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Resolved Blazing KeywordsWork-at-home scam

Last May, my husband's brother was looking for work. He was living at our house, and searching online for jobs. He came across an ad from Google offering an info. packet for a work-at-home job. The packet cost $ .99 to order. My bro-in-law didn't have a credit card of his own at the time, so we let him borrow ours to order the info. packet. The packet never came. My brother-in-law found another job. We all but forgot about the transaction.

Over the next 8 months, our credit card incurred multiple unrecognized charges from multiple companies. The charge amounts were the same each month, but the company names listed on the credit card statements kept changing. Charges for $72.21 showed up from "Google Genie", "Blazing Keywords", and "Online Services". Charges for $38.34 showed up from "Web Services", "ECO Career Help", "Products Resource", "DCY Grants", and "Grants 4 Us". Charges for $29.90 showed up from "ID PowerSafe", "Credit-4-Me", and "Access Member Area". I didn't notice the charges at first, because I didn't know to even look for them, and the names kept changing so I didn't know they were all related. Finally, after calling the numbers listed on my credit card statements, I came to realize they were all linked back to that $ .99 info packet that my brother-in-law ordered and never received.

Over the past 8 months, we have incurred a total of $859.58 of unauthorized transactions on our credit card, all believed to have stemmed from the "work at home" online scam. I've since canceled my credit card, and filed disputes on all of the charges. I have yet to find out if I will be reimbursed for them or not.

  • As
    ASHIA MUHAMMAD Jun 23, 2009


    786 362-3009
    8030 SW 21st. COURT APT.208
    MIRAMAR, FL.33025


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  • Ma
    Mash5 Jul 02, 2009

    This company had Google in its name and purported to be affiliated with Google. They debited my account over $200.00.
    Check out who you are giving any amount to. I lost my money. Beware

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  • Pa
    Pamela Chapman Jul 13, 2009

    This company charged $72.21 to the account of James Billings without any authorization. A refund is demanded ASAP.

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  • Zo
    Zoesmom Jul 13, 2009

    I have created a group with some info on contacting this company. I have been refunded one amount they owed me, and am waiting on the other (of course, the larger amount) to be refunded as well.

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  • Zo
    Zoesmom Jul 13, 2009

    I started a group about this company... there are some contact numbers to try to get your money back... I have received one refund and am waiting for the second.

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  • Ar
    araceli70 Jul 20, 2009

    how can i contact this company. I heard it has to fo directly to the phillipines where is located.

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Resolved Blazing KeywordsUnauthorized debiting of my checking account

After agreeing to take a look at their offering to earn money working from home, my wife cancelled their service within the 7-day trial period. Two months later we realized Blazing Keywords, operating under a variety of business names, had debited more than $450 from our bank account without, of course, being authorized to do so. We called them and cancelled their service once again. They agreed to cancel, but have continued to debit close to $70 more from our bank account. So, we have been forced to cancel the debit card they had been using. On one call to their customer support call center they gave us an e-mail address where we could demand a refund of our money. We wrote, with a detailed list of the many charges; we have had no response. As a result, we are filing a formal complaint with the Utah State Division of Consumer Protection.

Resolved Blazing Keywords — Credit card rip off

Be aware of blazing keywords this is the website that will steal from you<br / > <br / > Http: ...

Resolved Blazing Keywords — unauthorized charges

I responded to an ad online advertising some sort of work concerning Google that cost $1.97. I looked it over...

Resolved Blazing KeywordsUnauthorised charges to my credit card

I signed up for the work at home program from google Inc. where I was required to pay US$1.95 to receive a start up kit . I paid this amount by credit card and waited to receive my kit. That was about two months ago, I have not received the kit to date.
However upon checking my credit card statement I am now seeing the US$1.95 plus an additional charge for approx. US$72.00 which I did not authorise to be deducted from my credit card account.

I would like to know what recourse I have to recover my funds?


  • Da
    Daniel Ngoka Jun 04, 2009

    On 5/27/09 I tried to invest on Onlime Marketing; BLAZINGKEYWORDS came from one of the search engines. They charged me $1.97 from my account; then on 6/03/09 they charged another $72.96. Surely this is way too much. I need my money back and this is a rip off.

