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4:02 pm EDT

Coby TV Poor product

Four issues during 13 months since purchase. 1)Lost remote and no help from to purchase direct or find replacement seller. 2)Agree with other review about slow start up at the blue "Coby" screen - my husband complained about it every day. 3)Volume when using the built-in DVD player was lousy. Could harldy hear it from 7 feet away. 4)And finally, one month after warranty expired the LCD went black- no blue screen, just black but the sound still worked. After reading the two reviews on MeasuredUp, I'm not going to try to get it fixed. I gave up and have now purchased same size Vizio TV. I agree with others- don't buy Coby brand TVs.

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9:03 pm EDT
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I bought a LCD flat screen TV from RA-LIN discount store in Syracuse, NY. It failed after about 5 months. I called several repair shops to get it repaired. All of them laughed at me for asking. Apparently COBY is famous for not repairing their TVs. They will not send parts to any TV repair shops, but they will not repair it themselves. DO NOT BUY COBY PRODUCTS.

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12:36 pm EST
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Coby TV repair or replace TV

My husband sent a TV in for repairs in November.They can not tell me where his TV is or if it even got repaired or not. I call Tech Support number all they know is some warehouse had it and has not received an answer from the warehouse yet. My husband's name is Elon Yallup, he is incarcerated at Coyote Ridge Correction Center in Connell, Wa. the model #PSTV1524 serial #[protected]. If you could find his TV, please let me know.

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martin a barry
Ridgefield Park, US
Dec 03, 2012 12:37 pm EST

Have the same problem turning on and off by itself

, US
May 05, 2011 8:32 am EDT

Purchased brand new Coby TV January 2011. In March started having problems with TV going in and out, crazy lines, loud noises...I thought it was my service provider (who came several times from March 25 til April, 2011). As time passed the above description turned into TV blinking completely out, automatically turning itself off for periods of 30/60 seconds, then without any remote, etc. being touched) automatically turning itself back on, then for a few seconds I'd see a perfectly good picture flash, then go to snowy screen, then a small rectangle box with "no signal" in it. By this time it has been documented that the it is CLEARLY THE COBY TV. Three other TV's in the house, never a problem. COBY TV should be shut down and the stores that sell them should be heavily fined, penalized & restitution made to their customers.

Fort Worth, US
Nov 12, 2010 3:40 pm EST
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Got Coby TFDVD #1973 TV-DVD combo HDTV thru Credit Union Rewards Program. Saved 3 years for enough points. Used TV maybe 25 hours (in guest room) - loud pop - dead TV. Company said too bad - no repair - no warranty - been 5 months - warranty is three mos. Retiree with no money to replace it; no points refund because TV was shipped as ordered. Sad I didn't check this site before ordering Coby. Where is Consumer Protection Agency now? Coby should be shut down for fraud!

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