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Guardian Financial GroupGuaranteed loans!

The worst part about this is that I checked this company out BEFORE I sent them money to guarantee a loan for me. According to what I see, I am NOT the only person that got scammed!!! They owe me over $2000. I had a "bad feeling" when they told me that I needed to send more money, plus I was supposed to get a refund yesterday, which I am sure everyone else was told. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO GET CAUGHT BY SOMEONE!!! Many people are hurt by this, including myself.

Complaining to the BBB might not help, but I already did. Plus, I contacted all of the TV stations in my area, and I hope they will pick this story up. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

  • An
    Angela Jares May 02, 2008

    I had the same thing happen to me by Lexington financial- the had me wire money to ontario canada. Like a dummy I did to "secure" my loan well when I called back the next day they wanted 1500 more & the huy started yelling at me that I need to comply with my paper work-What crap

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Guardian Financial GroupFRAUD

You will never ever see the loan they promised you and not only that you will be asked for more money AFTER you have already sent the initial amount. Dale Watson and Richard White were the two men I dealt with. Professional Scam Artists. Please take heed ~ I wish I had.

  • Ca
    Caroline Bunner Feb 29, 2008

    We dealt with HEATHER WISON first and then Richard White, They requested more money after we already sent him 924.16. Becomeing suspicious low and behold I find out they are scam artists!!! DO NOT SEND THEN MONEY!!! They are lying. Their address is not even a valid address it belongs to a PARKING GARAGE.

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  • Ca
    cathy dugger Mar 08, 2008


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  • Cc
    CCYOUNG Mar 09, 2008

    I, too, received phone calls from Dale Watson, presumably not even his real name, on February 17, February 18, February 19, February 21, February 25, and February 28. I did speak to him initially on February 18, at which time he told me I was approved for "the total amount requested". A $20,000.00 loan at 6 percent interest. I was told I would have to send in $2,315.00 as "collateral" for this loan because of my low credit score. I, fortunately, did not send them any money, thanks to finding this site beforehand. However, he gave me "only until February 29 to get this paperwork in" or "the lender would take their money back that was wired in my name". Well, Dale Watson called me several times, as noted above, telling me we needed to "secure this loan" before the 29th of February and reminding me that it would be void after that and the lender would take their money back. Well, guess what, he called again on March 3, and, you guessed it, the lender gave me additional time!!! What a scam artist!!! I would love to hear from anybody who would like to go after these scam artists legally. Please email me @[email protected] These phony named scam artists need to be stopped. There is interesting information from the BBB as listed below:

    Better Business Bureau Uncovers More International Scams Using Fake Charlotte Addresses

    Media Contact: Janet C. Hart, CFEE (704) 927-8617 office

    Charlotte, NC – February 26, 2008 – The Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont has uncovered two more international scams using prominent, fake local addresses. The latest scams involve two separate advance fee loan scams doing business as Guardian Financial Group and Hire Financial Services - both of which are using local Charlotte addresses. The problem is that neither company is actually located at the Charlotte address where they claim to be doing business and they are conning consumers nationwide into wiring advance fee loan payments to Canada. Since both companies are doing business via the internet, it is difficult to determine where the scams are actually originating. However, it is illegal in the state of North Carolina for companies to charge advance fees for credit or debt adjusting services.

    Guardian Financial Group, does business via and lists an address as being in one of Charlotte’s most prestigious buildings in the heart of the uptown financial district - 201 North Tryon Street, Suite 2100, Charlotte, NC. Telephone – 1-800-963-5140. The BBB has confirmed that there is not a business at this address named Guardian Financial Group. The building’s property manager told the BBB that they have received dozens of telephone calls from individuals trying to locate Guardian Financial Group. Consumer complaints list the following employee names of Guardian’s “loan officers” or individuals to whom money was wired in Canada - Lawrence Wilkenson, Richard White (ext. 163), Angela Conley, Thomas Burns, Kari Williams, David Fitch, Elise Darveer and Dale Watson (ext. 285).

