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Paid for three months, got two days then they banned me. I have written several emails and have not received one back. I travel for a living and was looking for swinging couples who might like to hook up. I tried to contact several in multiple states. The most I ever got out of this web site were prostitutes who were looking for money. how about banning them and not banning the honest ones. this site is crap DO NOT GIVE THEM ONE DIME. I have spoken to other men who have been banned and it seems to be there MO. they keep the ladies and steal the money from men.

  • IronGrudge89 Jun 08, 2011
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    Lol this is great.

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  • Bd
    B.D. Mcgee Jun 08, 2011

    You should call the local news. Take this public!

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  • IronGrudge89 Jun 08, 2011
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    Sounds like they prey on people with no lives and once they have their money they ban them to ensure that they don't forgot how pathetically embarrassing their lives are. Yea, AMERICA!

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  • Si
    }{SirGuy}{ Jun 08, 2011
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    BTW - in most states web based social networking or dating sights under the states' general statutes you purchased the subscription in must honor a 3 day refund period. That is, if you pay to join a dating sight and with in 3 days, or 72 hours decide to cancel your subscription the sight must refund your full payment.

    They also are required to make readily available and not excessively cumbersome the ability to contact them that you have chosen to leave. By email, fax, phone call or mail.

    Just a thought since you say they cancelled your subscription in 2 days.

    Be Well

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HornymatchesTook my money and didn't deliver

HornyMatches.com is a total rip off, they take your money and give you nothing but an automatic wink every once in a while. Sure when you are on as a free subscriber you get plenty of attention but as soon as you pay it all stops.

Ever wonder why HornyMatches.com works so well on AOL, that's because AOL owns and operates HornyMatches.com. All of your money is that you pay for HornyMatches.com is going to India, yes AOL is no longer an American company, it should be India On Line.

Another wonder you may have is about all the pretty pictures posted in HornyMatches.com. Those pictures were collected up over 10 years ago by "women" and "men" working for AOL. Were you ever in a chatroom and a really nice "woman" or "man" kept hounding you to send them a pic, well they were working then collecting pictures that are posted on HornyMatches.com now.

Another thing is the profile text, most of what is in the men seeking women section is written by men. A man knows what a man wants to read and those writers write it well. If you study many of the profiles you will notice the same spelling errors are made in many of them, that to me indicates the same person wrote all those profiles.

The crew that puts HornyMatches.com together must smoke quiet a bit of *** when they are working. Do you get the header that states the women is in one city and the profile says she is somewhere else. Ha that is purely a sign that whoever is putting HornyMatches.com together just don't give a hoot what they are doing... a sure sign of some good potheads!~

HornymatchesMoney scam

I went on Hornymatch.com for free, received 5 messages, so I said I will try it. I sent $69.95 by western union.Then NOTHING. I sent 128 EMails out. I received ONE EMail in 30 days, and she seemed like a ***, and she never EMailed me again. Tonight, about 2 weeks later, I received ONE EMail from a ***, I wonder where thats gonna go!!! THIS SITE IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! IF you go to their BROUSE page, click HELP at top of page, then click other forms of payment, you will see your MONEY goes to COSTA RICA. YOUR MONEY GOES OUT OF THE COUNTRY TO DRUG DEALERS. THESE DRUG DEALERS ARE LAUGHING AT YOU. THE CIA and FBI NEED TO INVESTIGATE THIS SITE!!!

  • Al
    Allan22 Oct 13, 2010

    actually, they are laughing at YOU for sending them money -

    hahaha (now im laughing at you) cause you fell for this.

    whats worse is that your now telling people you fell for this - all those sites are scams - your first clue should have been western union - DUH!!!

    im amazed how many stupid people there are in the world -

    these people from other countries are getting rich off people like you everyday - then you turn around and complain about it after you get scammed (im sure this wasnt the first time - did you really think you won the european lottery too?)

    hornymatches - hahaha


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HornymatchesScam operations

Hornymatches.com is a fraud site. Can the police do nothing about this.How much money are they making? How many people involved?

My experience is exactly like others. Once you pay up nothing happens.

I would guess that most of the women pictured don`t even know they are on this site.

The fact they don`t respond to these conplaints suggests it is fraud.

When you are standard member (which is free) you get some winks, these are always accompanied by attractive pictures of women.

You never get winked from a non pictured woman.

This is to get you to pay membership.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 21, 2010
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    This is a common tactic among pay dating site scams.

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HornymatchesFake site

I have subscribed to HornyMaches.com. It is not cheap. I have sent out more than 70 mails and to my surprise, not a single reply. This let me wondering the following:

- Before joined as paid member, I received plenty of email inviting me to contact them. Locations are relatively close to where I stay.

- I need to be a paid member to reply to their mails. Therefore, I made a decision to pay.

- After paying, no one reply to me, even those who have emailed to me just dissapeared.

I tried with other sites without paying. Exactly the same happened. My email now flocked with plenty of emails.

