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Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLPKevin A. Kyle, Steals money from FGCU Students

Dear Sirs and Madams, We regretfully have to notify the public that Mr. Kevin A. Kyle ( Green Schoenfeld and Kyle ) Have stolen millions from Florida Gulf Coast University, By way of The Mary Giglia Johnson Scholarship Fund for Hispanic Women in Business Ethics, Through criminal enterprise and unethical wrong doings. We have tried to deal with this man for a number of years and have come to the conclusion that he if basically just a thief and needs to be dealt with. This also includes his partners, Robert Carl Kelly, Vivian Johnson, Herbert Leo Johnson the Third and Krista Johnson. All that participated in the stealing of scholarship money and Mary's demise.. They are, under investigation and hope that The Middle District of Florida can deal with these crooks. It just goes to prove what low minded people we trust with are communities and with are families. We The Trusties want immediate compliance from The Lawyers of Morgan Stanley ( Allison Patton ESQ in Pensacola, Florida ) and Chase Bank's Lawyers ( Jacklin Becerra GT LAW ) to resolve this matter ASAP. If not, We are prepared to take this to the top. What ever Kevin A. Kyle went to collage for, He must of not study his ethics very well. He has his degree but we suppose he dose not care about the qualified Hispanic Women that are in need of a grant or full scholarships so they can get their degrees. The Trust Holder has been waiting for a long time or Mr. Kyle and the others involved to give it up. They must be in way to deep, So they need to be forced and prosecuted. We have University's to build and Scholarships to hand out as per Mary Giglia Johnson's request before her demise. Even after her death she still wants to give to he community and the people of the world. She was a Leader, not a Dictator.Shame on you Mr. Kyle. Shame on you.

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLPExtortion

Kevin Kyle has has told me that if one of his clients dose not keep his mouth shut about what he does, he will have them taken care of. I do not know what he ment by " Taken care of " but it sounds like he would bring either great harm to this person with physicial harm or use the legal system to hurt him. This guy Kevin A. Kyle is someone that needs to be looked at by the law. Where ever the law is. It does not seems to be in Florida. I think Kevin has been cought and is waiting to be arested. I can only hope. We could only hope that a man like this will be off the streets and out of the Lawyer system soon. He gives Lawyers a bad name, when in fact there are some very good lawyers out there. He slanders his clients and and does every thing he can to try to advoid the fact that he is involed in the worst type of crime the is. The criminal explotion of are elderly and are youth. It is diturbing that he can not make it on his law schooling and has to steal money from people and risk his reputation and bring grief to he and his familey. Kevin Kyle is practicing extortion and should be taken care of by The Law.

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    Uhmm Gum Jan 22, 2011

    Maybr someone ought to trat him the way he treats others.

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    Uhmm Gum Jan 22, 2011


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    timeshare2 Mar 14, 2011

    Kyle is a ###

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    Hawkflys Apr 21, 2011

    This law firm has committed crimes both on a Capital and Federal level. Fort Myers holds a lot of wealthy people that have their estates created in The Lee County area. There is a pattern here of Fraud, Banking Fraud, SEC Fraud, and conspiracies. It is in my opinion that this law firm should be closed down and it's lawyers should be put on trial and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In no way should this law firm be in operation. You do not trust anything they say to you, and do not sign anything they ask. If you happen to get involved with this firm, it is just better to walk away and find another attorney out of the Lee County area. This is a case of MURDER and FRAUD. For your safety...

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Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLPThe Morgan Stanley, Chase Bank Murderder

