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Cameo Cattery High recommend this company

I highly recommend this breeder don't let the troll on this site scare you off. I bought two cats from Angelique for my husband and I for Valentines day. Angelique Let us come visit or kitties weekly sometimes at 7 pm at night and let us stay until we decided to leave. All of the cats in her home were loving and came to us every time we visited and never did I ever see a sick cat. All her cats just wanted to love on my husband and I and we really enjoyed visiting with Angelique and all the cats and kittens every time we came to her house. She was very kind and was very good about answering all our questions and I can ask a lot of questions. Our cats are healthy and the most loving cats you will ever meet. We are so thankful we found Cameo Cattery and Angelique Whicker. I feel so blessed to have our wonderful babies Sofia and Oscar.

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I was sold a kitten that looked healthy on the outside but was very ill just a few weeks into my purchase . The kitten started showing signs of respiratory infections and at around 4 months started getting visible blisters on its little mouth. Also the eyes were severely runny which is Not normal even for a Persian breed as these breeders will lead you to...

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