Another sign that these sites are trying to con us into paying. I put my email address (of course left out 1 alphabeth to get it approved) in 2 of the sites and every mail to me was sent to the site's email system, not the private email system. Are they that stupid than cannot read the profile? I am sure that if I pay to become a full member, those mails will disappear.

Therefore, DO NOT trust those sites.

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HornymatchesFake Profiles - Messages

I signed up for the free service where you can receive but not send messages. You get a lot of messages from so called "members" saying they like you and want to get to know you. Then after you are tricked into believing you have found matches, you pay to become a Gold Member so you can reply to them. Now all the sudden you dont get any replies when you try to contact any of the people that contacted you before you paid the Gold membership fee. A total scam. To prove it I created another account and grabbed a picture of a very ugly old fat guy with big teeth off the web and used it as a profile picture. SURPRISE!!! All the same accounts started messaging the new fake account in an effort to get a paid membership so he could contact them back!! Look at the profile pic I used, and then compare it to the looks of the girls in the scam profile, way out of his league Pics attached as proof.

Fake Profiles - Messages
Fake Profiles - Messages
Fake Profiles - Messages
Fake Profiles - Messages

  • Ma
    Max Il Jul 12, 2016
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    I have to agree with the complaints against hornymatches.com. I am a divorced, good-looking man in my late 30s. I posted a photo, so women could view me. In 30 days, I must have e-mailed over 100 women ranging in age from 30 to 60. Not once did I get a response. I was baited by the folks at hornymatches with several winks and e-mails once I singed up for free. Boy, did they get me. If I had read these complaints before I signed up, I would have saved 90 bucks. I hope my complaint will prevent others from wasting their money.

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HornymatchesRip off

I discovered this site two months ago. Liked what i saw decided too give a try and joined without as standard member. I didn't upgrade till a month ago. During the time I was nonmember I was receiving winks and emails. I feel that was a scam in just to get my money. Now that I upgraded too a member no winks or emails tried and tried even to the to the ones that winked and email no respond. I rewrote my profile thinking that would help, not. This site is a ripped off.

HornymatchesBeware, total fraud

I made a free account on this site a while back. I uploaded some photos, and over the course of the next 2-3 days, recieved a fair share of attention- a good 6-ish responses, which is reasonable for my areas size. One of them even wrote twice- a few days after the first note sent, another note- "just checking to see if you got my mail, i didnt get a reply :(" popped in.

I recieved enough responses to say 'why not' and give it a try. Signed up as a silver member, and started mailing those who first messaged me. And guess what--- NONE OF THEM REPLIED! Not even a "sorry, not interested". No reply from the girl who had to email me twice, she was so curious to talk...no winks from any new members...no action AT ALL.

A few days pass, only to find nothing on a daily basis, even though the members who i was contacting were labeled as "last visit: today". I begin to doubt this place, and then look for reviews, only to find tons of negative ones. So I decide to test things, and begin to send these members letters basically telling them "i bet youre not even a real person, are you?" Still, no replies. I spam-winked at one, just to see what would happen: SHE SENT ME A WINK BACK! However, it was sent TWO SECONDS after mine was sent out, and was labeled as OFFLINE. Real person? Yeah right!!

Standard members cant send out email. You know this when you become a member...obviously, cuz thats WHY you became a member! Anyway, every member who sent me anything was a GOLD or SILVER member...and NONE of them included ways for me to contact them. WHY NOT...? Its a lure! A REAL member who is interested in you would take their paid account and mail you some ways to get ahold of em, as they KNOW you cant reply! Nope, just BS teases here!

Total waste of money. I feel taken by these ###, but also blame myself, as I usually research these types of things before I just dive right in. Now im 30 bucks in the hole and with NOTHING to show for it: dont make the same mistake as me!!


Upgraded my account to "silver" on 8/24/09. Made no lewd advances towards any of the "women" on there. the next day, my account was deleted. It is totally [censored]ing fake. Do not waste your time or money!!! There are no such people trying to contact you. It is a black hole for your hard-earned money. But if you have money to burn, ***, just send it my way. You'd be better off trying to buy the attention of any random female, walking down the street. At least you would know they actually existed. Fake-***-s***!!

  • Ru
    RuFu Oct 15, 2009

    When will folks ever learn. There just aren't many real women, especially beautiful women, having to advertise for dates and to get laid. The only real sites I have found are swingers sites like http://localswingersads.com. The members aren't all really pretty and fit, but at least they are real.

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Resolved Hornymatchesmonthly charges

I joined this sight with the understanding that I would be billed for

$22.89 a month, for term of 4 months, with the option to rebill or

not.Well, all 4 months were deducted from my bank account in one

lump sum last night.A total of $89.95!!! That is not what they

advertised, or stated in their terms.I sent an email to their support

staff, demanding the full amount be credited back to my account

and to be unsubscribed immediately.

  • Ch
    chewy23 Dec 06, 2010

    hey, were you able to get your money back?
    cause the same thing happen to me?

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