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Elite Escapes InternationalSCAM!

Elite Escapes International based in South Carolina promises deep discounts on travel that are otherwise unattainable unless you are a member of their so-called travel club. To be a member you must join by paying a large sum upfront and a monthly fee. They lured us with "two free roundtrip airline tickets and a 7 day free car rental" -- none of which was ever received. Instead we were given a brief window of time to send in money in order to get the "free" tickets. Additionally, We tried to use our membership benefits to send my sister and her husband to Beijing as my nephew was a gold medalist in the US Paralympics. We got the run-around for almost 2 months with nothing being arranged. They promised a $500 rebate to help with the pricing as my sister's family has very limited income. When they finally did get the flight and hotel, we found out that they booked the room on Hotel.com and the flight on nwa.com at the same prices I could have gotten myself. As for the rebate? It never came. They will not return repeated phone calls. They are taking 83.33 out of our checking account every month and won't let us cancel. What can we do?

  • Su
    Susan LaBerge Jan 30, 2009

    "Elite Escapes International" company shameful and the people that work there liars, thieves. My only loss was an hour of my time to a presentation that promised free airline ticket roundtrip. Pensacola, Florida

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Elite Escapes InternationalScam

Joines this Elite International for a vacqation membership to a availibility of 5 star resorts or condos at a reduced price. Frauds!!
Unable to book anything nioce. They will not return my phone calls. I am looking for anyone who knows how to get a refund from this fraudulent company

  • Pa
    paul & susan in kansas Jan 11, 2009

    We purchased this vacation club in July 2008. They promised vacations for years to come. They filed bankruptcy a few weeks after that. We are out thousands of dollars. Has anyone filed a class action law suit?

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  • Je
    Jeannie in Alabama Feb 27, 2009

    Jeannie in Alabama

    I think we should all file a class action law suit as I joined June 17, 2008 for several thousand dollars. They also promised vacations for years to come and can even be passed down to my children. What a joke! I wish I had done my homework earlier, now it's probably too late. How would we go about filing one? I'm all for it!

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  • Co
    CookieRN Apr 01, 2009

    I with drew within 3 days and they were required to give me all my money back. They did. Now I am getting harassing phone calls about annual fees to a company I don't belong to. They are ridiculous.

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  • Na
    N. & K. Thompson Apr 01, 2009

    Even though I went through with all the paperwork to rescind the contract within the 3 days as required by law, they beat me by filing bankruptcy before I got my refund and am now out nearly 5K. We put the amount on dispute with the credit card company (Sam's Club Discover), but they have been no help whatsoever. N. & K. Thompson in Kansas

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