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Camelback Ford Lincolnemissions or lack of

I bought a used 1986 Jeep CJ7 from Camelback Ford Lincoln that was listed on Auto Trader. I drove from Tucson to look at the vehicle. The condition of the body was good. Some items needed attention, but for a 28 year old vehicle, I was satisfied.
I did notice the catalytic converter was not on the vehicle. I asked the manager if the price could be reduced so I could fix the problem. He refused to budge on the price, and said he could sell the Jeep at auction for the price they were asking. I figured it was a small problem to correct and bought the vehicle. Here is where I got bent over.
When I brought the Jeep to an emissions specialist, he informed me that it was not only missing the Catalytic converter, but was missing the entire emission system and part of the wiring harness for the emissions. He had also found the rear brakes to be defective and an anti sway bar and downlinks were missing from the vehicle. He said it was "a deathtrap waiting to happen." The emission Specialist informed me that it was illegal by state and federal law for a dealership to sell a vehicle that could not pass an emissions inspection or sell a vehicle that did not have the emissions components, not to mention that it was unsafe to drive.
Camelback Ford Lincoln actually called me and said that they had not performed an emission inspection on the vehicle and were willing to come to Tucson to run it through emissions. I explained to the lady, who was very nice, that the vehicle would not pass because it was sold without the emission system on the vehicle and that it was illegal for Camelback Ford Lincoln to even sell the vehicle in that condition. She said she would check with her controller and get right back with me..A week passed, no calls.
After several days of leaving messages, I was able to talk to the General manager's assistant. She said she was aware of the situation, and asked how the problem could be resolved. I stated, I would like a partial reimbursement to pay for the installation and labor of the emission system. She said Camelback Ford Lincoln was not willing to do that, but was willing to take the vehicle back for the purchase price. By this time, I had already installed new seats, brakes, missing suspension parts, and shocks. My counter was for Camelback Ford Lincoln to pick up the vehicle, install an emissions system, pass the emissions and send the vehicle back. That offer was refused...
It's funny, I signed a IM-147 disclosure that stated: "This vehicle has undergone a comprehensive evaluation by a qualified automotive technician and complies with all emissions requirements for motor vehicle dealers." All Camelback Ford Lincoln saw were dollar signs and not the safety of the customer they were serving...I would like the emissions to pass and enjoy the vehicle I bought...Up to you Camelback Ford Lincoln...

Camelback Ford LincolnWarning, please report all to bbb

We talked to a lady name Jessica 7x that day, as she pulled the credit over the phone called said we got approved for 30, 000 . we told her we needed a 25000 that was it. she said come in after work I will be here. we got there around 7, she was gone. no one there even knew we were coming. So they did not have the truck they promised they had. so the salesman said well “how about this one? it was a trade in from today” I say ok so paper work is all filled out price was good. test drove it, all kinds of bad things He said no worries we will fix it pick it up tomorrow.

Ok tomorrow comes i pick it up, and nothing was fixed. I go to a ford dealership they look at it, and said. The truck was never looked at they never plugged it in the dig. They know all veh-are recored upone service. I drove around with my kids for 2 weeks with a leaky tranny, all kinds of problems. They call me and say . Ok we will fix it. I get there and they say the guy who traded it in was not financed so they took the truck back!!! We had to walk home. It was sad. We filed bbb report we will do what we can to get them out . They used to be mel clayton ford. Warrning please report all to bbb. They are unsafe. Not good.