    Hire Financial Services, does business via and lists their address as 6300 Independence Blvd., Charlotte, NC. Telephone – 1-888-284-8634. The BBB has confirmed that there is not a business at this address named Hire Financial Services. Consumer complaints list the following names of Hire’s employees or individuals to whom money was wired in Canada – Monica Miller, Stephen Sienko, Kimberly Brown, Tiffany Covington, Kathy Livimore (ext. 117) and Jessica (ext. 824).

    Guardian Financial’s website is active, but Hire Financial’s website account has recently been suspended.

    In just the past two weeks, the Better Business Bureau has received 294 inquiries and 12 complaints (which are being investigated) against Guardian Financial Group. In the past two months, the BBB has received 40 inquiries and 4 complaints against Hire Financial Services. Complaints filed against these two companies are almost identical and are from individuals nationwide who paid advance fees ranging from $900 to $2,000 as “insurance” or “collateral” after being guaranteed they would get a loan ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.

    In each case, the consumer contacted the loan company via the internet to get a personal loan. The employees of these two companies assured each consumer that they would get a loan, but the consumers had to pay an advance fee to secure the loan because of their poor credit history. The amount of “collateral” required for the loan was based on the amount to be borrowed. The consumers agreed to the terms and were faxed “loan documents” to sign and return. The consumers were then instructed to wire the advance fee – referred to as “collateral” or “insurance” – to Canada.

    All of the consumers were told that their loan funds would be deposited into their bank account within 24 hours after the wire transfer was received. When the consumers did not receive their loans, they each called the companies and were told that their loans did not go through because of their poor credit and they would have to pay additional money as additional security to get the loan. Although a few consumers did send additional money, the majority of the consumers became suspicious at this point. When they declined to send additional money and asked to cancel their contract, they were told that they could not get a refund for at least 30 days. Of the 16 complaints filed with the BBB, none of the consumers have received a refund or received any loan funds.

    “Advance fee loan scams are common and they prey on people who have trouble borrowing money through conventional methods because of their poor credit histories,” said Tom Bartholomy, President & CEO of The Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont. “Although these companies are listing Charlotte addresses, they could be based anywhere in the world,” Bartholomy said. “The problem in closing down these types of scams is finding where they are actually located. In the meantime, the BBB is trying to educate consumers about these scams so that they do not become victims,” Bartholomy added. <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

    The Better Business Bureau has information you can trust. You can check out a company and get a free Reliability Report by visiting or by calling The Better Business Bureau at 1-877-317-7236 toll-free in NC and SC or at (704) 927-8611.



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  • Sh
    sherman o'bryan Mar 10, 2008

    I strongly agree, we were asked to send 940.80 by March 3, 2008 with the signed documents faxed from the bank. We then sent the money via moneygram to Minto, NB, Canada. We spoke with David Finch and Richard White.
    Richard White contacted us and said that our loan didn't go through but if we could send 640.00 more that he would make sure that it was delivered by 5:00 that day. He called back and said that the company backed out and gave no reason.
    He then asked for 940.80. At this time, he spoke with my sister and they lent us the money to get this loan. Well, since Friday we have tried to contact Richard and can't get through. So, we are out 2563.00 and nothing to show for it.
    This gentlemen is very convincing and shows empathy towards his clients and their situations. Don't fall into this trap, we did and may lose our home and vehicle because of it. We are also on a fixed income and they knew it. I hope someone gets these jerks for what they deserve.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Keaton Mar 11, 2008

    I'm also a victim of Guardian Financial and now can't dig myself out of this hole. It sounded like this was my opportunity to get back on my feet and I was taken advantage of!! I lost $911; $500 of which I used from my rent money and $400 I borrowed from a friend who sacraficed her rent since I was to get the $5,000 loan within 24hrs. I've contacted various agencies to report what happened but no one has initiated any reprimand that I'm aware of. I tried contacting the company this morning and the number and website are both inoperable. There has to be something done to rectify this situation. I'm worse off now than when I was tricked into believing these scam artists would help me. Where is the justice?

    It's sad how they can get away with destroying the livelihood of hardworking people. I believe the power of God is a mighty force and what goes around comes around; I just hope it's sooner than later.

