beatrice, is not one to trust at ALL!

  • Io
    Ion Filotti Sep 13, 2008

    Simple arithmetic shows that a $150, 000 one-bedroom condominium could actually be sold for up to $600, 000 ($12, 000 x 50 weeks). However, the cost of marketing timeshares—advertising, commissions to sales staff, and other related costs—tend to be extremely high, often as much as 50 to 60 percent of a unit’s price. That's why we are submitted to an incredible sale pressure. We were lucky not to give in to a sale presentation, and instead bought "Timeshare Condominium for the Beginner" - by Micheal Strauss. The book did help us to understand the traps and saved us anywhere between $15, 000 and $40, 000 nightmare.

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  • Ka
    karen Oct 23, 2008

    We are yet one more Time Share Sales Rip OFF victim of IBD Marketing. How o how do smart people trust scammers? At least we were savvy enough to send a certified check instead of giving IBD our credit card number for the scammers to use at their disposal. That said, what can be done? Upon reviewing "the contract" and emails from the IBD folks, it was clear that English was not their first language. Still we signed on, desperately wanting some one else to take on the burden of selling our Time Share- yes, we are victims of THAT rip off also. Where will it end? Is there a solution and who do we contact to save us from ourselves? Or at least recoup the "listing fee" we so happily sent the IBD folks?-and what about all the "Sell your TimeShare to us" offers we receive every few months? Has anyone sold their timeshares to one of these companies and what was your experience?
    We have received notices from Timeshare Relief, Inc., Time share Acquisitions, Inc, We Collect Timeshares, LLC. and travelexclusive.org (we are going to that one tomorrow to see what it is all about). Some one is getting rich buying Time Shares...but how...Sign me, " can I pay you to rip me off again?"

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IBD-MarketingPaid / No results

Paid $441.00 upfront 12/22/2006 for a timeshare sale advertising and contact for sale. My contract expiration date is 12/2008. IBD stated "we will send you EACH AND EVERY offer that falls within your negotiable and firm price DIRECTLY to you". This was never done. Numerous phone calls to IBD were answered but netted no help. The last time I tried the web address, none was reached. They stated also "Visit our state of the art show room via the World Wide Web. 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

  • Al
    Alex Golden Sep 09, 2008

    In August 2007 i were also ripped of by IBD marketing for $1, 303.00, with promises to rent my time share. They took my money and i havent heard from them since

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IBD-MarketingWhere are they now.

We were scammed for more than $900. For several months, our property did indeed appear on their web site, with the promise that the posting would remain until the property sold. Today, I tried to locate my listing at www.ibd-marketing.com and discovered that the entire web site has been suspended. I am sure that someone is using our money to buy Pina Coladas on the beach in Jamaica. Has anyone been successful in arranging a class action suit against these thieves?

  • Te
    Teresa Hamm Mar 27, 2008

    I also was taken for $888.00 from IBD-marketing. I have been trying to contact them for several months, but no success. I have also sent them a certified letter, but i have not heard nothing from them yet.

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  • Kb
    K Brooks Apr 11, 2008

    I too paid IBD-marketing $600 to sell my timeshare. I have tried to contact them several times over the last couple of months. The 1-800 number is no longer in service and my mail to them comes back as undeliverable. I would like to find out what is going on with this company.

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  • Ma
    Maria Miller Jun 13, 2008

    IBD marketing group has an add in a paper
    that you can make $6.00 (per envelope) to mail out there
    envelopes with there sales material. And You
    can work at home. I inquired about it over the phone and just recieved a green page with information and how to get started. The letter looked a bit suspicious to me, and I started to google for information and scams and came across this sight. I knew it!. I had a feeling about this... I am glad I didn't get caught in this scam. I don't have that kind of money for some scam artist go have pina colada on my expense. They were asking for $45.00 refundable, and a 4.99 for rush order. I hope people can google before putting out there hard earned money for some jerk to enjoy your money. It's ashame that we look to make extra money the honest way to support our family in time like these when gas is so expensive and get caught in scams.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Carroll Jun 13, 2008

    I also received the green letter from IBD Marketing. I am looking for jobs at home like they offer to make extra money, but I'm so glad I was suspicious enough to Google it!