The subject controversy about Kevin Kyle and his Partners, is the murder of a women named Mary Giglia Johnson. According to documents it seems as if Mr.Kyles Estate is more like a contract for the murder of Mary. Mary was found dead in the parking lot of her Mother's nursing home. As the news paper said from an apparent heart attack. Having said this the emergency room visit shows that it was a blunt trauma to the left side of her head. These medical records have now been altered to hide the obvious murder. When her son requested an autopsy he was threatened and severely beaten by the police, while Judge J.B. Rosman and Kevin Kyle started a criminal probate proceeding, along with a stockbroker from Morgan Stanley ( Robert DA Frota ) to forge paper work and rob the family's safety deposit boxes at Bank of America in Fort Myers Florida. The FBI and CID ( of Fort Myers, Florida ), are still helping by "Criminal Obstruction of Justice", U.S. Attorney Douglas Malloy of The Middle District of Florida assisted in the murder cover up and criminal exploitation of this family. To this very day all people involved with this filthy crime are still trying to keep it out of the medias eye. Kevin Kyle and his new found cronies are still hell bent on stealing the wealth of the people that walk through their doors, and The 20th Judicial Court, and law enforcement are there to help. What to they get out of it? Anything from their homes paid off to, to special promotions, to a little off-shore bank account, and the satisfaction of them thinking that they got a little money and got away with murder. You ask who are the Front Men for this type of operation? That would be a Law Firm in Miami, Florida named Greenburg and Trurig. To be more specific, Becerra, Jacqueline Esq. and Schnapp, Mark P. Esq., It is a complex case. This posting is to let you know that these people are thugs and to be careful.

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    chasebank Nov 05, 2010

    Kevin Kyle is a murderer

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    Hell Raiser Nov 08, 2010

    I agree. I know what Kevin kyle has done and think someone should handle it. It is obvious that Kevin and his partners are paying a reputation company thousands of dollar to try to cover the Morgan Stanley, Chase Bank murder up. If he was innocent of the allegations, then he would confront the situation, but instead he is trying to cover it up. Good luck Kevin. I am sure God has a warm place in hell for you when you die.

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    vincent manday Dec 13, 2010

    something needs to be done here this guy just recently ripped close to a half million dollars off my grandmother who just recently passed away! the retirement home did not even notify me! and all her money is now somehow signed over to the retirement home and is in the hands of kevin kyle! i dont know what to do

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    timeshare2 Mar 14, 2011

    I tried to find out what was going on with this women Mary Giglia Johnson. She was my Middle School Spanish teacher. She was an amazing women. It was my best class. I looked forward to my Spanish Class. She always had fun projects going on, like making tacos or wearing sombreros. When she was murdered I was shocked to here the news. Then the Buzz around town was that Mary's Father was a very, very, wealthy man. Yes, He was a cigar maker in Tampa but he was also given a trust from his Father all the way from Italy. I know her son and I know that he is an awesome guy. While the estate was going on after her murder the word spread quickly about the money. It was placed in a trust to the youngest son who's name I will not say for his own protection. It was Morgan Stanley and Keven Kyle that stole the executive ship from Bank of America. There are a lot of people that are involved in this scam besides Kevin Kyle, and Morgan Stanley. Like Chase themselves, The Bushes, CPA's, The retired State Attorney Joe D Alessandro, Lawyers from Chase and Morgan Stanley, The U.S. Attorneys in The Middle District of Florida, The OAG of the DOJ Alberto Gonzales, and the list goes on.The family themselves did not have a clue until just a short while from the time of the planned execution of Mary and her Father.Hidden Trust are set up that way and this is why it is an opportunity for predators like the ones I mentioned above to come in and hurt this family systematically. MSDW fired this stock Broker ( Robert D Frota ) # 035 for a list of allegations from Fraud, Security Fraud, Dealing in business outside of Morgan Stanley, but this was just a cover up so that this Jackie Becerra from Greenberg Traurig and Kevin Kyle could take evidence and hide it. They also had help from corrupt Federal Agents working for the benefit of their Assistance.S. Attorneys, Douglas Malloy and Albritton who actually work for Chase and Morgan Stanley not the Department of Justice as we the people know it to be. It is sad that we live in a country that hurts it's own people instead of working for it's people like they took an oath to do. This family is being slandered and blackmailed and even threatened for their lives. Just a poorly organized group of thieves out to steal money and take life that we where given by a Higher Power. Kevin Kyle and GT LAW think they are the Higher Power, but their not. We do have a Justice System in this country and sometimes it works, but most of the time it dose not. I called Kevin Kyle's office and they denied even handling this estate. They lied. It is public Record. The only thing that is not recorded is the truth about what is going on. I pray for Mary's son and his safety. I hope things work well for him and that maybe one day they will find out everyone involved and prosecute them, but first we need honest people in or Government, and Douglas Malloy is not one of them. While Kevin Kyle seems to be an honest lawyer, he is not. He only cares about the money. Not the people he helped murder for the money. Greenberg Traurig attorney Jackie Becerra seems like an accomplished attorney that gives to charitable cause, but she is not. She is a flesh eater, no ethics, or skill. She likes to kill, just as long as she dose not get any of the blood on her.

