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Career Network.comInformation Theft!

I've applied for several jobs in the Career Network. I have completed all applications and provided resumes and references. Upon completion of these applications, I still get repeated @mails for the same jobs as if I never applied! I never get contacted by the prospective employers, although the @ mails indicate that the employers would now contact me directly! Indeed I get @mails purportedly from some of the prospective employers, stating that they attempted to contact me in response to my applications and have yet to hear from me!! This is after applications have been submitted and confirmed recieved! This also includes resumes and references!!
The only thing Career seems to be after is information for on-line college recruiters! I am accusing Career Network.Com of outright collusion with the online education companies, as a means to recruit students in order to recieve government grants. That is why we never hear back from prospective employers!!

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    NameDisplay Jul 14, 2009

    I get emails from many prospective employers and each email sounds alike that it looked dishy. The application for each looked the same and it didn't make sense why I never got any replies. So I'm with you. HUGE SCAM!

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Resolved Career Network.comOnline scam

I have read the reports about this company (companies) and have also encountered this 'employment' company. Every job I have applied for on Craig's list gives you the link to a company that is linked to these companies.

My advise - DO NOT apply to any job listed on Craig's list unless a legitimate company name is given!

I filled out the forms for these jobs as well. The first screen asks for basic information. No problem - but the one curious thing about it is that they ask for a 'cell phone' number as the primary contact and also ask for the cell carrier. WHY??? I have given my actual home phone number on a few of these and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

At the bottom of the first screen it usually asks if you want to continue your education. I always answer NO have just completed my degree. The next screen usually asks if you are interested in starting your own business. Again I answer NO. Then the screens may vary - some ask if you want to lower your credit card debt and some ask if you want mortgage help of if you have missed mortgage payments. I again answer NO because this is NONE of their business!!

On some of the applications I have made it to the 'reference' screen. I was suspicious so I entered 'Upon Employer Request' in the first name, last name fields, used my own e-mail and zero filled the phone number. This actually worked!!! I did however receive 3 e-mails asking for a reference on myself for each of the jobs I had done this for!! The e-mail takes you to a 'reference' page where your rate the person you are giving a reference for by filing in a questionnaire. I could have given myself EXCELLENT references numerous times! (I did not submit them.) I have not had another contact about any of those jobs, so I decided, with my actual references permission, to give their name and e-mail only - again zero filling the phone number. They have submitted their references and still no contact has been made by any employer.

The latest ad from Craig's list that I applied for sent back an automated e-mail form a person who was supposedly the HR Director of a company named High Beam Logistics Inc. stating that I had made it through the first round (amazing since only about 15 seconds had passed!) and that the next step was to get a copy of my credit report to 'verify' my employment. They said they were not interested in my credit - just my employment verification. They even gave me a link to obtain this 'free credit report'. I did not do this, but sent them a copy of my employment verification supplied by my employer who closed due to bankruptcy and a letter of recommendation from my supervisor that also verify s my employment.

These sites are ALL scams, preying on the numerous unemployed. Shame on them!!

I have gone to the and sites and signed in using my e-mail address and my last name as password as indicated. My status shows that I have 'completed' 10 different applications. I have yet to hear from any of these places!!

My advise - stay away from these sites. But if you want to check them out, don't give out any crucial information and turn down all their offer of 'help' whether it be education, business ownership, or credit counseling. Then fill out the forms as I did with bogus information and see what happens. I'll be surprised if anyone gets a job using these sites!!

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    unemployedgal Feb 27, 2009

    Every Job I've applied for on craigslist has been a scam like you mentioned. Especially the High Beam Logistics. I'm not sending my credit report to anyone!!! I haven't heard back from any places that actually are legit either. You gotta remember though 5 million people in the US are just like us... unemployed and applying to the same jobs!

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