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  • Ja
    James Dutkowsky Jun 14, 2008

    I too answered the add for stuffing envelopes and received the green letter asking for $45.00 for registration fee and $4.99 to rush the package. I google this company because the green letter didnt have a phone number nor was it signed by anyone. I too cant afford to give my money away. There are too many red flags in this "green" letter that was sent to me. I'll pass on this get rich program. Looks like IBD is the only one getting rich.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Tarullo Jul 09, 2008

    I too was taken in by ibd marketing for sale of my time share. Please, if any class action is taken keep me informed.

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IBD-MarketingNo results after taking money!

I initially contacted IBD- Marketing in an attempt to sell a camp ground membership I no longer use, with the annual maintenance dues becoming increasingly excessive. I was initially contacted by a gentleman? Matthew (Sales Manager) who explained their program to sell my membership. He was engaging & proclaimed himself to be a God fearing man with a genuine interest in helping me sell my membership in Advanced Resorts of American. His claims sounded to good to be true. He hounded me for several months, via home & cell phone calls, promising my camp ground membership would be sold within 30 days and that he had over 60 inquiries for the property. While on vacation in Montana last summer, he called me again on my cell phone, telling me he would reduce the company representation fee to $600.00. After reassuring me he was a God fearing christian, only wanting to do what was right for me, I reluctantly came him my credit card # to represent my interests.

My credit card was charged immediately (on a holiday weekend). After 30 days of no contact from IBD-Marketing, I disputed the credit card charge on my account. After disputing the credit card charge, I received a call from Matthew. I told him I thought his company was not performing up to the promises he made via phone conversations. At that point, he became very angry, belligerent and told me to "F" off. IBD-Marketing must have a somewhat "legitimate online contract", as my credit card provider reinstated their charge to my account after I disputed the charge.

My experience with this company has been a deep regret! They are nothing but "rip off" artists. I've tried to access and update my so called account several times with no success. I tried to call and email them today with no success. My advise is to Steer Clear of these people.

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IBD-MarketingScam and fraud!

I have tried numerous times to contact this company by phone. No answer-mailbox full. My contract goes back to 2006. Nothing has been done to sell my timeshare. I have requested a full refund. I have mailed complaint letters and letters requesting credit to my credit card. Letters are being returned as attempted-not known. This is a scam company. If anyone knows how to get in touch with them please advise. I am filing a complaint with the Florida Attorney General.

  • De
    Derry and Marty Leafe Mar 22, 2008

    We are furious about our experience w/ IBD...7/4/07..Dave Thomas, our Cust Svc Rep, assured us that our banked points would stay with us after selling our Hyatt timeshare. We did not hear from IBD for a month, and we started trying to get ahold of them...they had the wrong address, and several contract item errors, after they did send. Dozens of phone calls finally connected us with Richard Beatrice, the CEO, that signed our Welcome letter...he talked a big story, etc..."give us another chance". We said that we just wanted to cancel, as we had been given incorrect info, and would lose 5yrs of banked Interval International points. He said he would buy our points from us, if he was wrong. He told us to call Hyatt again, and let him know...well, we did. You can figure the rest...never got to speak to him again. Yet, after dozens more calls, we finally got ahold of a Supervisor Melissa on 10/19/07, and she assured us the refund had been handled and would show up on our Citibank credit card within 5 days. That did not happen.

    At that point, we started our dispute with Citibank, and they handled this since that time. We had to send letters, faxes, and actually sent a 5page letter of all phone call attempts, names, etc...1st attempt was denied, and now, as of 3/15/08, 2nd Citibank attempt denied.

    That was when we found this complaint site...we are out $1199.00 and are so upset...727 641-7299...would definitely want to be a part of any class action suit, etc...Derry and Marty Leafe...

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  • Ar
    Art Siam Jun 07, 2018

    Here is the company you have been dealing with. Sorry your money is gone. I live in the Philippines and these groups have been know for years.

    Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 7) — Police arrested 474 employees of a trading company in Pampanga on Wednesday for their alleged involvement in cybercrime.

