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Dri*element5.comNot authourised charge

I was refused credit by a company due to a statement made by Equifax on a credit cheque application.
The statement read "Disclosure of use of Information Obtained From an Outside Source” I took this to my bank and they did not know what it means so I wrote to Equifax about this and now they have charged $64.54 me for queering this statement.

Dri*element5.comcharge on credit card

A charge of 29.95 was charged to my debit card on 1/09/10,
I have no idea what this is, also PC tools charged 69.95 without
my consent.

  • michelle2010 Jan 11, 2010

    I have gone a online bank to withdraw money. There saw a new device (iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal) Have anyone any idea about iPhone’s Credit Card Terminal?

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Dri*element5.comunauthorized withdrawl on my checking account

had an UNAUTHORIZED withdrawl taken out of our checking account by this who knows what it is DRI*ELEMENTS5.COM never delt with them I don't know what they are. Now I have to go through the aggrivation of clearing this mess up, and when I get to the bottom of it I feel sorry for the person I get a hold of at this rip off place. Where's the justice in the world ? Innocent people working two jobs to try provide for their families and TRY to pay their mortgage and bills and now we have to worry about these idiots like this putting our accounts in the minus because of a $ 39.95 charge we never knew was coming. And that's how close our budget is just a $ 39.95 charge puts our world upside down.
Sue Walters

  • Qu
    QuickFraudAlert Jan 26, 2010

    FRAUD. Had an UNAUTHORISED charge when purchasing Proxy through SHARE-IT! - something like PayPal but it isn't really! I was redirected to Share-it! when purchasing proxy from a fraudulent web site. They have THOUSANDS of FRAUDULENT web sites, there is 39 pages of them in google.

    Just type their PHONE NUMBER in the GOOGLE SEARCH +49 221 31088-20 and you will get 2, 840 RESULTS for 49 221 31088-20 !!!

    This is the address and phone number they use:

    Customer Service Germany
    (Languages: German/ English/ French/ Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese)
    share-it! - element 5
    Vogelsanger Strasse 78
    50823 Cologne, Germany

    Phone: +49 221 31088-20
    Fax: +49 221 31088-29

    Remember this address and phone number!

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Dri*element5.comUnauthorized charges

I have this debit from my credit that I never purchased. The bank cannot do anything until it goes thru the account.

  • Ma
    Maria Jun 17, 2009

    I checked my bank account this morning and saw a debit of $39.95 from DRI*ELEMENT5.com. I have no idea who this is!! I did not authorize this transaction. I have notified my bank, and called the police. They are both investigating this. Meanwhile, my bank account is closed and I have to get a new one. This is fraud!!

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  • St
    Steven Jul 11, 2009

    I have this debit from my credit that I never purchased. The bank cannot do anything until it goes thru the account.

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  • Da
    David Santos Feb 19, 2013

    (1) Recently contacted avast and complaint about charges to my credit card for services that were never completed. The services was for {January 10, 2013} DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE, orderfind.com MN [ Reference Number #24430990BBM568PMH ] The total charges to my credit card is $99.99 for Order # 11796764944: Contacted Avast again on February 18, 2013 for the same issue and problem, at which "A MUST TRY AGAIN" and to no avail, I was told to contact the Finance Department to resolve the charges; I was provided two contact number { 877- 314 5079 and 877- 877 9362 } both are none working numbers?

    (2) On October 17, 2012; Order Number #11491225944, is for services completed and a charge to my credit card of $99.99, which is satisfactory and I am please with the program.

    (3) On September 29, 2012; element 5 Order Number # 425426035, charged my credit card, $19.99 for purchased of an avast Software. I can accept that charge:

    (4) On January 10, 2013, I received an Email to confirm my registration, I might have missed or deleted the email by accident and also I missed the download link and license for avast Pro Antivirus; full version.
    (5) Please resend element 5 order number: 425426035; The URL was only valid for a short period.
    Thank you, David Santos:

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Dri*element5.comFraudulent Charges

Checking my credit card purcheses online I found a charge of $86.67 under the name HelpMeDownload.com, I googled it found that they are a scam company, and then today i find a charge pending for 39.95 under the name DRI*Element5.com googled them as well found out they were a scam company as well so i had to cancel my credit cards, put all my other bills on hold till i recieve a new card. Personally i think these two companys are same company, stealing from a lot of people. Now for instence if i stoll someones credit card and used it i would be arrested for grand larceny under the new credit card act even if it was for only using it for $39.95. My whole point is how do these people get away with it so easy.and here i am not even considered middle class being stole from. Wheres the Justice.

  • Wi
    wildbill227 Apr 23, 2009

    i have also just found a similar debit on my checking acct. on april 21 2009. my bank has told i have to wait for it to post in order for them to start an investigation. if anyone has been able to find out what this is please comment to let others know.

