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ElectroZoneElectrozone scammed me

I called to ask why I was being charged $175 for shipping insurance when I was told it would be under $40 on the verification phone call, the person I spoke with was not only very rude but was shouting at me on the telephone and virtually accused me of fabricating the story. I then asked when I could expect delivery and they gave me a run-around, I spent almost 3, 700 dollars with them and I will wait the 7 business days to see if it shows up but if not, I plan on filing a complaint with the LVPD, the Nevada Attorney General's Office, the FBI, the FTC, the Nevada BBB and as well, dispute the charge with my credit card company. I am hopeful that it will arrive in new condition however I am skeptical that I will get what I ordered and paid for. I will update this in 7 days.


Well went to nextag.com for reccomended best price for the plasma tv we wanted. First off I just learned that the highest paying company to nextag.com get more stars towards their name. We thought 5 stars from Electrozone was great and they were a" trusted seller"...MISTAKEN- COMPANY IS FRAUD... Nextag your just as bad giving them the stars, we will never use that site again. place order online and they send you email next day to call and they tell you your card did not go through call your company to authorize payment to them. Weird thing is it was my husband first purchase with card so we thought it was for that reason. They sold my husband on warranty and upgrade ship and free slim line mount for $100. but added additional 180. to original purchase. We were suppose to have in 1 week, well when my husband called to get tracking info he got switched around to numerous people...no answer given. We had bad feeling went on line to complaintboards.com and Bingo...all the same fraud stories from others. I put in a dispute with card company and thank gosh this will be covered for our mistake of going with the cheaper guy. Please Beware...we just ordered from Amazon.com for 130. more...at least I will get this for the Patriots opening day.

ElectroZoneRip off

I ordered a new high-end LCD TV from them and was told that the insurance was mandatory and would cost less than $50, when I looked at the order information it showed a charge of $175, I called them and not only were they quite rude but implied I misunderstood them and they did state that the shipping insurance was $175. I have not received the TV as of yet and will wait to see if the "white-Glove Services" they upgraded me to as well as the condition of the "New TV" warrants labeling them as SCAMMERS. If this is the case I will contact the LVPD and file a complaint.


I ordered a Panasonic 50 inch Plasma TV on 11/18/2010 and received an E-mail to call Electrozone and verify my order. On 11/19/2010 I called and was told I would have to buy shipping Insurance for $49.00 OK and was told the TV would ship that day and I would receive it within 7 to 14 days. So far so good. The TV arrived on 12/01/2010 with the screen severely cracked and I refused delivery. Within ten minutes I contacted Electrozone Customer Service and was told they would expedite ship a new TV and it would arrive in 3 to 5 days. On 12/07/2010 the TV had not arrived so at 10:30 central time I contacted Electrozone Customer Service by phone and was told the Manager was not in but would return my call. At 3:30 central time my call had not been returned so I called again and was told the manager was out but he would return my call upon his return. NO CALL On the morning of 12/08/2010 my wife called Electrozone Customer Service and was rudely treated. At this time no TV, NO CALL and I would not reccommend this company. If this problem is not resolved soon I will challenge my credit card company billing.

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    cord231 Dec 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This was a commication problem, caused by purchaser who changed phone number and the shipper could not contact. Electrozone customer Service added to the problem by not returning phone calls. Once shiping company was identified they were contacted to arrange delivery. When purchasing a large screen TV deal with a local retailer and eliminate the shipping breakage problem.

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    eodiver Mar 28, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Final email provided to this company...

    Alan and Electrozone Management,
    I have sent email to you no less that 20 times over the past 4 months first advising that the Sony camera purchased from your "company" was missing the remote. These emails were followed by additional emails asking about a status for receiving the remote. Pls be advised that because you have failed to respond to my numerous inquiries that I intend to personally add your site to the following websites and any other websites I can find that provide customers the opportunity to write reviews for extremely poor service.

    You will be able to read about your "company" in the next few days on both of these sites. Trust me, your "company" will share the bottom of the barrel with others that have folded over the years for this specific reason.

    Since I do not expect to hear anything from you and it would be a further waste of my time to write to you again to ascertain a status, forget the remote.

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Placed an order on the company website. Received an email requiring that I call in person to confirm the order. When I called I was asked a few questions and told my total charges were 5% over the total price that I was quoted. When I asked why, the individual said it was because of shipping. I stated that his website said free shipping. He said that is only for items under $500.00
And they charge that because they don't know the size of the boxes and so i could refuse the item if it was damaged. He told me to go to the website and he would show me where it says that. I told him to cancel the order. He asked me to hold on and he would ask his manager. He kept me on hold for around 10 minutes. When he came back on the phone he asked how he could help me. I restated he cancel my order because of shipping charges for free shipping. He again put me on hold. When he came back on he said because I am a first time customer. They would waive the shipping. I googled this company and saw alot of similar stories from othe possible consumers. I called them back and cancelled the order. I was passed to the first individual I had spoke to. He started to try and talk to me about calling earlier. I thanked him for cancelling my order and hung up. Good luck if you do business with these people.

  • Kv
    kvt1208 Dec 01, 2010

    agree strongly. I made the mistake of doing business with them. This company needs to be closed down!!

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  • Ch
    chinataiwan Jan 15, 2011

    I also ordered a SONY TV online from Electrozone and got a email that I needed to call to confirm my purchase. I called and a "Joe" tried to sell me warranty. I said no. When he told me the total, there was an additional $100. I asked why this is different from the total online. He said shipping. I said on the website there is no charge for shipping. He said the $100 is for insurance for shipping. That sounded fishy so I cancelled the order.

