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I've gone to Disneyland & Disney World 5-8 times in my life & the magic is gone. It is no longer the Happiest Place in Earth & it is all because of the employees I met on this trip, could care less if you are enjoying yourself or not. I understand that it is a JOB to them, that they are hot, bored & over it, but for the amount of money it costs to go here, I could purchase an airline ticket, hotels & food in Hawaii for a week !!! & I live on the East coast.

It's a Small World's exit walls like they have NEVER been replaced. Fans to circulate the air or water misters are needed badly in all wait lines, visitors could care less about common courtesy, and the gouging, security intrusions (bage checks etc) make me think I've signed up for prison rather than fun entertainment.

Believe me I wanted to have fun & revisit a park that held fond memories with my teenage daughter, but the Magic Kingdom has started to feel like poorly kept carnival rather than the family entertainment that Walt Disney put his heart & soul into.

Sadly, I've come to the decision to spend my money where I found the employees helpful & happy. Where they allow me to bring my food & drinks into the parks ...Universal Studios Not to waste my money here again.

I'll just have to enjoy the movies & my memories of the good old days.

Disney World1st visit ever

First visit ever to Disney ended up to be a disaster!I never went as a child myself so my goal was to get my kids to Disney one day!

Middle class family experienced a lay off and job changes for past few years still was trying to find a way before my kids got too grown for certain things. Saved for a year got to Disney and the 1st day my daughter got terrible sick over 103 fever vomiting body aches. So I stayed in hotel room with her for days to take care of her then my son couple days later got the high fever. And remember this is our first time ever at Disney so we asked if we could get refunded for the park tickets not being used due to something we couldn't control.

They said No. So then my husband asked if the could possibly be transferred to someone else. NO! I get it your a business but not greedy!

It's still a paid for ticket so why can't we make sure it gets used some how???!!! I'm heartbroken and feel defeated.

We added an extra day in case they feel better to use a park ticket they said we have to switch rooms.So now my sick 6 and 9 year old will have to be moved from one room and wait in the van for hours till the next room is available!

Disney WorldRip off

To go to any disney park cost $100. 00 pp amazing is it! And on top that they charge you $15. 00 to park, i'm going to the park where else i can park is not i park the car and leave there and go some place else, sure be free and the same thing on hotel blv in disney downtown those hotels ae doing the same thing charge the customers $15. 00 a day to park the car (Unbelievable) with the past of the years is amazing how this company as became greeting and ripoff peoples no mercy
We floridian and the rest of usa sure considered about this and stop going to disney in central florida they are more company created more
Fun parks lets given a try and let disney wondering
What they did wrong.

Disney WorldKids with disability

I joined the passholder program in 2011, i have a blind 7 year old daughter the way they where handling the fast pass was great for her since she gets severe light painful light flashes when she is in the outside, the only reason i re joined back in 2012 and 2013 was because of the help and joy she got with the old past pass sistem, we went back to disney in 2014 and everything changed, they gave us the new fast pass sistem and i was informed that it was changed because some people where abusing it in the past, i sended 3 letters to walt disney world with no answer, so i decided to not to pay my monthly payments and never went back to disney after that, now i get a letter from disney threaten me that they will report me in the bad credit bureau., , , , , ,

Imagine be 7 years old, be completely blind and have to make 1 or to hours line to go to the small world? because we dont eaven go to the premium rides as she gets scared

  • Ha
    hanrendar Apr 29, 2014

    The "Fast Pass System" you are referring to is not a FastPass. This was a Guest Assistance Card that was used to accommodate visitors with disabilities. It was heavily abused and the abuse was published in the media and people got really angry and complained about the abuse. So Disney created a new way to assist disabled Guests, mirroring it off of exactly what Six Flags, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Cedar Point, and every other major theme park does. They created a DAS Card. (Disability Assistance Service???). Instead of giving disabled visitors preferential treatment, it gives them EQUAL ACCESS to rides. You want to ride but can't wait in lines? FINE. You get a time, and come back once the 'wait time' has passed, and then you get right on. This person is complaining because they dont get to use their kid like a VIP line jumper anymore. I for one think its a great solution to a clear abuse problem that was happening, and it sounds like this person was one of the abusers. I have knee replacements, making it difficult for me to do stairs. When I go, I now get my DAS card, get my time, and then take the alternative entrance when the fair time has passed. It is only fair that I be required to wait to.

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Disney WorldJust because this did not happen to you does not mean it does not happen.