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  • Ln
    LN68 Jun 29, 2009

    I have been majorly ripped off! I signed up to get the Google work at home kit, like others, never got the program, which I paid 1.95 shipping for. Now I just got hit for 72.21 for blazing keywords - I NEVER BOUGHT IT!! Over the last MONTH I have been ripped off almost $500.00! Buy/Sell Resource - $39.73. Grant Masters $38.34 TWICE THIS MONTH!! Internet Profit Gene $13.42 - ETC.!!! Looking back at my bank statement it all began when I ordered from GOOGLE for the work at home program - which I never got! I am absolutely FURIOUS! I need this money! I'm on SSD, trying to make money at home - not to be ripped off! I am going to the bank. Anyone know how to get this money back?

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  • Sc
    Scamed_in_Indiana Jul 12, 2009

    This is a huge rip off! You'll pay the $2.95 shipping...Then a represenative will call you to talk about the kit...I was under the impression it would be e-mailed to me...An unknown number came up on my caller ID so I didn't answer it..This person would call at least 7-8 times a day, without leaving a message. I finally blocked his call. I did a quick search on the kit, only to find out it was a scam. I should have known better, but thinking it was the real Google, I thought I would give it a try..Never recieved anything in the mail, or email, although I paid for the shipping. A week later, my debit card was billed for $79!! No refunds either! After speaking to customer service regarding the unauthorized charge, she cancelled everything for me.

    You have to read the fine print. Don't be taken by this scam.

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  • Li
    Lilslava Aug 25, 2009

    I noticed today that we had a charge of 72.21 on our account. My fiance had signed up for an "at home" job through Google..He was expecting t get a packet in the mail on how to start the job..well that never happened..I called the number that was on my bank statement and got in touch with, of course, someone who kows little english and asked her what the hell was ordered..She didn't even know what it was. She just said it was for 'Blazing keywords' ..anyway I told her to cancel it and she did give me a cancellation number..I looked online and found an address ..
    Blazing Keyords corpoate office: 224 S. Main Street #218 Springfield Utah 84663..and the Acounting Department is 51 West Center Street #521 Orem Utah 84057.. I wonder if GOOGLE knows about this?

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  • Sc
    Scottie24 Oct 02, 2009

    I am a student in the UK and I just found out today nearly £47 has been take out of my account by this blazing saddle company. No idea who they are and I never authorised it either. Checking with the bank tomorrow to see what they can do and to cancel my debit card now my security has been compromised.

    How can they keep getting away with this?


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Resolved Blazing KeywordsUnfair Business Practices

These People are unbelievable.

First the hook... promises of work at home with a dream paycheck and then they lie and say it is free!!!
Then you are directed to a link to a website to signup for FREE to get this great info!
Then you are charged a small fee to "deliver" the software
Then they tell you several weeks later that you will be billed monthly for over $70 dollars automatically but if you wish to cancel you may email or call.
SO Now you have only a few options

1. Cancel the card they intend to bill to.
2. Get your bank to issue a new account number and card.

I have been trying to get this resolved for several weeks now and NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE!
I still have yet to discover the name of the actual business I am being ripped off by!

Stay away from these CHEATS!

I am going to my attorney first thing tomorrow to see if a letter from his law firm will cut any water with these thieves!!!

  • Ka
    Karen Wiese May 29, 2009

    You can cancel your acount (lol) which you never established/authorized at 1-866-200-5473 (in the Philipines) sp? They will cancel the account, so they say, and there will be no further charges; they do give you a cancellation number. However, they will not process a refund request for you. You did not respond within the seven (7) day trial period. What trial period? What Kit?

    I am sending snail mail to the springville UT address they gave me. I will let you know if I have any luck.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 29, 2009

    Another scammer promoting this Blazing Keywords (Easy Google Profits) scam:

    Domain Names: www.MYGOOGLECAREER.INFO and
    Created On:17-May-2009 15:41:51 UTC
    Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)
    Registrant Name:
    Martin Osborn
    1 Ashburton Road
    Ruislip Manor
    HA4 6AA
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 29, 2009

    And heres yet another clown promoting this rubbish:

    Not Kevin at all of course his real name is David Martin

    David Martin
    16 Dunadry Road
    BT41 2RR
    Northern Ireland
    Phone:+44. 07935323292
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner May 29, 2009



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I do not know the address or even the website. I did not subscribe to this blazing keywords, I do not know...

Resolved Blazing Keywords — Fraud

I too discovered charges on my back account in the amount of $72.21, when I contacted the number to find out...

Resolved Blazing Keywords — ripoff/crooks/liars

The site was "recommended" by an affiliate. I attempted to subscribe but received an error message indicating...