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ElectroZone60 inch Sony TV

Don't use Electrozone! Electozone Review

5-13-10 I order the TV online from Electrozone and got a email that I needed to call to confirm my purchase. 5-14-10. I called and talked to Jeff who sold me a extended warranty. I got a call from Jeff and he said my credit card did not go work. I call the credit card company and got that taken care of and ask Jeff to email me a copy of the extended warranty I had purchased. He said he would. I check my email and no warranty, just a registration web site with no phone number or way to email them. Not good. I called Jeff at Electrozone and did not get him on the phone. Left a message explaining that I need the warranty info. He did not return my call. I called him back three days later on Monday the 17th of May and he gave me the phone number and web site address of the warranty company. I emailed them and the next day they emailed me the plan. Not a good plan. Twelve days after I had order the TV on May 25th I called Jeff again and asked what was going on. He gave me a phone number and tracking number. I called and was told I would be called for delivery the next day. Three days later ( fourteen days after I ordered the TV on May 28th . The TV was to be delivered in seven to fourteen days) I called again and was told it would still be two more days and they would call for delivery. On the sixteenth day the 29th of May I called and was given a local tracking number. I called and was told to leave a message. I finally got a call from the driver and I met him for delivery. When we took the box out of the truck I noticed packing tape all over it. Upon further inspection it had been repackaged. The TV was sticking out the side of the bottom box and the bottom box was for a Samsung 55 inch TV. The cords were all just laying in the bottom. I refuse the TV and tried to call Electrozone. Even thought it was twenty minutes before they were to be closed the message that they were was what I got. Now a three day weekend to wait through.
6-1-10 Called Electrozone at 9:10 our time 8:10 Pacific time to customer service. Got the message they were closed and to call back during regular business hours. Tried to call Jeff on his extension. No answer. Left a message. Called again at 9:24 and got the message again to call back during regular business hours. It was regular business hours. Called back a few minutes later to Jeff's extension and was put on hold automatic. Finally got through to Jeff and he put me back on hold. He finally came on and let me explain what had happened. He said he would talk to his manager and get the problem solved.
6-2-10 Called customer service and guess who answers? Jeff. He said he would send me out another TV and get me a tracking number in a day or two. A little while later a lady named Marian called and said they had called the trucking company and they had said it was in the factor box with another box over it. I said no it was in a Samsung box and I need a factory sealed Sony box with a new Sony TV in it. She said they would send me a new TV in a factory sealed box.
6-3-10 Called the company to cancel the extended warranty and was told I have to cancel through Electrozone. Called Jeff at Electrozone and he argued with me as to what the policy was and I said I had read it and what he was saying was not true and that I wanted to cancel it. He said he would have someone contact me from the warranty company. I asked about the tracking number for the TV and he said he would call me later in the day with it.
6-4-10 Called Jeff in the morning because he never called me back yesterday and he again said he would call me later with the tracking number and take care of the extended warranty. I later got a call from a guy from CPS the extended warranty company and he argued with me for about five minutes trying to talk me into this warranty. I said just cancel it. He said I would have to do that with Electrozone. Later Jeff did call with the tracking number and I again asked if this was a new TV in a factory sealed box. He assured me that it was. I asked about canceling the extended warranty. He said he would credit my credit card.
6-9-10 Called the trucking company and they said I should receive a call for delivery today or tomorrow.

Finally got the TV. It was in what appeared to be the original box. I opened it on the truck and inspected it there. It had the plastic on the bezel and all the manuals and remote were in plastic bags sealed. I signed for the TV even though the box was damaged on one corner. When I got the TV inside and look at the back corner there was a little damage about one inch long. Not visible from the front so it wasn't a problem. After waiting this long and thinking I am lucky to have a new TV and not a refurbished one the little damage is OK.
Visa sent me a letter stating that I may have fraudulent activity on my account. He told me about some charges from France. One for five hundred and another for a smaller amount. I told him I did not make those charges. He took them off my account and closed it. I then received my statement. It had charges on it as well from France that I did not make. Again called Visa and they said I would have to pay the whole bill and then file a written complaint of the fraudulent charges. Can't prove that this is from Electrozone, but I have had no problems with this before buying from them and it all started about the same time. Will have to wait and see what this TV really has cost.

  • Ch
    chinataiwan Jan 15, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. I ordered a sony TV online from Electrozone and got a email that I needed to call to confirm my purchase. I called and the person I talked to said his name was "Joe." Joe tried to sell me extended warranty. I told him no. Then he told me the total, which was an additional $100. I asked him why this is different from the total online. He said shipping. I said there is no shipping cost listed online. He said insurance for shipping. That sounded fishy so I canceled the order.

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  • Ch
    chinataiwan Jan 15, 2011

    I order the TV online from Electrozone and got a email that I needed to call to confirm my purchase. I called and a "Joe" tried to sell me warranty. I said no. When he told me the total, there was an additional $100. I asked why this is different from the total online. He said shipping. I said on the website there is no charge for shipping. He said the $100 is for insurance for shipping. That sounded fishy so I canceled the order.

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ElectroZoneBait and Switch

The company sells refurbs as new period. My TV was missing the side sticker you get on a "NEW" TV touting features like 240hz and such. I asked the rep said Brand New. Clearly Not. I left other negative ratings on this company but they don't seem to show up? hhmm? Louis called me and accused me of being fishy before ever asking why I gave such a review like I did. He had no CLASS. I kept the TV because of reading the horror stories all over about REFUNDS. I wish I went somewhere else.

ElectroZone — NOT &suspicious&

Don't know why this company is labelled as "suspicious" on this site. The service I received wa...