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  • De
    Dee Mar 24, 2008

    I was also scammed by Guardian Financial Group about a month ago. I borrowed $1300.00 to give them, so not only am I still struggling, but I'm worse off than I was. I still have to pay back the person who lend me the money. I also spoke to Richard White and David Finch from this Develish company and they assured me I would have my funds within 24 hours, but needless to say, of course I haven't received anything, not even the refund I was told I would receive after they tried to con me again into sending them additional money, but before I hung up from Richard White I gave him a good peice of my mind and told him I didn't appreciate being scammed and assured him that I would be reporting them. I reported them to the BBB, and also to the Canadian authorities. Hopefully someone will stop these scam artist!

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  • Tr
    trutherr May 18, 2010


    I was the a victim as well myself and I was take for 1595.00 by someone named "Dee Garcia" who kept claiming she would NOT cash my check until she spoke w/ the CEO himself who would preview my file specifically to advise what my chances were of getting a Principal Reduction before cashing the check. I was expecting a call from her before she cashed the check as she stated she would Not cash that check unless I 1st gave her authorization do to so.

    I spent 35 USD in mailing all the forms they wanted including the check they apparently cashed w/out my permission. Now all email addresses I have for them are inactive and including their phones and fax numbers.

    I've Never been scammed before, so this hurts, but what hurts more is I really felt good about trusting Dee Garcia and the GGF company. She spent one hour once telling me all about the company and how much she loved working there aside the Board of Directors, while she supposedly attended their meetings and worked hard toward helping those in need.

    I have no moved onto working with TheShredShack ( for the video presentation I found. I REALLY like what I'm hearing from them, as they have agreed to take all the GGF clients at NO COST and help-out so there is NO Risk to you as the client while offer a Very similar service.

    Hope this helps and if you see anymore companies with the GGF name... RUN!!!

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Guardian Financial GroupCompany Not Legitimate

I have filed a complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau and would strongly encourage other victims to do the same.

I was approved for a loan by Guardian Financial Group. I was told that, due to my poor credit, I would need to send a collateral payment of $1,140.00 to secure the $7,000.00 loan I was guaranteed at a 6% interest rate. I was assured that this was not a "pre-approval" and that there was no way the loan would be denied once I sent the collateral payment. I was told that my credit application had already been processed and was fully approved. I was faxed a loan agreement which I carefully read and then executed. I sent the collateral payment via money gram and was told I would receive my loan within 24 hours. Instead, I received a telephone call asking for additional collateral. I was given the opportunity to pay additional collateral or to receive a refund of the original collateral payment of $1,140.00. I opted to receive a refund. This prompted me to do further research on the company. A quick search of websites like /link removed/ and revealed that others had been approved for loans by this company. They were subsequently told they needed to send more collateral and then been promised refunds which were never received. Numerous individuals have requested a refund of the collateral payment but have not yet received a refund. This company is very smooth-talking and the loan documents look legitimate. I was told on the phone that the contract was a legally binding document and that there was no way I would not receive my loan if I sent the collateral payment. David Finch was my "senior loan consultant" and Richard White is the representative who asked for additional collateral after I was promised my loan.

  • Wa
    wanda waishkey Feb 25, 2008

    I don't know much about these things. But I know I want to cancel my enrolement, Subscriber no. 1123476161. Please do so NOW!

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  • Cc
    CCYOUNG Apr 19, 2008

    These guys are smooth talkers and complete crooks!!!

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Guardian Financial GroupStay away from them!

A consultant (Heather Wilson) will contact you by phone it will of course come up as Unavailable. I was to pay a collateral payment before I was to receive my loan. I was faxed a SIMPLE five page contract and was told to sign it and fax it back when I had my cash in hand. The contract looks like a 10 year old prepared it and the CEO signature looked forged. I was then asked to send a Moneygram payment to a private lender that was not specified to me. This sounded a little fishy to me. Thats when I did some investigating myself and talked to my lawyer as well as a legit financial consultant. They advised me to stay away. I followed their advice and looked on the internet myself. It didn't take long to find negative feedback on this company. These guys need shutdown.

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