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ALLCareClosed without providing paid services

In August 2010, I decided after my husband was fortunate enough to find a job to begin my search for a dental clinic and get estimates of what I would need to do to get my teeth repaired or replaced. I had become unemployed and wanted to make a better presentation of myself, but with our finances strained due to both of us being unemployed for so long I had to wait. I finally made appointments and went to a few different dental offices in Mishawaka and retained quotes. I went home and did research. I looked up the businesses on the BBB of Michigan and Indiana. I also looked up the businesses with [redacted] I wasn’t about to invest $3000 plus into someone I didn’t know. Gregory A. Boehman was the Patient Care Manager at Allcare at the time I was a patient. He arranged for my credit.

After receiving quotes, I decided to go with Allcare. I felt comfortable, their dentist I saw was polite and seemed caring. The other clinic made me feel uncomfortable and just another number on their chart. The real turn off was the facility in which the dentist owned his own business made me feel like I was in a car dealership. I don’t care for businesses that criticize others, to make themselves look better. I didn’t appreciate that the dentist with their Care Manager ganged up on me and resorted to telling me that Allcare was started from dentist that use to work for them. Very unprofessional in my opinion and definitely impacted my decision. My point here is I checked other facilities out, it wasn’t like I was walking in the dark so I thought.

I scheduled my appointment for September 8 with Allcare. I was taking the plunge and quite nervous to do so. I had my oldest daughter go with me. It was a nightmare. Every needle he stuck in my mouth (to numb) sent sharp pains threw my body. It was agonizing. Then as he pulled (felt more like gouging) my teeth from my mouth I just sat their frozen. I felt like I was in shock. I couldn’t believe how horrible this dentist was. I guess a good indication was the noises, and cries from the room next to me. Anyways, after he pulled my teeth, stitched me, he sent me on my way. I stopped by the Care Managers office, I couldn’t talk otherwise I would of told Mr. Boehman, right then and there what I thought of that dentist. I walked out to my daughters car and cried and cried. It was the WORSE experience ever. I followed their written pre-surgery instructions. I had nightmares and cried all night long. I have been in pain ever since.

I had a return appointment for Sept. 9, 2010 for them to evaluate the healing. I waited about an hour, while they checked my mouth and sent me on my way. While there I complained to the regular dentist, the dental assistant, and Mr. Boehman about what a horrible dentist they had to do the extractions. The dentist I referred to only was scheduled to come in and extract teeth. I never saw or got his name. I told them about the sharp spot (felt like part of a tooth) and I don’t know if they didn’t hear me, chose to ignore me, but I was told they would do nothing more until the following week when the swelling was down. I live in Mottville, Michigan about 45 minutes from Mishawaka.

The following week Sept. 15 I went in they made a liner for the immediate. Nothing more was said or done about the sharp piece of tooth exposed and I didn’t want that dentist that pulled my teeth to touch me. The atmosphere was different, they seemed cold, not responsive, not caring. Was it because I complained about that dentist? Every day I have lived with mouth pain, now the tooth has become exposed as my gums shrink, my teeth won’t stay in, I can barely chew food, this plate rubs against the exposed root and I’m miserable. I’m out thousands of dollars and can’t afford to go to another dentist for work I’ve already paid . I’m amazed how people think we’re stupid because we paid in advance, but I don’t know many dentist that will not require payment especially for that type of work. (dentures) I’m still unemployed but now with very low self esteem no thanks to Allcare. I was to receive my permanent teeth 3-11-11 @ 11 am.

Instead today I will be filling out Dispute forms with my credit company, notifying the attorney general, and BBB. I will be trying to figure out how to get my records. The best help I can offer others is the knowledge that someone in this Allcare incident is accountable. In my entity search ( for Allcare I found two listings Allcare Dental & Dentures of IN., and Allcare Dental Management, LLC. Both have the same resident agent: National Corporate Research, LTD. The one thing that worries me is the entity type is listed as Foreign Limited Liability Company. Please find attached copies and the information I speak of. As I have stated in remarks I have posted someone in that office was responsible to deposit the checks, cash, and credit card slips. Someone in Allcare had access to the Bank Information. Someone knew what was about to happen.

