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Resolved Fasttrainholding my Transcript for ransom

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To Whom It may concern,
I am writing to you to file a grievance against Fast train. My entire Fast train experience has been a bad one. The biggest problem that I have had is their parting shot. They are holding my transcripts and refuse to release them even though I have paid them in full. They insisted that I give them a large amount of money even though I had a payment agreement with a third party company named TFC. There is apparently a 45 day lag between TFC and fast train. Fast train insisted that I was 2 months behind on my payments and referred me to collections, To a man called Elio Chang. The Executive director refuses to call TFC to confirm that I was telling the truth and told me that according to her record that I was delinquent. I told her that my new school Florida Tech requested my Transcripts and she said according to her record no one had requested my transcripts. I told her both of this issue that she is refudiating can be easily confirmed. She refused to help me. I begged Mrs. Amore to release my transcripts because I am poor and I really can’t afford to pay off fast train in one lump sum. And that we had a preexisting payment arrangement that I have been paying on diligently and I begged her to let me continue to make payments. Her exact words were.” If you can prove that you made your payments and can prove that Florida tech has requested your transcripts we will take it from there”. Since then she has refused to return my phone calls even though I have proven both of those things. Furthermore I have empty my life savings to pay off Fast train leaving myself destitute and penniless. To satisfy the debt that imposed on me. I have called Dawn Amor 35 times or more in the last three weeks and she has not returned a single phone call.
In a conversation with Elio Chang said, ” Dawn Amor made and executive decision to put a hold on your transcripts”. Which led me to believe that she did this to me on purpose. I will not get processed for financial aid unless Dawn Amor allows my transcripts to be sent to Florida Tech Before 25th to allow time for paper work to be processed. I am a single parent and I am raising a child on my own. My father passed away last year and I have no one to help me or look out for me. My wife is terminally ill with cancer and will not survive to see me finish school. I agreed to go to Fast train because they promised me Job Placement assistance, Qualified instructors, state of the art equipment, and personal individualized service.
They lied about everything and as soon as I was finished with that nightmare I tried to go to a really college because I was so sad that I made such a mistake. I feel so foolish for trusting them. Now because I can`t get Financial aid because Fasttrain won’t release my transcripts I owe Florida Tech about 6000.00 that I have to pay in cash, Before I can reenroll to any school. I am ruined for a very long time and all of my dreams for a better life for me and my Son are ruined.
I paid them the money that they demanded but they still come up with one excuse after another why they won`t release my transcripts. Time is running out for me. My Father would be very disappointed in me for letting this happen, my wife may pass away without ever seeing that I am really going to succeed and my son might never know a better life than the one that we lead right now.
Please help me, you have the authority to ask Dawn Amor to Release my transcripts and let me be a success story not just another life ruined my Dawn Amor and Fasttrain.
They will not even tell me when they will release my transcripts.

I can provide as much documentation as you like I have the return receipt from the check I sent they signed for. I paid with a cashier’s check so the money is easy to track. However, they will not deny that I paid them they will just make one excuse after another why they won`t release my Transcripts. I can even provide the email where they change the story time and time again.
Please all you have to do is call and tell them that this is unacceptable.
Frank Smith [protected]

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    reifentyres Feb 18, 2012
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Fasttrain Ripped me off. I am looking for people with similar experiences for a class action lawsuite.