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  • He
    helpmedownload.com Jun 11, 2009

    Hello Chris and wildbill227,

    I am a customer service representative of helpmedownload.com. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and for your negative experience. Regarding your concern about the charges that you got, we will be more than happy to resolve your issue either via web chat below, or email, or calling our toll free number.

    Thank you for your time,

    US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
    UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
    AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290

    Web-chat is now available! You can visit
    the website: www.onlinechat.helpmedownload.com for online chat support.

    Or you can send an email to [email protected]

    Our Operations is available 24/7.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Jul 23, 2009

    Ten days ago this co. charged my credit card to renew PC Tools Spyware Doctor. OK, I thought. Then today there was another charge in the same amount, this time with no reference to PC Tools. Totally fraudulent charge. Had to cancel my credit card and deal with the bank to reverse the charge.

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Dri*element5.comcharges not authorized--found on credit card

I was checking my bank statement online and found $33.28 "pending" from "DRI*ELEMENT5.com"--I have no idea what this is and the amount is very odd. When I got on the Internet to do a search, I found this site and I am logging my complaint also. These are charges applied to my credit card without my knowledge and I am requesting FULL restitution. I am contacting my bank today and also informing them of the fraudulent charges found by a lot of people.

  • Fe
    Fernando Alves May 29, 2009

    I was checking my account banking online and found that the company DRI WWW ELEMENT5 INFO has charged the amount of 56.28 € on my credit card without my permission. I've immediately contacted the credit card company and canceled my credit card. Meanwhile I've made a search on the internet and found this site. The banking system in general terms, should be informed in advance about this type of companies in order to protect their clients and prevent this unpleasant situation.

    Fernando Alves

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Dri*element5.comUnexplained Credit Charges

Yesterday [Oct 31, 2008] I noticed TWO entries on my credit account! The only identification was DRI*ELEMENT5.COM. Not having made any purchases on this card [putting me over credit limit, with fees & increased interest rate] I knew this had to be a fraud. Immediately contacted Credit company, cancelled card, but was told if charges were legitimate they would still be applied. Tried the web address of DRI*ELEMENT5.COM and was re-directed to a search engine with hits such as this site. "Must defiantly be a Fraud!", but how can that be with months, years of complaints? Finally tried just ELEMENT5.COM and discovered they are a order processing company for various internet companies. Page allows you to put in e-mail address and last four digits of card number, then you are logged in to your "account".

PCTOOLS.COM was the real aggressor in my case. On Nov 19, 2007, I had PURCHASED (my registration e-mail says so), Registry Mechanic and Spyware Doctor. These were billed thru DRI*ELEMENT5.COM and I never questioned these charges because I had made this purchase. I used the software for a while, but then "strange" things started happening to my computer (other programs not working, changes to settings) due to changes in my registery. I deleated these PCTOOLS software, and wrote it off as a bad investmenbt. Now the billing (once I found it) shows this as a subscription service self renewing EVERY YEAR!!

BUYER BEWARE PCTOOLS is junk software that lures you in thru "free trial" that "identifies" problems, but then requires you to BUY the software before "fixing" the problems. but really causing others! Now to add insult, NO "legalized theft" to injury, call a purchase, a subscription (their website disclosure alludes to IF this program is a subscription but not that it is) They say you can cancel at anytime, but they will only refund for the first 30 days

  • Ca
    Catrina Feb 09, 2009

    A year ago I purchased the SpyWare Doctor software which was supposed to be a one-time purchase and much to my dismay I checked my account online this morning to only witness a 39.95 charge being posted to my account which I will of course be disputing however I also had to take the next precautionary measure of cancelling my card and I will now have to wait 7-10 business days to obtain my new card. Not for nothing 39.95 may not be alot of money to some, however for this single mom living paycheck to paycheck it's quite substantial and now due to the above article I read I will also be uninstalling the software from my computer as soon as I get home!! This is just unbelievable!!! Thanks for nothing PCTOOLS.COM!!

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  • Al
    Alex Feb 17, 2009

    contact details on how to reverse charge here


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  • Ca
    Cathy Apr 22, 2009

    I expeiernced the same as the rest called the company and demanded my money back!
    I will be deleting PC Tools from my lap top, and encourage anyone who has it to do the same!

    Contact Information for the Company:
    Customer Service: (800) 406-4966
    If you can not get through on that line try one of these numbers:
    (952) 646-5022 or (952) 646-5064.
    Their hours of operation at from 8 AM to 7 PM CST

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  • Br
    Brett2020 Aug 19, 2009

    I just saw a charge by DRI*ElEMENT5.com for $ 127.00. Even though I did not recognize this company the amount was the same amount as what I had paid for AVG software update. I went back and checked my email comfirmations for the AVG purchase and did see that the order was processed by Element 5. So I guess I am ok.

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Dri*element5.com — Fraudulant Charge

When i checked my bank statement online last night, i noticed a charge from dri*element5.com for $39. 95 to...