In the end, after reading several comments on WSBT website the picture is this. We’ve all paid for dental work. Either in cash, or credit. I for one can NOT afford to pay again. This was the hardest loss for our family, trying to recover from this economy and job losses. I’ve been hurt physically, emotionally, and financially.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak out. I wish everyone luck in recovering their records and getting dental assistance. I encourage everyone that used credit to finance their dental plan to get in touch and request a Dispute form. I request no DENTAL office solicitations. I will be doing business locally from now on.
Ps: I have documentation the support my complaint.

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    rhonda l Jan 07, 2011
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    i started going to allcare in cicero to get new dentures, i haven't went in a few years because i was waiting for the auburn office to new dentures are paid for, over $2000. and now they do i get my money..
    thank you,
    rhonda lee

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ALLCareBad Service

I seen the AllCare TV ad and told my mother that she could get her New upper dentures @ senior citzen discount, make payments and have her dentures in 7-10days. ALL WAS A LIE.
She is 77 years old and traveled by herself 365 miles to go to AllCare. At here first appointment Oct 1, 2009 the dentist was very polite and informative. Then she & I meet with the Manager "Ffloyd Marshall, Ffoyd told us that she would come back tomorrow have a mold taken and she would see a wax impression of how her teeth would look, then when she came back down to Fargo on Oct 23, 2009 she would get her new dentures. and she needed topay for her new dentures in full NOW. (she was not given or offered the payment option.)the next day Oct 2, 2009 she arrived and found out that she would NOT receive her dentures until Nov 23, 2009. Mom said "That is not what Ffloyd said yesterday" so ffloyd came into the room and said in a very disrepectful manner "Are you telling me THAT YOU EXPECTED TO GET YOUR TEETH IN TWO WEEKS?" Mom said "that is what you said yesterday." of course he said "I did not say that" mom said "yes you did, my daughter was in the room with me and she heard it too, but she is at her doctor's appointment and could not be here today." Ffloyd said "You dentures will be here the week of Thanksgiving, NOT BEFORE"
The month of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April were heavy and icy with snow. she was not able to come down in Nov and get her new dentures. She was able to get down here again in May. She tried on her new dentures (that she was promised that they would fit and she WOULD NOT NEED DENTURE CREAM OR ANYTHING TO HOLD THEM IN) The dentures did not fit, but they told her to wear them over the week-end and come back on Tuesday if she still had a problem with them. Mom had to put in her broken/glued old dentures, she could not tolerate the new dentures. She came back on Tuesday and the dentist filed and did some sanding, and told mom "Try this now and if you still have a problem, make an appointment and we will see what we can do." so she left them in and they made the roof of her mouth sore and she came back on Thursday, the dentist did some more filing and said "Try this, I can't do anymore filing or they will not will not fit right. and they will take some time to get used to them."
Mom traveled 365 miles back home, she came back down in October 2010 and went back to Allcare and told them "It has been 5 months now, and when I yawn, eat even a slice of bread they come loose or want to turn." The dentist looked at them and said "You just have to get used to them, there is nothing more we can do for you, you can submit a request for a refund, and you MIGHT receive up to $200.00 back, so you can go to a different dentist and get new dentures there.
A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. DO NOT GO TO ALLCARE. IF YOU DO, BE PREPARED TO GET LIED TOO, AND TAKEN FOR A RIDE. My mom and I were lied to from day one and treated with DISREPECT from the manager FFLOYD MARSHALL in Fargo, ND

ALLCareALLCARE about the money

I had a toothache and the tooth has the metal on it to hold the partial duhtures I had. All i wanted is to extract the tooth, replace it and move the metal to the next one. They took Xrays to all my teeth and said that I need to extract all my lower teeth (13) and the three upper teeth and a full dentures. The business manager gave me an estimate of 6700 Dollars. I was shocked. I don't need all that, I don't have insurance. Non of them cared about my pain nor they did anything to help me. All they cared about is how much money can they get out of me. They added more than 600 dollars to put Alveo on my extracted teeth. It is a paste that put on the hole after extracting in case you have impacted tooth or wisdom tooth but not on regular tooth. The 30 gram jar can be purchased for 45 dollars and be used on 100 teeh. They are making unnecessary things to make mony. They make 3000 dollars out of the 45 dollaers jar. It is really a rip-off. These people should have their license as dentists taken awy from them. they are business scams not dentists under oath.