    The police cybercrime group targeted a company allegedly posing as a business process outsourcing firm in Berthaphil Business Park at the Clark Special Economic Zone.

    Police said the employees were on the night shift, so there may be more arrests from the other shifts.

    Police on Thursday presented eight Israeli nationals supposedly operating the business. They said the company was engaged in fraudulent financial transactions worth around $1 million (around P52 million) daily.

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  • Pa
    Paul Costain Jun 12, 2018

    The news is confirmed that they have been arrested. I learnt that this group is working for FTO capitals I invested with. They would not honor any withdrawal request I made on my investment. I had to hire the services of a professional to recover my investment I'm glad the nightmare is over. Happy to share my experience. [email protected], com. Feel free to reach out.

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IBD-MarketingScam and cheating!

My wife and I have been trying to sell timeshare property that was purchased almost three years ago. We contacted IBD-marketing to try and sell so called property. Needless to say, every time you call them, all you get is the same thing. That we have a showing in a few weeks and we will contact you on the out come. Well never the less still no sale. An like most people we did not have the full amount that they wanted. So they make it sound like you get a deal at $ 399.00. Then seems to do nothing more for you.

Now how do we get our money back? For now they don't even answer the phone when we call. Beware!

  • Ch
    charlene RAY Jan 28, 2008


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  • Ja
    James Toson Feb 08, 2008

    Representative Samira said that for $441.00 they would sell my timeshare by showing it personally, or they would refund my money if not sold within six months. The phone number doesn't answer. The alternate number (954) 861-8455 belongs to a private citizen.

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  • Ca
    Carly Apr 11, 2008

    IBD was to sell my timeshare in orlando within 90 days. I signed the contract Sept 07. They receievd $1200 up front by charging my card. Now their website is gone, no refund and the timeshare is still bleeding me dry.

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  • St
    Stanley E. Wiley May 27, 2008

    We paid an advertisement fee by credit card to ibd-marketing in 2006 to advertise our timeshare. Now that we have sold it I have sent a letter to Richard P. Beatrice (realname?)who signed the original contract. On 5-01-07 I was successful in reaching a female at 1-877-267-2125 who told me to send a copy of my registered deed. The deed was made on 5-10-08 and registered with the county clerk (Atlantic NJ) on 5-15-08. A copy has been sent to the Pompano Beach address which appears ro be bogus. I am willing to join a class action lawsuit. Contact me at above e-mail address. Thank you.

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  • St
    Stanley E. Wiley May 27, 2008

    I have just sold my time share and am submitting the copy of the deed to ibd-marketing requesting a return of my $699. fee paid by credit card in 2006. I attempted to contact them by the two phone numbers on the contract and cover letter. Both numbers are no longer in service. I am willing to join a class action suit against ibd and Richard Beatrice and Dale Moore.
    Thank you. Stanley E. Wiley

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  • Ka
    Kathy Young Jul 14, 2008

    I have been ripped of to the tune of $2, 094 by IBD.
    I contacted the BBB, no help. I contacted the Attorney General
    in Florida. He turned it over to another department. IBD had to post a bond and they have had so many complaints, all the bond money is gone. If anyone wants to sue, please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mike Jul 15, 2008

    I to was scammed by this so call timshare resale company. They promised to sell my timeshare within 90 days and it has been a year and I never heard anything from them. I called a couple of times to see how it was going and all i would get is that a couple is looking at the property but no contract yet. After trying for months to get my money back, now the phones have been turned off. I have been able to contact the actual sales rep that sold me the timeshare and he quit the company shortly after he talked me into buying the service. He is willing to coming forward and tell that the company is a big rip off. I tried to get my 600.00 back and before the company went out of business, I made countless efforts in trying to contact Richard Beatrice and he was never in the office. So if there is a class action law suit against him or any company that he is affiliated with please contact me via my email address. I want the ### to pay for what he and his company done. Email me at [email protected]


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  • Wi
    william harrison Oct 12, 2008

    You guys should report it on www.resaleripoffs.com as they also have resources for people to get their money back.

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IBD-Marketing — No refund - company is a rip off!

Was approached by IBD-Marketing and after several grillings from myself and my spouse and the assurance that...

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