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Dr. Todd CaseEar Lobe Repair

One of my ear lobes was near splitting and the other ear lobe was also starting to tear, so I checked out various medical review sites and chose Dr. Case (No one in my circle has admitted to the use of a plastic surgeon, so I didn't have a personal reference.) At my first visit I asked him about his experience with ear lobe repair and he assured me that he performed a lot of ear lobe repairs and that it was becoming a more common procedure as women my age deal with 20+ year old piercings. My mother pierced my ears when I was 13, and I’d had a second piercing done in my 30’s.

I had to go back twice to have the procedure corrected. Once to repair a piercing he thought had grown back, and again to correct the angle of the new piercings. There was no additional charge for the "corrections" and he and his office staff did do their best to make sure I was happy with the results.

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I contacted Todd C. Case, MD, a plastic surgeon in Tucson, AZ because I needed an expert witness for a...