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    YourBeingWatched Apr 20, 2011

    I knew kevin and his ways the day I first delt with him, I checked the bar Association and there has not be one complaint filed on this guy which is incredible if you ask me. Fraud, WireFraud, Murder, and the list goes on...

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    Hawkflys Apr 21, 2011

    It is worst than that. This guy has no remorse and simply dose not care. He claims everybody is Mentally Ill when some writes their opinion or past dealing with him. This guy has got to go. How he is so straight forward about what he dose he should be prosecuted, but with his brothers being State Judges must give him some protection, or so he thinks. As far as that other law firm he associates with . They are the number one dirty people in all of law firms They are the reason that so many of are kids have been killed in Iraq. They represented Bush in the voters fraud scam that has put this country where it is today. So Florida dose have a system of lawyers that are criminals and Kevin Kyle defiantly is one of those lawyers and Jackqueline Bacerra is another.

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    The Doctor is in May 03, 2012


    These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! The following precautions will help to protect you from the destructive acts of which they are capable.

    First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind.

    (1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

    (2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

    (3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

    (4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

    (5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behavior is masked by a superficial social facade.

    If you have come into conflict with such a person or persons, do the following immediately!

    (1) Notify your friends and relatives of what has happened.

    Do not be vague. Name names, and specify dates and circumstances. Identify witnesses if possible and provide supporting documentation if any is available.

    (2) Inform the police. The police will do nothing with this information except to keep it on file, since they are powerless to act until a crime has been committed. Unfortunately, that often is usually too late for the victim. Nevertheless, place the information in their hands.

    Obviously, if you are assaulted or threatened before witnesses, you can get a restraining order, but those are palliative at best.

    (3) Local law enforcement agencies are usually under pressure if wealthy or politically powerful individuals are involved, so include state and federal agencies as well and tell the locals that you have. In my own experience, one agency that can help in a pinch is the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service or (in Canada) Victims Services at your local police unit. It is not easy to think of the IRS as a potential friend, but a Swedish study showed that malignant types (the Swedes called them bullies) usually commit some felony or other by the age of twenty. If the family is wealthy, the fact may never come to light, but many felonies involve tax evasion, and in such cases, the IRS is interested indeed. If large amounts of money are involved, the IRS may solve all your problems for you. For obvious reasons the Drug Enforcement Agency may also be an appropriate agency to approach. The FBI is an important agency to contact, because although the FBI does not have jurisdiction over murder or assault, if informed, they do have an active interest in any other law enforcement agencies that do not follow through with an honest investigation and prosecution should a murder occur. Civil rights are involved at that point. No local crooked lawyer, judge, or corrupt police official wants to be within a country mile if that comes to light! It is in such cases that wealthy psychopaths discover just how firm the "friends" they count on to cover up for them really are! Even some of the drug cartel biggies will scuttle for cover if someone picks up the brick their thugs hide under. Exposure is bad for business.

    (4) Make sure that several of your friends have the information in the event something happens to you. That way, an appropriate investigation will follow if you are harmed. Don't tell other people who has the information, because then something bad could happen to them as well. Instruct friends to take such an incident to the newspapers and other media.

    If you are dealing with someone who has considerable money, you must realize that they probably won't try to harm you themselves, they will contract with someone to make the hit. The malignant type is a coward and will not expose himself or herself to personal danger if he or she can avoid it.

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Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP — FRAUD

I am glad to see I am not the only one that knows about the great ### Kevin A. Kyle. It appears that there is a pattern here of fraud with this guy and his known colleagues. It...

Green Schoenfeld & Kyle, LLP — Murder and Fraud

This law firm has committed crimes both on a Capital and Federal level. Fort Myers holds a lot of wealthy people that have their estates created in The Lee County area. There is a...