ALLCareinsruance Fraud

Please if you are thinking of going to Allcare run, if that is not an option watch you Explination of Benfets mailed from your insurance company very closely, Allcare charged me more that $4, 000.00 over the amnt they were allowed under my dental insurance which they are participating with. When you call to question this you get a run round both myself and my insurnace company are having a deal of a time getting my money back from these people.

ALLCareWork promised-not done/crooked dentures both pairs now

This office has had troubles holding enough dentists to cover it's "overbooking" - which causes consumers to have to wait for hours and hours. By the First Dentist, I was promised that he would fix me up where I had a small space between two bottom front teeth where one had to be extracted and it had since grown closer together enough to be repaired. That dentist left before his words were even written down, and the new dentist will not honor his words because they were only told to me and not written down by him - and I paid up front almost 3, 000$. Then for my first pair of upper dentures, they were VERY crooked - the main line in the center did not align with my nose, not even close at all; I spoke out about it, but nothing ever got done, I had thought it was because these were not my permanent dentures - and since I never had dentures before, I knew nothing about these services or what to expect; Well over a year later, I received my permanent dentures which were totally wrong - nobody ever told me they were going to choose a shape of tooth for me that was different than what I liked about the first pair of dentures even though they were crooked, I did like the shape of the teeth, this second pair, they decided was to be rounded teeth and I hated them, I complained and they had them re-done, when I got them back, they were better, however, I did notice that both of those pairs were not aligned, but I know that a different dentist took a great deal of time and measurements to make certain that those teeth were aligned properly; so the shape of the teeth were right, but not aligned with the center of my nose, and everyone in my family noticed this time around; I also noticed right off that there were a few places that you could actually see clearly right through the dentures (they were not colored the opague pink as all the rest of the piece), and since this new dentist was quite argumentative about the alignment with me, she made me feel as though I was the one that was crazy, now, just one month into these permanent dentures, unlike the ones that were not permanent, these have began to wear away into sharp holes that catch onto my tongue and cause me pain; and I am in fear that where they other see clear areas are those will also wear away into holes as well, and then these people will expect me to come up with money for a whole brand new denture. Of course, I do not look forward to discussing this with this newer dentist that is argumentative now either; she is quite intimidating, and I am afraid that I have simply taken way far more than I have had to take from ALLCARE; the problem is this with me: I AM EXTREMELY AGAINST ALL RACIAL PREDJUDICE, --SHE IS BLACK AND I AM WHITE, AND I FEAR SHE WILL BLAME THE RACE CARD IF I GO OFF ON HER ABOUT ALL OF THIS - WHICH I DON'T WISH TO DO, BUT I NEED SOME ADVICE HERE; I simply cannot afford to loose any further money over these dentures, and have to also wear them crooked, have holes in them, as well as the fact that she does not want to fix the tooth that the other dentist promised me he would fix - and that tooth was at least on the list to have filled, he said he would also give it some kind of look to fill in the gap too. This dentist refused to fill this one tooth while she filled 3 very small fillings right next to it because she said it wasn't on the list, but the manager looked it up and said it was on the list to be filled so it just so happens that this dentice is very rough in giving those terrible needles, then she blames me for jumping in my seat when it is her that is rough. I wish I did not already pay for her to have this done, I have a thought of having them do something different for me elsewhere, because I am having nightmares about dealing with that shot because she wouldn't do that tooth at the same time with the others. Will somebodty please give some advice somewhere

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ALLCarePoor patient care!

This Company is very unprofessional and has poor patient care. The assistants walk in and out of each patient area, joking and laughing with each other which was very unprofessional and erased any feeling of privacy. At one follow up visit my husband had burns around his mouth where they had tried to clean off the mess from taking an impression. When he complained to the hygienist she said "one else has complained". The "so called" dentist did not even come in the room to find out what was wrong. At the next follow up visit he waited in a room over and hour after his scheduled appointment, as the "so called" dentist was seeing patients that came in after he did. When they were questioned as why "the, so called, dentist was running late". When we asked why they did not tell my husband this and ask him to reschedule, they just let him sit there. THIS COMPANY IS A REAL JOKE AND RIP OFF! They are not to be trusted.

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    Deborah Clark Feb 10, 2009

    These are the same exact complaints in the ALLCARE Office of Mishawaka, IN, besides the fact that they have not been able to keep a good dentist, and everybody at the desk that I begin to like, leaves shortly thereafter too.

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