My name is Gilbert Conrado. I started Fasttrain on November of 2006 taking the ( Management Information Systems) course applying for a student loan of around $ 14, 133.29 which I already paid a total of $18, 000.00 Dollars.
Even tough I have been working as a systems administrator since 2004, I think that the courses at Fasttrain were too intensive at that time specially when a person is a fulltime employee, By taking 2 classes at a time and right after finishing one class starting another I believe it was too much if you want to study after taking a course to get certified. I’ll like to mention that all of my instructors at Fasttrain advised me and all of the students in the class to study and get certified right after finishing each class in order to be fresh with the material, But this seemed to be impossible because there was no time to study because the classes never stopped.
This situation led me to start canceling/dropping classes paying each time a $100.00 dollar fee which I had no problem paying for, all that I wanted was to learn in order to get certified following my Fasttrain instructors advise.
After dropping classes, the employee that did the scheduling at Fasttrain would call me and let me know if my course was available for the coming semester. This happened only a few times they stopped calling me, and after that I started making the calls to Fasttrain to find out if courses were available for me. I’ll like to mention that at that time there was little or almost no communication from Fasttrain and I assume that it was because employees including office staff and instructors did not last very long working for the school having me to explain over and over again my situation to the new office staff.
The last time I called Fasstrain I was told by an employee by the name of Jean Frances Graham that I had dropped out of the school and there was nothing they could do to help me and that I had lost the $14, 133.29 that I had already paid Fasttrain through Sally Mae, I insisted and told her that all I did was to follow their advise, then she told me that she was going to do her best to help me and asked me to send my credentials report to Mr. Santiago Martinez on 7/28/09, which I sent, he received and approved.
I continued to communicate with Ms. Jean for about 2 weeks and finally she told me that everything had been taken care of. She told me that Fasttrain had given me credit for my courses taken at the school and also Ms. Jean promised me that Fasttrain will let me continue my education at the school for the same price that i registered for in 2006 because the price for the program had increased, She also added that Fasttrain will give me all the credit from all the money they had already collected from Sally Mae, and that Fasttrain will let me finish all the course without paying anything, and that I was scheduled to start classes at Fasttrain on September 8th 2009 . She added that the only fee I had to pay was a $250.00 Dollars for the credentials verification (signed by Mr. Santiago Martinez on 7/28/09) which I went to see her personally and gave her a check for $250.00 and signed a few forms.
Later that week i was contacted by Mr. Theo Gibbings saying that they could not do anything for me but he was going to try to help me and to email him a letter explaining my situation. After that i did not hear from him anymore, i tried to reach him on the telephone, but they always told me he was busy or in another call (to leave a message) which i always did. The last call i made to him, a person told me that he was busy and that i was going to receive a letter in the mail. I received the letter saying basically that if i wanted to go back to school i had to pay for the whole course again.
I believe that this situation happened because of the lack of communication from Fasttrain office staff, instructors, and the fact that instructors as well as office staff did not last very long working for Fasttrain, but the bottom line is that i ended up paying $18, 000.00 dollars for a computer course that i never received. I feel i have been ripped off and its just not fair not receiving a service that i paid for.
If there is anyone outthere having a similar situation with Fasttrain (Computer School) Please comment on this blog i am looking to do a class action law suit against them. You can also email me at [protected]

Thank you very much.
Posted by GILBERT

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    JRP21577 Aug 16, 2014

    I too attended this scam scholl and never got a chance to take my A+, N+ exams but still have a loan.

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Resolved FasttrainGreat School

Dont believe everything you read on the internet. I went to FastTrain at the Kendall Campus and my experience could not have been better. I was working a full time daytime job and studied at night. My instructors were great the equipment was up to date. The best experience is the career person at the Campus. He sent me to two interviews and I got my first job at a major Fortune 500 company. My salary went from less than $20, 000 a year to almost triple that. I was hire with four certifications but still working on additional certification. My new employer will even pay for me to go back to school if I want.

I had three different instructors during my year at FastTrain and I still call them when I run into a problem that I cant fix (yes being certified doesn't necessarily means you are a know it all). If you are considering schools I highly recommend FastTrain. Dont take my word, stop by the school and talk to their students.

Gerome Williams

Resolved Fasttrain — BIG trap

When I start in this school, noting make sense to my expectation…, old computers… the computer...

FasttrainSchool loan with Salliemae

I did not attend Fast train for 6 months, yet sallie mae is sueing me for over $10, 000 i did talk to fasttrain, i try talking to Sallie mae i have a letter that i send to fasttrain and i diploma from Fl career College. I now have a letter from an Atty what i do?

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    doug kiely Mar 09, 2009

    they are only interested in your money. by far the worst schoolastic and financial decision i have ever made.

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  • Bo
    BobCITPro Apr 15, 2010


    I have been at FastTrain in Clearwater now for 5 months and so far this is the best school I have ever gone to. My instructor Mr. Goode is excellent and always ready to help me with anything I need. The girls that work there are real nice and help me when I need it and the teachers are real good. It sucks that you dropped out but so far I can't wait to graduate. They constantly bring people from businesses that offer jobs and talk to us all the time, and my best friend just got certified! I recommend this school to everyone I know.


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    internetisfordummys!5279 Jan 12, 2012

    In regards to the comment about the school being 10K for less than 6 months, a school can charge you for an entire semester if you've sat in class for the first 3 days. (This is in the enrollment agreement) If you're going to a school that is a 12 month program for 30K, then 10K is actually less than what it should've cost, unless you're in a program that was less.
    Bottom line, do research before you start college, and when you're in your Financial Aid appointment, before you start, listen, and read the contracts you're signing. The school can not receive Federal loans without your consent. If you went for 6 months, you're going to be charged for 6 months.
    Also, if you graduated from FL Career College, you should be asking THEM for your money back, because you can't form a complete sentence!

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    x-busdriver May 16, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I used to be the busdriver at the Kendall Campus and was fired because I questioned why they always make me take the recruiters fishing for new students in the same poor neighborhoods of Fl.City, Goulds, Naranja and projects in Homestead-I will be helping FBI with this investigation

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