Short and Simple. There is no place to go and complain about anything regarding Disney World. I spend over three hundred dollars in tickets for two rides. At magic Kingdom, most of the rides were out of service. It literally took an entire day just to get on 2 rides. My 6 year old daughter was so disappointed and I was so upset. This is definitely going down hill. The place is not being kept up and it looks dirty. Save your money and go to old town in Kissimmee. You will have a better time there! Don't get suckered in, it is child abuse to put your children through what we wne through!

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Disney WorldRobbers


theyre trained to steal it from beginning to end

if an accident happens you can be crushed at any moment

Thieves, thieves, robbers, thieves, not returned the money from tickets that I did not used

ladroes e ladroes sao os que eles sao...

the clerk did not tell me anything that tickets are not returnable, shame for this crap disney

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 14, 2010

    If you buy tickets to a concert, they do not refund you if you don't go. It's no one's fault but your own that you didn't use them, and you should have asked before-hand.

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  • Mu
    mumof4 Mar 31, 2011

    On the back of the ticket it CLEARLY states no REFUNDS!!!

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Disney WorldPenny wise, dollar foolish

I booked a stay at Animal Kingdom for 5 days - but could not come in on Friday because they did not have rooms available for me on Friday. So, I will stay at the DoubleTree in Downtown Disney for just Friday night. Disney is supposed to transport my family from the Orlando airport to Disney for free. But, this only applies if you come in on the day of your stay - even if you could not get a room at Disney. I asked them to take me from the airport to Animal Kingdom - they also said no. So, I will pay the extra $50 to get to the DoubleTree, but as a person of principle, this will be my last trip to Disney!

Disney Worldentrance

Getting in the front gate you are treated like a criminal. They don't just poke a stick in your bag. They drag the zippers all the way down so all your things are hanging out of the bag and even want to go through your money purse.

When I said don't steal anything, he said it is protect you.

I don't feel protected having some stranger riffle through my bag and money purse. I don't know if they are one of Disney pedophiles or outsourced criminal searching my bag. Why should I trust a LOW paid employee who has to take a crap job at Disney.

Then you have to go to the fingerprint machine so they can make sure noo ne sold you a used ticket that they already made money one but want to make more money.

By the time you get through those two obstacles, I feel VIOLATE, I feel I have to stand their while someone 'strips; me.

Lego land California doesn't do all this craziness.

I just don't trust Disney anymore since they don't trust their customers anymore.

  • Gu
    guest1420 Mar 25, 2010

    Your bags are searched for the safety of park guests and employees. The same practice is used at almost every theme park, museum, or historical site in the country.

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  • Bl
    blondie0469 Apr 13, 2010

    OMG maybe you should do us all a favor and stay at home!!! And while you are there maybe read a book or two, because your grammar and spelling is way off.

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  • Mu
    mumof4 Mar 31, 2011

    We just got back from disney and our 5 month old went 7 days without shoes...sometimes socks until he took them off but mostly barefoot. NO ONE said a word to me.

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Disney World — Not kid friendly

Disney World is a joke.Happiest place on earth, I hate to see unhappy place.I took my wife and 6 month old...

Disney WorldI was ripped off

I had a one day ticket for 6 people in my party. We arrived at the park, (Epcot}by 10 am on 6/18/2008 .At 1:50 pm we entered the Sorring ride. They posted a 90 min wait and we waited 2 full hours. We were the next party up to go in the ride and they anounced the ride was closed and every one needed to turn around and leave the way they entered and the crowds were all trying to exit via the exits. This was not working very well and every one was very upset.The staff was very unprepared for this and they were rude to all the customers. We were told the ride was closed for the day. Not only was this ride closed but all the rides shut down and we were turned away from them all for three hours then we heard others in the park state the sorring was running again. We asked if we could get back in the ride early since we had waited so long and had not been able to ride anything. We were rudly turned away and told the current wait was 120 min. It was a very bad day for my family . This was my 5th and last trip to Disney. I was not very impressed with the cleanliness of the park either. It used to be the cleaniest park of all. On this trip we also attended Universal Studios and it was much cleaner and efficent . A by far greater value for your money

  • Ne
    nessierules Jan 20, 2010

    This sounds very suspiciously false to me. For all the rides to be shut down, there would have to be a national disaster or an emergency of some kind. Also, it is rare for a park to say a ride is going to be closed for the rest of the day unless they know for certain that it will be. 9 times out of 10, the cast members working do not actually know what is wrong with a ride and are told to simply say it is currently expected technical difficulties. They certainly would not make this announcement in the short minutes after a ride first closes before maintenance gets there.

