Fox Real Estate Complaints & Reviews

Fox Real EstateDon't rent internet prior to your arrival

I rented a 4 BR house from Fox Real Estate in OC. It was in a great location and the unit was very clean upon our arrival, exactly as my husband had seen it the previous fall when he looked at rentals. My only complaint, which cost me $100, was in the inaccurate information provided about the internet service and how nobody took responsibility in getting my money back. The listing showed that there was no internet service provided. I called the realtor a couple of days before our vacation and he told us about a company in town which rented modems for the week. In fact there was a convenient link to the company from Fox's website. The realtor also confirmed that according to the computer records there was no internet service at the house. So I reserved a modem at a cost of $112 with tax and it was to be at the realtor's office when I picked up my keys. Only problem was that when we arrived at the house, it already had internet service! There were instructions on the refrigerator for accessing it and the password. I tried calling up the company and talking to my realtor, but nobody was able to do anything. The modem stayed at the realtor's office and was picked up by the company that day. Realtors should be responsible for providing accurate information on their listings. Problem is, they are trying to handle so many listings, they can't keep up with such details, which become the problem of the renter. The internet rental company could have easily refunded my money for a case like this, what did it cost them but the little bit of time to set it up and run it over to the rental agency, which was probably done by a high school kid making minimum wage. Or the realtor could have taken responsibility or even passed the cost on to the owner, because they claim that the owner just got the internet sevice this past spring and did not notify their rental agent. Next time I rent in one of these beach towns, I am going to make sure there is a clause that the realtor is providing accurate information and will be financially responsible for any errors. Maybe that will make them physically go over to the place to confirm the information or have someone periodically check these places out.

Fox Real EstateUncleanliness

I am writing about the conditions of the rental units offered by Fox Real estate of Ocean City NJ. My representative was Rob Conover. We paid about $2750 for a rental unit in Ocean City NJ for a week’s stay. Upon arrival, the maid service was still cleaning up the place. They looked like they were on drugs and told us “sorry that we are still here, we had a bad day, if anything is still a mess, I am sorry.” Well, come to find out that the place was a complete disaster. The condo was so filthy that we ended up leaving the property early because we were concerned about the health of our children.
Here are some of the things that we found
1. Dishwasher had not been cleaned and upon opening it, a foul odder and green water poured out.
2. The floors where left filthy and bed where also filthy, our linens that we brought (required by lease STILL smell like the condo, so I am having them sent to the laundry mat).
3. The laundry room had not been cleaned in ages, there where mounds of dust balls
4. Toilets where not cleaned on our arrive
5. Food from the prior renters was still left in the shelves, cupboards and refrigerator
6. Hair was left on both bathroom floors
7. This list goes on, but I am trying to list some of the more main concerns.
The moment that I found my children lying with DRIED DOG FECES, we decided to leave the place. We checked out two days early and simply left without attempting to clean up. The agency told me that they were going to hold my deposit because (ironically), I left food in the fridge and trash bags in the kitchen. Yes we did leave trash bags in the kitchen. I thought that I was supposed to do that, . Everything was tied up neatly. We did in fact leave food in the fridge. We left the place as we found it.
Rob Conover called me the day after I turned the keys in to complain about the items I left in the house. I told him that I left it the same way I found it. He then set me a letter stating that he was going to keep my security deposit.
I asked him if he spot checked the places that they rent out or if he went to this particular unit before he rented it out. He replied “We have 1500 rentals so we don’t have time to check how they look before we rented them, if you had a problem, you should have called me.” Maybe, but try showing up with four kids and you have a maid service running around the home rushing to get out.
BEWARE – Do not rent from this agency
Address: On Brighton Place By the Beach Ocean City [protected]