    As for the wait time, I have seen delays in rides. It is entirely possible that between when you got in line and when you got to the front that someone got sick in one of the theaters. This creates a delay which would easily explain your extended wait time. Also, the wait time is measured now by giving people in line a thing that is scanned to determine when they got in line up to when they boarded. I don't know if it adds time or is an exact count, but this would obviously mean that the line could be longer by time you get there. Remember, it is an "estimated" wait time, not exact.

    Almost every time I have ever been to a park (including Disney) where a ride was closed, they would give re-entry passes to those who were in line...especially at the front. But you have to go the way they say to go. If they say go the way you came in, you go that way. If they say go through the exit, you go that way. I am sure they would have given a pass if you had asked them right then and there. Even if not for that ride, they would have given something that could get you on another ride.

    If the rides were all closed for three hours, I would also suspect they would have gladly given vouchers at Guest Relations/Services for you.

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Disney WorldDisney is going down the tubes

recently called to inquire about going on another Disney trip because of a new promotional plan and I spoke with 2 representatives on the phone on 2 separate occasions and both were less than magical. When I used to call the Disney World number (407) W-Disney the people made you feel special and made you look forward to your visit and even made suggestions for places to eat and attractions to visit. Now it's as if they can't wait to get you off the phone and act as if you're bothering them. They get paid to do this, if you don't like your job, leave. I thought it was just my experience until speaking with friends who also called and got the same response. I'm not sure if Disney is outsourcing their call center, but they really need to reevaluate their employees and make sure that everyone is meeting the Disney standard. That is unless there is no Disney standard anymore. I have spent thousands upon thousands of my hard earned dollars on Disney vacations and would expect to be treated with respect. I really feel that if Disney doesn't do something to fix this problem, consumers are going to look elsewhere for vacation destinations. After the experience I incurred on the phone I actually told my husband that I wasn't really feeling Disney this year and began to research other destinations. In all of my years I have never wanted to go anywhere except Disney, but they have really ruined the magic for me.

  • Jo
    joe Apr 14, 2008

    You need to grow up.

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  • Wi
    willie Jul 29, 2008

    disney is pretty evil nowadays... i was getting spammed, faxed, and telemarketed from firms flogging disney vacations and the disney folks were not helpful at all when i called...

    besides, who can afford $75+ just to get in for a day? outrageous prices!

    no wonder most folks go to Busch Gardens instead of Mouseville!

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  • Ne
    nessierules Jan 20, 2010

    The only thing I can think of is that Disney probably cut down on their phone staff. I have never encountered a problem talking to Disney on the phone. However, I do know that many (probably most) repeat visitors to Disney register for their trip online now. The only time to really call anymore is to make reservations for certain shows/restaurants. I would suggest that should you call again and find another Grumpy person, contact their Guest Relations and let them know the name of the person and when you called. They can handle that situation for you.

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Disney WorldPoor service!

My wife has Multiple Scerlosis and was told that she can not come into the Disney Theme Parks after we purchased our disney vacation package, with her Segway which she has a medical prescription to have and absolutely needs to get around. She is 33 years old and they told her she will need to use a wheelchair or electric cart, which they do not provide without extra charge. Disney customer service personnel advised me Segways are a safety concern and that is the reason they are not allowed in the park. However, Disney offers tours with Segways and certain employees are allowed to use Segways in the park... This is a true injustice to Americans with Disabilities who use Segways as an assisted mobility device... I would be interested in learning how many people per year have been taken to hospitals due to Disney rides as opposed to people using Segways in the world. I was told initially by a customer service rep that the Segway would be allowed and then told by two people on a second call to verify after reading an internet posting that the Segway was banned. So much for the Dreams of people with mobility disabilities that use Segways...

  • As
    asdf Sep 23, 2007

    I'm sure they have a good reason for it. It's not like they would ban them just for the hell of it.

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  • Ma
    maerie4 Jan 29, 2009

    This was a lawsuit awhile back and the found that segways are too dangerous.

    Here is the outcome of this crazy lawsuit:

    As part of the deal, Disney will provide disabled visitors alternate access to parks in Florida and Disneyland in California. The new vehicles, called ESVs, are intended to replicate in dimension and operation a common wheelchair or motorized scooter while allowing users to stand upright, according to court papers.

    The ESVs will be rented on the same terms as sit-down electric vehicles. Disney will continue to ban guests from using two-wheeled vehicles, including Segways, within resorts, according to the filing.

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